Are Founders Edition GPUs Any Good – Should You Buy Them?

When you are designing a new gaming PC device, then you have to make use of several components to get it right. In that case, the graphics card is an important part of your PC unit. That is why you need to make use of the right GPU model for your PC machine.

Unfortunately, choosing a GPU unit is very complicated for any PC because you have several kinds of them in the market. Moreover, they come in different architectures for you to choose between them.

Today, you can find several manufacturers who specialize in the production of GPU models based on the same reference specifications. This post will find out precisely what the founder’s edition GPU is and whether you should buy it.

Many makers produce GPU models, including AMD, Nvidia, and others. Perhaps, you can choose a unit that is designed similarly to AMD or Nvidia but made by a third-party vendor like Gigabyte, MSI, or Asus.

Before making a good decision, you should know the difference between the founder’s edition card, the factory reference card, and an add-in board (AIB) partner’s GPU model. Please note that each of them comes with its own unique pros & cons.

What is the founder’s edition GPU model?

Nvidia produces the founder’s edition GPU model. The maker is already famous because of its GPU architecture; they have managed to provide a wide range of users. Their most popular founder’s edition is the RTX 10 series.

The Nvidia founder’s edition cards are a term the manufacturer uses for reference cards released with a new chip design. Nvidia has a partnership with other makers known as the add-in board (AIB) partners.

With their help, they manufacture GPU, cooling solutions, memory architecture, and other components necessary in a graphic card setup. The AIB has the right to change or alter the design or the layout if they want.

If possible, they can make the layout better than what was handed over to them by Nvidia. The modified GPU units should come with the exact hardware specifications as allocated by Nvidia. It is called as the founder’s edition or the aftermarket version.

The founder’s edition of the Nvidia GPU model comes with its original design.

Are Founders Edition GPUs Any Good

What is the popular reference or founder’s edition graphics card?

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Founders Edition GPU model is currently among the best graphics cards available in the market. Though the founder’s edition is something like the reference card for Nvidia and AMD, they are sold to the masses once they are ready.

There is nothing much to be spoken about them. They are good but come with a slight benefit when used in the correct setup. This is beneficial when you are designing a gaming PC machine. The GPUs are similar to the reference design cards and can come to compete with partner cards.

Clock speed advantage

The primary advantage of using an Nvidia founder’s edition GPU model is that they come with a higher clock speed advantage when compared to the primary reference configuration. However, the AIBs produce models that can beat the founder’s edition cards.

The maker seems to know the market too well than the AIBs and ensures that their specifications are met no matter what. Founder’s edition units are based on overclocking ability and binning that decides on the performance of the GPU model.

A good GPU model is one that comes with a powerful cooling system infused in it. That is because graphics cards are stressed when they are used for gaming PC devices. You can choose AMD models as well.

They are priced cheaper than most of the Nvidia and aftermarket product models. You can make use of a reference card like the Radeon RX 580 graphics card. It comes with a lower clock speed than most AIBs GPU products.

Overclocking performance

The overclocking performance of the GPU model is the main thing when choosing one in the first place. This is a mixed bag. Some of the AIB models do stand a chance in front of the Nvidia founder’s edition.

The AIB GPU models come with sturdy PCBs that have several layers and copper for better power consumption. They can also offer you with a 12-phase power that can provide you with a low power draw capability.

Besides, a few of the graphics cards come with additional power plugs for extreme overclocking. But you cannot overlook the aftermarket support from the cooling solution. They are provided to you in most of the founder’s edition graphics cards.

These binned GPU units can produce a high overclocking capability than most custom graphics cards. In this segment, we feel that the AIB has a slight edge over the Nvidia founder’s edition card.

Cooling technology solution

Are Founders Edition GPUs Any Good

All GPU models come with a cooling technology solution that is infused within them. They are able to do the job pretty well, but not that efficiently. These models have a blower cooling system that is often quite loud when put under a lot of pressure.

You can get plenty of air over the GPU unit and then push them to the rear of the PC case for better ventilation. Please note that the blower fans must be able to spin quickly. However, they can make plenty of noise.

Proper ventilation might become an issue when there is a compact space in the PC case. However, when your PC case has sufficient space in there, good ventilation is possible, and the PC remains cool or less temperature is generated.

Nvidia is not producing any more blower-style models. It comes with an advanced dual-fan cooling system that is pretty good and also powerful. The aesthetics used in there can cool efficiently with better ventilation ability.

The AIBs tend to make use of the blower versions of the cooling technology that don’t seem to do a good job. It comes with a thick heatsink, and the density of copper is more. These models may not be able to cool quicker.

You can find the dual-axial fan feature present on most of the Nvidia founder’s edition GPU models. The AIBs models are decent, and makers ensure that the cooling technology is good. However, Nvidia’s cooling components are superior and much better, producing low sound.

Liquid cooling options

You can also make use of the liquid cooling options that are present on the reference or founder’s edition design. The graphics cards come with this default PCB layout. You can notice that a few AIB partners provide you with GPU models as well.

They come installed having the water blocks. It is something like the EVGA Hydro-Copper series. There are top-end graphics cards having closed-loop cooling solutions in custom PCB cards. The AIB graphics cards come with eloquent cooling solutions in them.

But the founder’s edition graphics cards come with superior water-cooling support compared to the AIB products. The makers do not offer custom PCB designs as their segment is somewhat compact.
In this case, the winner has to be the founder’s edition because the water-cooling system is much better than the AIB partner models. When you purchase a graphics card having a reference design PCB, then you can use a wide range of choices.

Are Founders Edition GPUs Any Good


The founder’s edition is somewhat costlier than most of the AIB products. That is because of the top-end materials that are used in producing them. It has a reference design that is considered the base platform when making these models.

However, the AIB models come with enhanced design and quick clock speeds. Nvidia produced the founder’s edition in 2016; the maker decided to price it as beneficial for them. They did it such that it was quoted much higher than the other models.

Like the RTX 2080 and the RTX 2080 Ti models are often priced cheaper than the founder’s edition. Likewise, AMD models are priced based on their Vega Pro series. The maker ensures that their main market won’t be affected because of this model.

Please do note that AMD does not have too many partners as Nvidia. They almost work themselves. One can find the mid-range models like the RX 580 and RX 590 available from some of the AIB.

The founder’s edition graphics cards are going to be better than the other models. Yes, they are priced kind of more than the traditional models, but the features and reliability are also there. Users who make use of the founder’s edition for PC designing have less complaints.


This is perhaps the most crucial factor to know when choosing the founder’s edition or AIB model, for that matter. The reason for that is most of the models are not available in the market at the moment.

You would be stunned to know that these models were in great demand last year. Though there are plenty of aftermarket models, they come priced very high. Besides, the pandemic hit supplies badly.

That is why Nvidia makes sure that they provide you with the right set of hardware specifications much before others. This helps them to plan and also stock their options before releasing them into the market in advance.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the AIB models. They are released into the market once they are ready. This causes a shortage problem and also creates confusion among the users.

Nvidia is also pretty quick in releasing its GPU models in the market. A proper example of that would be the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 and Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti GPU models that were launched in September 2021.


What is unique about the Founders Edition GPU?

The founder’s edition GPU models are generally quiet & cool. Their performance is quite phenomenal, with dual fans, compared to the ordinary GPU models available in the market. Since they come with dual fans, they result in ample cooling abilities and ventilated chassis.

Do Founders Edition cards run hot?

The founder’s edition GPU units can get pretty hot as they work on the memory. However, their basic thermal pads tend to do away with the heat present. But if the heat is not going away, then you can do modding that reduces the temperature in there.

Who makes the Founders Edition GPUs?

As of now, Nvidia produces the founder’s edition GPU models in the world. Some of the models include the RTX 10 series, which is extremely popular among users worldwide. The founder’s edition is a term the maker uses for the reference cards released with a new chip design.

Is the 3070 Founders Edition worth it?

Their most popular founder’s edition GPU is the RTX 3070 founder’s edition model. It was able to come with close wins during the tests with 1440p or 4K. Yes, they are worth it and are usually priced between $500 to $1000.

Is Founders Edition better for mining?

The Nvidia RTX 3090 founder’s edition may not be the best for mining. There are some other models that can do a better job. However, if you are alright with the performance received and can manage with it, then you can go ahead with it.

Is buying the Founders Edition GPU worth your money & time?

From the above post, it is obvious that getting a founder’s edition GPU is worth your time & money. It helps you get good performance for a reasonable price quote. They are suitable for overclocking.

However, you may need to do something about the ventilation to reduce the temperature inside your PC case. Nvidia has done a stunning job in producing these fantastic models for users.

They come with a unique style that is ideal for PC designers so that they can develop their machines likewise. At the end of the day, getting the proper GPU unit boils down to your requirement.

The founder’s edition graphics card is easier to purchase and get because of its availability. But when you want better performance, then going with an ordinary GPU model having an exceptional cooling system could be a better option.

But, if you are planning to design a new PC device, then you might want to make use of a founder’s edition GPU model that can help your PC device to stand out. Please do write to us about your thoughts & feelings on the founder’s edition graphics cards in the comments section.

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