Comparison: Amazon Eero 6 vs Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

The work from home has required all of us to have a reliable internet connection to get our work done. These are testing times. What would one do without the proper internet connectivity?

You cannot really get anything done properly. Besides, your kids and elderly parents might require the services of a strong internet connection. While you have other excellent alternate options, nothing can beat a good old router.

Today, we are going to see about two phenomenal routers that are available in the market. Amazon and Google have released products that are in heavy demand. These models come with amazing features in them.

The multipoint mesh router setup gains traction with users who are unsatisfied with their connectivity. Most of the time, they can get dead spots that are common in any home or apartment.

But how can you select between the two excellent models? Glad you asked. We will be reading on the Amazon Eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system vs Google Nest Wi-Fi – AC2200 – mesh Wi-Fi system.

In the routers market, you can find two major developments, notably the rise of mesh routers. They are affordable and reliable when compared to traditional routers. These routers work exceptionally well with the latest Wi-Fi too.

The models belong to the mesh network market. Unlike the traditional Wi-Fi setup, which requires the router, the mesh network can work efficiently because it can spread the connection. The connectivity gets circulated around the area where it is used.

Amazon is perhaps the first manufacturer to have made the mesh router possible today. The Eero 6 is the second model that they have released after acquiring the company. Though the model is expensive, it comes with stunning features and capabilities.

The router can update itself, which is a good feature to have in. You do not have to do it yourself henceforth. That can be very annoying and unsatisfactory, to say the least. Most of the basic networking features are also provided to you.

Some of them include easy to remember passwords, access control, device prioritization, pausing, and guest networks. The Google Nest Wi-Fi is a tremendous model that comes with features to envy of its own.

When you have a product from the search engine giant, you know that it is going to make noise. The unit offers you with top-notch speeds of AX1800. It is ideal for an average American home.

The performance of the mesh is sublime compared to the Wi-Fi 5 devices. The same can be confidently said about the Nest Wi-Fi. It supports only Wi-Fi 5 network connectivity. The dual-band connection provides you with AC1200 connection speeds. Here you learn all the differences between Wi-Fi 6 vs Wi-Fi 5.

Let us know read more about the products and see if they are worth upgrading your router.

Amazon Eero 6Google Nest Wi-Fi
Amazon Eero 6Google Nest Wi-Fi
The unit can cover an area of close to 5000 square feet with Wi-Fi speeds of 500 Mbps.

The model has a mesh Wi-Fi technology that can adapt to your space.

It can offer ample support to more than 70 devices.

It can be set up in a few minutes with the Eero app.

You can make use of 2 ethernet ports on base units.
The model plugs into the modem for designing your Wi-Fi network.

The unit can manage 200 devices at once.

It is compatible with Google Wi-Fi and ethernet ports.

It can offer you with an uninterrupted signal.

The router is quite easy to set up.
It is more expensive than the counterpart.We found it slow even by Wi-Fi 5 standard.

Amazon Eero 6 vs Google Nest Wi-Fi: Design and Features

Amazon Eero 6 vs Google Nest Wi-Fi

Amazon Eero 6 vs Google Nest Wi-Fi

The Amazon Eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system design is quite elegant to look at. The first thing to note in this model is that they were the initial makers of the mesh routers. Unfortunately for them, several other brands have gone miles ahead of them today.

That is something that is quite thought-provoking. Perhaps, with some research and developmental work, Amazon can things forward quicker, as they have always done. It is quite surprising because Google, with the Nest model, has been able to cover more wider area.

They do not cost much either and have a better design. More on that later. The Eero network may not be the fastest in the market. The single Eero point can work for 150 square meters. You can use it on 3 devices of your choice that covers close to 450 square meters.

As we read, the setup was quite simple, and you can use the Eero app provided in it. You can choose either to install it on your iOS or Android devices. It does not take more than a few minutes for doing so.

You can maintain, troubleshoot, and solve the issues using the app itself. Users have commended that aspect of it. The model comes very small and quite compact. It helps you to place them anywhere you prefer to.

The default while may not be the ideal colors to only have. They could have provided you with more options, but that is ok for now. The Google Nest Wi-Fi – AC2200 – mesh Wi-Fi system comes with an elegant design, better than the Eero to say.

It can effortlessly work on a larger area, too, with coverage for 120 square meters and more than 290 square meters using the pointers. These extenders enable you to expand the coverage. Users do not require to make additional purchases.

A distinct feature of the router is the app. You can make use of tons of options with it. There is the speaker, Google Assistant, and so on. You can just about do anything that you want with the help of the efficient app.

All in all, the functions of both the routers are quite the same. They come with different designs, which was quite pleasing in a way. You can make the difference from a distance itself. The Google model looked sleek and prominent with the texture and style.

We cannot say the same about the Eero that appeared quite weird in a way. However, the features on the unit matter in the end. The smaller unit wins because you can place them anywhere you want. This round goes to the Amazon Eero, just by a margin.

Amazon Eero 6 vs Google Nest Wi-Fi: Setup and Performance

Amazon Eero 6 vs Google Nest Wi-Fi

Amazon Eero 6 vs Google Nest Wi-Fi

The Amazon Eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system is extremely simple to set up and start using. It would help if you plugged in simply and you were almost done with it. Once you plug, you are provided instructions that are given on the iOS and Android devices of use.

Then it would help if you named the network, chose your password, the satellites, and you are done. Most routers come with a similar startup process, which is a good thing to note. However, companion apps have to be provided to make the installation process quite easy.

Though it is simple to use, that does not mean you will find the product has many features. You may need to decide if you want to use the Eero Secure, a $3/month plan. Using this plan enables you to work without advertisements and comes with parental controls.

You can find other plans that are available on the router. Choose them according to your needs. The upload and download of the internet speeds were good. Our tester cannot call them exceptionally good, but just average.

The main advantage here is the Wi-Fi 6 support on the model. Nothing can beat that for the moment. The Google Nest Wi-Fi – AC2200 – mesh Wi-Fi system has an app that does not provide you with many features.

We were a little surprised by that. It does offer you with several helpful controls on your network. The connected devices on the network can be viewed together; you can pause the connectivity if you want.

This can be done with a quick voice command. Sounds ideal for parents who are concerned about kids. The traffic of your home or office can be set up easily too. This is a fantastic feature because consumers can work as they want.

If you want to live stream a 4K video, then you can cut down on the usage of other devices. Likewise, you can choose the kind of internet traffic you want to have on Google Stadia.

This is their cloud gaming platform. The hardware on the model was exceptional as it was quite simplistic that could blend into any network. The points work quite similar to the Google Nest Mini smart speakers.

Most of the features come in there. Summing up, the Amazon router is quite easy to set up. It is due to the AX1800 setup providing average American homes with the superior speed of 500Mbps that is present in a mesh.

The size of the router is good, and it comes infused with a good app. Its smart home app is stunning and has a built-in feature like the Amazon Alexa. You can now use it seamlessly for voice control.

You have the Eero secure feature that is present in the router for better security for your home network. As we saw, the Nest Wi-Fi router is another great device for the search engine giant.

They never seem to go wrong with their products. It is the result of hard work and plenty of dedication that is put into it. The setup and its performance were phenomenal. It comes with easy features that any user would want to use.

The Google software always excels where it should, just like always. We did not doubt it even for a minute. It lets you enable your connection with the band to the band easily. You can also use the node to node moving inside your home.

There is simply plenty to talk about. Please do not drop it; otherwise, you have to purchase another router. If you want, you can make use of a cable in the switch, and the speeds are suitable for regular browsing.

It is actually quite convenient. When you are keen on expanding your network to other parts of your home or your office, then you can do with the help of Nest Wi-Fi nodes too. We felt that the Google model outdid the Amazon unit in this segment.

Amazon Eero 6 vs Google Nest Wi-Fi: Price

Amazon Eero 6 vs Google Nest Wi-Fi

Amazon Eero 6 vs Google Nest Wi-Fi

The Amazon Eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system is priced under $190. This model from Amazon comes embedded with awesome features present. This is a brand for a value product. You can find adequate support for Wi-Fi 6, and it offers stable connectivity.

Some other notable alternate models would be Netgear Orbi AX6000, the Asus ZenWiFi AX, and the Amazon Eero Pro 6. The unit can effortlessly cover an area of 5000 square feet, having speeds of close to 500Mbps.

The model has mesh technology that is embedded in it for streaming 4K videos and games. Besides, there is adequate support for more than 74 devices, which is quite exceptional. Additionally, the setup does not take very long.

You can install it in a few minutes and manage the network anywhere you want. They provide you with customer support for all days of the week. The Google Nest Wi-Fi – AC2200 – mesh Wi-Fi system is priced under $180.

The Nest is useful for making calls and moving around with it inside your home. The signals work efficiently in all the rooms of your house. Additionally, it can update itself automatically. The setup is quite simple, and you create the account using the guest network.

You can plug the model into the modem of your service provider. They you can create your account. It also helps you to design your own network effortlessly. When you require ample network coverage, you can use more points on the system with you currently.

You can also share your password with others. You get to decide which device you want to use. This helps you choose the kind of speeds you want and schedule the time for kids. The router can be connected to close to 200 devices at one time.

It is helpful for office usage with connectivity for so many units. You can do a wide range of activities using the multiple 4K connections. Not to mention, it is compatible with the Google Wi-Fi, ethernet ports and comes with the 15W power adapter that is included.

If price is a concern you for you then you can look out our list of best Wi-Fi router under $100.

Amazon Eero 6 vs Google Nest Wi-Fi: Verdict

We have ended our comparison review on the Amazon Eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system vs Google Nest Wi-Fi – AC2200 – mesh Wi-Fi system. The Eero 6 router is priced close to $200 and is expensive for a model that does not come with a lot of power.

We were quite stunned by the surprisingly low connectivity capabilities in rural areas. So, if you live somewhere that does not come with a powerful wireless internet connection, you might as well forget using this unit because it will not serve its purpose.

But, if you are residing in an urban location in an apartment, then this model would come in handy. We were pleasantly delighted with the speeds that it worked even in different rooms there.

Likewise, the Nest Wi-Fi router is a massive update on most other models in the market today. If you are finding it difficult to work at home because of several dead spots, then this is the unit. The maker has provided you with an intuitive ability to ensure that the connectivity is splendid despite the poor connection outside your home or location.

We do not think you will suffer because of the low internet connection even in a rural place. This is a value for money priced at $170. But it is costly to expand the points as each one of them will cost you under $150.

They do not provide you with Wi-Fi 6 support. When you are keen on using Wi-Fi 6, then the Asus ZenWiFi AX makes more sense. The Amazon Eero 6 router is the better unit in the review as it has 430Mb/s higher Wi-Fi speed, supports Wi-Fi 6, and comes with 1 more LAN port.

There is also a universal Plug n Play; you can find PPTP passthrough, has cloud-enabled, 1 more WAN port, and is network time protocol enabled. The Google Nest Wi-Fi router is the ideal model as it has MAC address filtering, 16.67% faster CPU, and 0.49GB more RAM memory.

It also comes with the DNS relay, is used wirelessly, and also has dynamic routing. The model also comes with automatic IP, and the maker offers you with 11-years warranty. Our winner in today’s review is the Google Nest Wi-Fi router.

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