Comparison: Logitech G610 vs Logitech G613

In today’s review, we are going to be seeing two magnificent mechanical gaming keyboards. Before we move on to them, we want to enlighten our readers on the importance and significance of using these gaming keyboards.

Yes, they are slightly expensive compared to traditional or ordinary keyboards. That is alright because they can last several years. We are talking about 6-8 years without having damage on them.

The under $50 keyboards are usually preferred and used in educational institutions. They are quite cheap and decent. But you may not be able to type more than 5 million keystrokes. Besides, the letters on the keys tend to wipe out.

The keyboards on the laptops are considered too smooth because of the 1.5mm keystroke. They are known as scissor-switch. This is when the mechanical keyboards come into play. They are exceptional because of their build and the typing experience they provide you.

If you see the Cherry MX series, they are second to none from Logitech. They are also known as Romer-G tactile switches. The keys can effortlessly go for 50 million keystrokes, which is almost ten times the membrane models.

Logitech had spent a lot of time researching these models before they decided to produce the Romer-G switch. The maker sells the Logitech G610 Orion model that comes infused with the Cherry MX mechanical switches.

We will read about the Logitech G610 Orion Red Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard vs Logitech – G613 Full-size Wireless Mechanical Romer-G Tactile Switch Gaming Keyboard. They both come with spectacular features embedded in them.

The G610 unit is a successor of the G810 model. The image consistency of the products was nicely done. Besides, they are also cost-effective for the maker. It is designed well and comes produced from top-notch plastic.

Its texture also is second to none. You can find the matte finish on the chassis. Additionally, the keys present on the model provide you with a streamlined appearance. The logo on the model can light up as when it is switched on.

It comes infused with 3 switch options. The model is available in brown, red, and blue colors. The keyboard is nicely done with the RGB lighting, but several users were not happy with the built quality of the keys.

It comes with an unusual, indented design that can ruin the typing experience. Likewise, the Logitech G613 model is another splendid keyboard. It is a good keyboard that has a wireless design feature in it.

This is a fantastic choice when you do not want to clutter your table. The Romer-G tactile switches on them make it an excellent option for gamers. Those of you who are new to typing might not find the experience pleasant.

However, the model has low latency and adequate software for use on macOS and Windows. You can use the dedicated macro keys that are suitable for MMO players. It is quite flexible and versatile for usage on Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, it comes without the removable wrist rest. That means you need to take it around with wherever you move. There is no backlighting either, and it requires batteries to operate.

The keyboard can run for more than a year, which is good. Let us learn more about these two amazing keyboards by moving further in the review. We have mentioned the winner at the end of the post.

Logitech G610Logitech G613
Logitech G610Logitech G613
The model comes with elegant cherry MX red switches.

The unit comes having a sturdy design.

It has exceptional RGB lighting and is simple to use software.

It comes with magnificent media control buttons.

The product has programmable white backlighting.
The model can work for 18 months on 2 AA batteries.

The media keys come nicely designed.

It comes with a dual Bluetooth and lightspeed wireless mode.

It has an excellent low latency and exceptional compatibility on most platforms.

There are macro-programmable keys.
The keyboard has limited macro functionality.Sadly, there is no backlighting on the main keyboard.

Logitech G610 vs G613: Keyboard Specifications

Logitech G610 vs Logitech G613

Logitech G610 vs Logitech G613

The Logitech G610 Orion Red Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has decent specifications. You can get it in two variants. The first is the Cherry MX Red switches, and the second comes with cherry MX Brown hardware.

It is safe to say that it is a magnificent model with stunning mechanical switches. The Cherry MX Red switches and the MX Brown are different from each other. The cherry unit is one of the best units for typing.

The keyboard has a good 2mm actuation level. It has the ability to travel down with the problem. A bump in the model is mostly seen on cherry MX design. It has a light feel, and the bump makes it quiet to operate and relatively quicker than other models.

The Cherry MX Brown switches come quite traditional, and they have a 2mm actuation point on them. You can feel a slight bump in the middle of the keystroke normally found on the mechanical switches.

It also makes the keyboard feel quite responsive and solid. But they are a little slower. Not to mention, they are quite loud also. It has a smooth action that is quite reflected in the G610 design. Though it may not garner attention due to its texture of it, the model has stunning, sturdy plastic.

A notable feature of the unit is the backlighting. But it comes only in white color. We also found that it does not come with the dedicated macro keys. It lacks the wrist for palm and USB ports. But when you notice the Qpad MK-90, most of the features are present on it.

But it makes up with the Logitech G HUB software. It is simply the best out there in the market. However, the keyboard is not meant for everybody. We felt that the typing experience was not up to the mark.

Besides, the wrist rest was not very convincing, and you get a feeling that they have designed it only for gamers and aggressive users. The Logitech – G613 Full-size Wireless Mechanical Romer-G Tactile Switch Gaming Keyboard is another outstanding option for you.

Though professional gamers prefer using mechanical keyboards, wireless models are also gaining prominence. They are meant for those who value and precision. We are not saying mechanical keyboards are not good, they are excellent, but wireless keyboards are top-notch.

It looks like the Logitech 213 model was not met with much enthusiasm from the crowd. We are not sure why. It is quite a decent unit that comes with everything you would need. You can find the mech-dome switches.

Additionally, you can notice that it has rubber domes that feel like mechanical switches. The model also has some problems with it. The construction of the keyboard was subpar. We were quite disappointed with that.

The flexing is quite too much, and little weight sees it bend. While bending a bit is good for the keyboard, too much can cause problems. It is quite large, and the non-detachable wrist-rest present on it makes the unit appear quite large.

We felt that the build quality was good. Its frame is made from plastic and ABS keycaps. However, the media keys did not look sturdy. It has one incline setting and makes the model turn 8degrees.

The wrist rests, if detachable, would have been better. You can select the Logitech G PRO Keyboard for detachable wrist rest. It does not have the backlighting feature, which can annoy gamers who want to play in the dark.

When you want to make use of the backlighting feature, then you would like to make use of the Logitech G513 and the Logitech G413. The wireless functionality of the model is phenomenal. It can be connected through Bluetooth on 2 devices together.
The model works on 2 AA batteries that can operate for close to 18 months. You will be notified when the battery level is low with the help of an LED indicator. There are dedicated media keys present on the right corner. These are quite helpful when you want to listen to songs.

It has a 6-button macro column. If you notice, there is a window-lock mode enabling you to play your games without any hassle. Overall, the keyboards are breathtaking in their own ways, come with remarkable features that are infused in them.

Logitech G610 vs G613: Typing Abilities

Logitech G610 vs Logitech G613

Logitech G610 vs Logitech G613

The typing abilities of keyboards are the most crucial aspect of any model. They should come infused with amazing features in them to enable gamers to play well & users to type quickly. The Logitech gaming software has an awesome interface that is simple and easy to follow.

Its macro manager allows you to custom macros using the function keys. You can find a few lighting effects offered on the model. It can help in the adjustment of the LED’s brightness. This enables you to change the pattern likewise on the keystrokes, star, and wave.

The model has curves on the edges, making it smooth for typing as well. There is no USB pass-through like we have mentioned in the above paragraph. Besides, there is no dedicated G-key. There is only white backlighting present there.

However, you can change it with the presets if you want. The Cherry MX switches come with LEDs at the centre of the stem. We were surprised to notice that the lettering of the keys was stunning.

But we liked the tri-level elevator feet comes with the help of the rubber pads that allow the keyboard to sit robustly. You can disable the Windows key using the gaming mode button. However, the model does not come with the n-key rollover.

Its keycaps are not the best in the market. The keyboard has a decent price point of under $120 that is just fine. Some of the features embedded coupled with the excellent performance is good.

With the help of the Logitech G gaming software, you have apt control of what you want to do. We felt that the keyboard has a few awesome features that make it suitable for gaming. However, the wrist rest needs to be redesigned.

That is what we feel. The pre-travel distance is short. You do not require a lot of force of actuation on the keyboard. This results in a responsive and light typing experience. As we said before, there is a bump before you find the actuation on the model that is not noticeable.

It is not as clear as what is found on most of the Cherry MX Brown models. Our tester did not have typing errors, and they are tactile switches. We felt that key spacing was quite good. Similarly, the Logitech G613 keyboard has a low latency that gives a responsive feeling to it.

The model is compatible using the G HUB software. If it is wired, then it can work on the model using the USB receiver, if not on Bluetooth. The compatibility of the model is also good. Alphanumerical keys can work splendidly on most of platforms.

However, a few keys cannot work on the macOS. If you are keen on using the Apple devices, please take note of this. Otherwise, it should work fine with the Android and Linux operating systems.

You cannot find software for customizing the keyboard to your liking. Though it comes with fantastic features, our tester felt it was not right there. The Romer-G switches were feeble. But the keyboard is wireless, and that makes it a sublime option.

The G613 model lacks the RGB lighting and the dedicated macro keys in them. Besides, you cannot find the USB ports in them. There is no place for you to rest your wrist. We are wondering what exactly the maker was thinking when designing it.

Logitech G610 vs G613: Price

Logitech G610 vs Logitech G613

Logitech G610 vs Logitech G613

The Logitech G610 Orion Red Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is priced under $120. It comes with decent features that are mostly not found on most keyboards at the same price. You can find white backlighting, media controls, and a volume wheel.

You also have fully programmable keys and a number pad. The backlighting of the model is stunning and provides the model with an elegant appearance in the dark. The media controls come specific and allow you to operate them exceptionally well.

You can find the volume wheel that is remarkable in its way. The Logitech G613 Full-size Wireless Mechanical Romer-G Tactile Switch Gaming Keyboard is priced under $80. The model has impressive specifications that are embedded with it.

There is easy access to the media controls. You can perform a wide range of functions using it like play, pause, mute, and adjust the volume. The function keys are customizable. Using Logitech gaming software, you can adjust them.

Logitech G610 vs G613: Verdict

We have ended our discussion on the Logitech G610 Orion Red Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard vs Logitech G613 Full-size Wireless Mechanical Romer-G Tactile Switch Gaming Keyboard.

The Logitech G610 is a good keyboard for gaming use. It comes with RGB lighting, and the board seems slightly poorly done. The Romer-G Tactile switches come with a short pre-travel distance.

Its software is quite easy to use. Our tester found them giving a pleasant experience. However, they may not be ideal for regular gaming purposes. It favors you with an outstanding typing experience.

The model also provides you with the Cherry MX Red and Brown switches. It can provide you with remarkable typing action that is much better than the Qpad. The white backlighting offers you with exceptional sleek visuals.

If you are particular about using the Cherry MX hardware and other mentioned features, we might suggest that you choose the G610 unit. However, the typing experience on the G613 unit was matchless.

Its keys will last you the time if used well. Besides, you can strike with a certain amount of force and then won’t get damaged that easily. We also liked using the media keys on them. You can also work on them having the keyboard on your lap.

This is something that we do not often say about keyboards. Not to mention, the lack of backlighting was a major drawback in this unit. Many gamers might be put off with that fact and choose the G610.

Our winner in this comparison review between the Logitech G610 vs G613 would be the Logitech G610 model. The keyboard typing experience and the features were highly impressive. When you plan to get a sublime model, it is this.

On the other hand, the G610 model is remarkable in its way. It comes with outstanding features of its own. The low noise is exceptional, users can personalize the brightness of the lighting, and it provides simple access to media controls.

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