How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC?

The Xbox controller comes infused with remarkable features, and it is quite obvious with the changes that have been done to it over the years. The most popular of them would be the Xbox Series X/S gamepad.

The gaming experience provided by the Xbox controller is second to none. Credit should be given to the maker, Microsoft, who took it upon themselves to ensure that this happens for the betterment of the gaming industry.

Though it comes with a top-end price point, you can find that the tactile features and geometry specifications are stupendous. They are able to provide you with an immersive gaming experience. You can note that it comes with a new built-in Windows driver.

That means gamers do not require other software for connecting or operating on the PC (Windows). It can connect and recognize your gamepad. On that note, you would be glad to know that you can connect your Xbox controller with your PC (Windows).

It is not a complicated process at all. In fact, it takes a few minutes, 10 minutes to be precise, and you are done. To connect instantly, you do not have to be well-versed with the technology and software aspect of things.

You can do so with the help of this guide.

Few things to know first

You would want to know a couple of things before connecting your Xbox controller or the gamepad to your PC (Windows). This is especially for new owners of the Xbox who need to know that they support wireless connectivity through Bluetooth.

Using that, the controller and gamepad can connect to your PC. Today, you can find that the gamepads and the Xbox One S or higher models are provided. Earlier, they were not offered with the Xbox.

How to connect Xbox controller to a PC (Windows) with a wired connection?

We will first read how you connect your Xbox controller to your PC (Windows) using a wired connection. It is quite an easy method where you will need to use a cable to connect the controller to your PC.

  1. You need to plug the USB cable into the controller. It depends on the kind of USB cable that you own. It could be the USB-to-USB-C or the USB-to-micro-USB. Both the models can be plugged into the controller, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
  2. Now, you must plug the other end of the USB cable into your PC (Windows).
  3. You are connected with the Xbox controller. Your PC (Windows) should be able to connect to the controller with the Windows 10 operating system and work efficiently.

How to connect Xbox controller to a PC (Windows) with Bluetooth?

Just above, you read how to connect your controller to the PC using a USB cable. Now, you will read how to connect your Xbox controller with your PC (Windows) using Bluetooth. Actually, this method is quite easy to use.

If you have paired devices on Bluetooth before, you would know the process. It is almost similar here. You can activate the controller by pressing the guide button. Then you have to press the pairing button for a few seconds.

When you want to connect to the console, then you have to press the pairing button for the system. To connect the controller to the PC (Windows), you have to make use of some menus. Moreover, you have to make use of a USB dongle when there is no Bluetooth.

Below are the steps to connect your controller to a PC (Windows) using Bluetooth.

  1. Like you read above, you have to press the guide button. Then press it for a few seconds to switch the controller.
  2. Now, you have to press the pairing button for a few seconds. You can then notice the guide button flashing. You can stop pressing the button.
  3. Then right-click on the Bluetooth icon on your system. It is present on the system tray.
  4. You have to click on the add a Bluetooth device option.
  5. Then click on the add Bluetooth or other device option. Finally, you have to choose the Bluetooth option in there.
  6. You have to then click on the Xbox wireless controller option. After clicking on it, you have to wait for a second until the guide button becomes white in color. Please note that the Bluetooth menu remains connected to the device.

You can use the gamepad with your PC and play the modern games that support the controller. Please note that you cannot use the jack on the gamepad, similar to that of the DualSense controllers and Sony’s DualShock 4.

How to connect Xbox controller to a PC (Windows) using the wireless adapter?

When you own the previous version of the Xbox controller, you can use the Xbox wireless adapter for Windows 10 operating system. This is similar to a USB dongle. Using that, you can connect to your Xbox gamepad.

You do not require Bluetooth or paring. The only thing to do is plug the dongle. Then you have to pair the controller to the Xbox. You have to press the pairing button on each of the devices to do that.

We may want to mention here that the wireless adapter costs around $25. But it comes with several advantages than using Bluetooth. Firstly, you can pair close to 8 gamepads. The maker says to use it at least once with Bluetooth.

How to reconnect your Xbox controller to your console?

Did you know that you can switch off the controller by pressing the Xbox button for a few seconds? This aspect is when you are using the Xbox controller wirelessly. As the light vanishes, you know that the controller is now disconnected.

But the controller is paired as you did above. All you have to do now is to press the Xbox button to switch the Xbox on. You can now pair it using the above methods. However, please keep in mind to turn your console off.

Moreover, you will want to shut down the controller before you begin. You can pair the Xbox controller using the wired method; you can connect the controller with the help of a USB cable. You have to press the button found on the Xbox device to pair it.

You have to use the pairing button found on the Xbox controller to pair it wirelessly. When you are using the Xbox Series X or S, you can find it close to the USB port that is in front of the system. It is also available on other Xbox models.

You can press the button and switch on the controller by using the Xbox button. You will need to hold the pair button for a few seconds. You are paired now. Isn’t that simple enough for you to do it by yourself.

How to fix your Xbox One controller?

At times you may find yourself having to fix your Xbox One controller. It does not have to be that difficult if you read our ideas. That is because there is a shortcut to switch devices that are paired.

After connecting to a Bluetooth device, you have to use the pair button twice. Doing that switches on the console. You have to press the pair button twice. This is to reconnect the Bluetooth model that you were using earlier.

So, if you own an Xbox One S or the latest version of the product, you would have received the gamepad. However, if you are using a less than 5 years old product, then it should be good enough to connect with Bluetooth.

To find out whether your gaming console has the Bluetooth feature in it, you may want to check the guide that is at the bottom of the package. When the plastic is similar to the controller image, your model is infused with the Bluetooth feature.

When the plastic is similar to that of the guide button and the image of the controller, then it doesn’t have the Bluetooth feature. Moreover, you can find a rectangular-shaped button between the view and menu buttons and a USB-C port. It comes with an Xbox Series controller.

Summing Up

From the above post, it is quite obvious that you can connect the Xbox controller with your PC (Windows) effortlessly. Besides, you have two to three methods to do the connectivity seamlessly.

If you are using an old model of the Xbox, then you might seriously want to consider an upgrade. You can also choose to get the PS5 if you’re going to, provided it is within your budget. There are several ways to connect the gaming consoles to your PCs.

You can connect your Xbox controller with your PC (Windows) using Bluetooth through the USB cable. We have mentioned all the methods that you can connect it and provided you with what to do when it is not connecting too.

If you have any queries about connecting the Xbox controller with your PC (Windows), then please do write to us in the comments section. We would be glad to help you out with your clarifications.

Why not try it out today and tell us all about your experience?

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