Comparison: Epos H3 vs GSP 600 – Which One Perform Better?

Sennheiser partnered with Epos to design one of the most sublime gaming models in the form of the GTW 270 Hybrid wireless earbuds. Though it was expensive, it produced an impeccable sound quality that very few models in the market could outdo.

Having said that, it came with a short battery working life that perhaps led to its downfall. Sennheiser manufacture is known for producing exceptional devices, and they have not disappointed consumers on all fronts.

Today, we will be discussing about two stunning models. They are the Epos H3 vs GSP 600 gaming headsets. The Epos H3 and the GSP 600 is an evolution from the GSP 300 and 350 headsets.

For the H3, this model is the result of the gaming TWS earbuds. It is quite similar to most of the products that are sold in the market. It is the same as that of the GSP 300 and Game One, with more refinements on their way.

Our tester thought that the H3 comes with an excellent leatherette material that enables you to wear them for longer hours. Besides, the wired gaming headset provides a hassle-free audio performance for gamers.

When you are particular about the sound quality of it, then this is your best bet. Though the feature is relatively less when compared to most headsets, it is comfortable and works splendidly for you.

On the other hand, we have GSP 600 from Sennheiser. The maker has spent a considerable amount of time produce sublime products for consumers who are particular about opulent sound. When a pro company that manufacturers share their perspective, then you might want to listen.

As we said, the GSP 300 and 670 models came with superb features in them. Though the microphone was underpowered, and the pricing was relatively high, can the GSP 600 fit into this. The Sennheiser model was simply stunning to use.

They are pretty straightforward wired gaming headphones. Its boom microphone provides outstanding recording quality, and you can game with it well. If you want, you can flip the microphone to mute it, too.

Why don’t we read and learn more about these two eloquent models in the market?

Epos H3GSP 600
Epos H3GSP 600
The model is very comfortable to wear for prolonged hours.

The product is sublime in design.

It comes with an eloquent audio quality.

It is much cheaper than its counterpart.

The microphone gives you exceptional recording capability.
The unit has an elegant appearance.

The headset gives you ample comfort.

It comes with an adjustable headband tension.

The model is produced with top-notch materials.

It provides you with breath taking audio quality.
The price is kind of steep for a low featured product.The product comes with a 3.5mm split cable.
NameH3 Closed Acoustic Gaming HeadsetGSP 600 Wired Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset
Connection TypeWiredWired
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Microphone FeaturesNoise cancelling, AdjustableAdjustable
Headphone FitOver-the-EarOver-the-Ear
Adjustable HeadbandYesYes
Warranty2 years2 Year

Design & Comfort

Epos H3 vs GSP 600

The design & comfort of the Epos H3 gaming headset is quite bulky as it comes with an integrated microphone that can be found on the left side of the earcup. It comes in white and black color tones.

We liked the white color because of the design contours on the unit. This is a subtle design that we have seen in a long time. It has plenty of plastic delved into it. Our tester thought the headset could be infused with better material for the price point.

Having said that, the Epos H3 unit design is similar to most of the Epos headsets in the market. Our tester was able to distinguish the main differences between them. You could make few more changes in the unit to make them comfortable for wearing.

It has a simple design that is entirely loose that might not seem powerful. You will want to know that several Epos gaming headsets are kind of tight to wear for prolonged hours. That is because they come with a split headband design.

However, the current model has earpads that come with soft fabric material that can effortlessly cover your head. The material leatherette then rings them at the exterior. These additions of the fabric make less heat occupied inside when you are wearing them.

It comes with a two-part hinge system found in earlier models. When you can distinguish between the aesthetics of the gaming headset from options like the GSP 300 or GSP 602, consumers thought that the headset looks better with the ridges and distinct segmentation.

Though the GSP 600 gaming headset does not come priced low, it has sublime design elements. Please note that it is a luxury product and fulfills that brief with the material used for construction, comfort, and its finish.

The memory foam of the headset is quite soft, enabling you to wear them for several hours in one go. It comes with a variable headband tension system. There are 2 sliders found on either side of the headband that provide you with a superb balance.

It means that when you place the headset, you can find a comfortable configuration no matter what the size of your head is. The same can be said about the audio. It has the right kind of clamping force on your head.

The unit provides you with exceptional passive noise cancellation that can design the perfect kind of balance around your ears. This helps in getting the right sort of frequency that can easily resonate with it.

Our tester can recommend it because they are quite comfortable. The clamping force of each earcup can be adjusted by sliding the handles to have a relaxed fit. If both the sliders find their way up, the clamping force is less than 1.5 pounds.

When both the sliders are down, the clamping force is less than 1.2 pounds. Besides, you can also adjust the hinges to accommodate wider headspaces. You can also find plenty of padding on the headband and earcup despite the cumbersome design of the model.

Build Quality

Epos H3 vs GSP 600

Sennheiser is known for one thing, durable gaming headsets. As with most Sennheiser products, the model’s casing is excellent both on the outside and the inside. You can find everything you want inside the box, including the headset, two audio cables, and 2 guides.

You will be delighted to know that the build quality is as good as found military-grade headbands. If you see earlier models like the Sennheiser GSP 300 & GSP 370 gaming headsets, they have similar effects.

The leather band and the memory foam are natural and let the consumer enjoy prolonged gaming sessions without a problem. The earcups are also comfortable, and when had them on the ears for a long time, they can feel slightly hot.

You will like the braided cables found on them as they look quite resilient. The Epos H3 gaming headset is produced with a stainless-steel headband slider. That enables users to wear them comfortably.

Our tester did not have any problems placing them on his head. They fitted nicely and gave him reassurance on the build quality. You can bet that the Epos H3 is a stunning model that has exceptional build performance.

The GSP 600 gaming headset has an equally elegant build quality. It is produced from plastic and red accents found on the earcup. You can flip the microphone and remove it when you want to get a casual look.

The GSP 600 gaming headset comes with a limited set of controls for you to use. You can find the volume wheel on the right earcup and mute the microphone by flipping it. Sadly, our tester saw that there are not much music and call controls on the headset.

For this price point, we felt surprised with the lack of features on it. They are not portable because they come with a bulky design. You cannot fold them into a compact form too. So, taking them during travels might be problematic if you do not want to wear them.

This is not a problem for those of you who want to set them for your home use on the bright side of things. The headset is produced from plastic that is quite solid and durable. Its headband padding is made from soft fabric.

You can also find faux leather at the edges of the earcups. Besides, there is also a familiar silicone material on them. The headsets are quite robust, and our tester felt that the able presence on the cable might be the walk point of it.

All in all, they are quite stable, and the clamping force enables them to stay on your head for long hours without an issue. We cannot recommend them for immense gaming head shakes and movement as they can fall off easily.

Audio Performance

Epos H3 vs GSP 600

The audio quality of the Epos H3 is simply exceptional. The unit has 2 cables, including a single 3.5mm audio jack, connecting with PCs, smartphones, and your consoles. There is also the dual 3.5mm cable.

So, you do not require external software for connecting on any device. Our tester was amazed at the frequency response of the headset. It came ranging from 10MHz to 30KHz and not what you find like 20MHz – 20KHz.

This is the effect of the lower lows and higher highs. When gaming, you can effortlessly make a difference in the sound performance. In games like Doom, the sounds of the bombs and the shots were sublime.

Its soundscape was richer and detailed when using the armory and usual machinery. Besides, listening to music was a magnificent affair. You have an immersive experience when doing so. The gaming headsets offer you with great bass that is immediately heard.

We felt that the only annoying part of the unit was the on-ear volume wheel. It is right there, and you may find it a little challenging to turn when wearing it. Users can feel a good amount of control when they are able to reach it, but it is not as easy and tactile as it could be.

Similarly, the GSP 600 gaming headset comes with an edge over the other headsets. They have managed to gain better audio quality. The model is nicely shaped, giving you adequate satisfaction when watching movies.

The mid and treble ranges are reasonable and give you excellent vocals and instruments. Our tester felt they did not do the same with the thump and rumble found in the action games. The frequency response consistency is also not up to the mark.

Its bass accuracy was decent but very underemphasized. Hence, you do not actually feel the thump and the punch in the audio of the music and games as well. The bass delivery may change depending on the position of the headset and gives average results.

Microphone Performance

Epos H3 vs GSP 600

The Epos H3 microphone is quite decent. It is a bidirectional microphone that provides you with incredible performance and produces eloquent voice chat without background disturbance. They were able to handle the chat nicely and were able to have everything in order.

Our tester did not mind the boom arm often as it gave him good quality to talk to others as and when. We found it helpful in making video calls too. You may find the flex in the arm a bother. However, they are not annoying as you can find in most similarly priced models.

It is a very commendable microphone that gets the job done. The microphone provides you with a similar audio output that does not replicate common problems. We found that the bass of the product lacks emphasis, not to the same degree found on gaming model’s microphones.

We can say that the microphone is suitable for usual gaming, but you do not want to expect it to do much. It can capture highs and mids adequately. It is not the ideal choice for those of you who want to use it for PUBG.

It cannot be removable, which would have made it an exceptional choice for those who constantly travel on the road. You cannot find it on par with the SteelSeries Arctis range, and we found that quite odd because the microphone on Sennheiser was magnificent.

Likewise, the microphone of the GSP 600 is stunning. It comes with the impressive recording quality. The voice is natural, and others can easily understand what you are telling them. The microphone comes with exceptional noise handling capability.

It separates the voice from the background noise. Even if you are sitting in a busy environment, you can hear what others are telling you. The clamping force of the gaming headset can be adjusted accordingly for getting a comfortable fit.

While the microphone does come with a neutral sound profile, the headset comes with an underemphasized bass response. You may want to know that it also does not come with any customization features too.


Epos H3 vs GSP 600

The compatibility of the Epos H3 gaming headset is smooth. Our tester used it on most of the smartphones and consoles available in the market. It worked just fine with them. For example, he used it with the Xiaomi and Realme smartphones, and they worked fantastically.

The volume control dials on the smartphone does feel a bit awkward on them. However, the placement of it was frustrating because you could not reach it effortlessly. The reason being you talking your hands off your mouse is not recommended during gaming.

The H3 unit has things old school, and we found that quite surprising. Most of the units for the same price come with USB connectivity, RGB light, and 3D virtualization. Though it seems overpriced initially, this acoustic gaming unit comes with multiple scenarios.

The GSP 600 gaming headset are quite simple to use and operate. You can plug them into your smartphone and consoles. Besides offering outstanding audio and microphone compatibility, it has a negligible latency because of the 1/8″ TRRS cable.

It also has Y-splitter to 1/8″ TRRS cable and is 2.5m long. These can be used for PCs that have separate audio and mic jacks. It works splendidly on the PS5 console and on the PS4. You can plug-in using the controller.

The gaming unit provides you with complete audio and microphone compatibility as you plug them on your Xbox One console into the controller. With the 3.5mm jack, you can use them on any device of your choice.



The Epos H3 gaming headset is priced under $120. Our tester felt that the closed acoustic gaming headset comes with sublime audio and a studio-quality microphone. The headset is ideal for usage on several devices and consoles for optimum performance.

The GSP 600 gaming headset is priced under $169. The closed acoustic design and earpads provide you with excellent passive noise cancelation and with a flip-to-mute microphone. It also comes with a proprietary speaker system that offers exceptional acoustic performance.

Epos H3 vs GSP 600: Verdict

We have come to the end of our discussion on Epos H3 vs GSP 600 gaming headsets. We can assure you that both the models are splendid. The Epos H3 gaming headset is a stunning, stripped-back unit.

Our tester did not feel that it can provide you with those frills that most units can. However, they do what they are supposed to, give the users opulent audio quality. We also liked the microphone present on the gaming headset.

It was truly stunning. The audio performance is simply outstanding. Its intense frequency response makes it a stand-out model. Our tester felt that the Logitech G Pro X could work almost on par with it and comes priced under $120.

It looks sublime in its design and does not disappoint you if you decide to take the plunge. The model works especially on your devices and consoles, without much of a hassle. We might want to add that you may not be able to do many things on the unit.

That, in a way, is a good thing. There is no need for too many software features and unwanted hardware. Makers have ensured that the basics of the unit are executed nicely. The Sennheiser GSP 600 gaming headset is an exceptional model for listening to music.

Its boom microphone enables you to transmit your voice effortlessly when you are playing games with others. The dialogue delivery and the audio reproduction does not come with bass. That is why you do not feel the rumble and thump in the games.

You cannot find any customization software on the model. For the price point, the gaming headset provides you with the best Sennheiser audio going in the phenomenal Sennheiser gaming headset.

Our winner in the review between Epos H3 vs GSP 600 gaming headsets is Sennheiser GSP 600. It comes with spectacular audio quality and comfort to wear for lengthy hours. The microphone needs some tuning; otherwise, it is a magnificent headset to use when gaming.

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