Epos GSP 670 vs SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless – Which One You Should Buy?

The name Sennheiser resonates with high-quality and top-end gaming headsets in the electronic market. The manufacturer has been able to produce exceptional models in for years. However, if you have watched the market closely, their gaming headsets, though extraordinary in performance, have fallen short of other notable brands like Turtle Beach, Bose, and even Asus.

With the partnership with Epos, they are trying to produce something outstanding. This is when the Epos I Sennheiser 670 unit comes in. Today, we will be reading about two magnificent models in the market.

It is the Epos I Sennheiser GSP 670 vs Arctis Pro Wireless gaming headsets comparison post. We strongly feel that the Epos I Sennheiser GSP 670 wireless gaming headset may be the beginning of something in the premium headset segment.

This review will be for the premium headset. If you have read our reviews, then you know that we mostly compare budget or low-price gaming headsets. The Epos GSP 670 comes with a phenomenal audio performance that is quite audible.

You will love using the model for gaming because it comes with 20 hours of running operation. Besides, it also is infused with a noise-canceling microphone. This unit immensely helps you to decrease the noise in the background.

You will be delighted to know that the unit comes with a 33-foot Bluetooth connectivity. We may want to compare the features with the GSP 670 model and determine whether it is good enough to beat it.

On the other hand, we have the Arctis Pro Wireless unit that is from SteelSeries. Now, the SteelSeries is a strong contender in the market. You can now hear your teammates with the help of this powerful stereo model.

The Bluetooth connectivity is also pretty decent, and you can work using the wireless ability on it. The model comes with a lag-free 2.4GHz audio technology that offers instant audio, and the rechargeable battery can run for 20 hours on a single charge.

The Arctis Pro is a feature-rich model with several exciting features like the display, control, and transmitter with the display. Using the comparison review, we will find out which headset has better features and learn which the bigger buy will be.

EPOS GSP 670Arctis Pro Wireless
The design is sleek and compact.

The product is very comfortable to wear for lengthy hours.

It has a good battery working life.

It comes with a stupendous audio quality.

It is a brand for a value product.
The gaming headset comes with a robust design.

The model is very comfortable to wear for long hours.

It has unparallel audio quality in the $500 price range.

It comes with 2 batteries with a charging compartment.

The unit has plenty of connectivity options for you.
The connection range is not up to the mark.The headset is costly, under $600.
NameGSP 670 Premium Wireless Gaming HeadsetArctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset
Noise CancellingYes
Connection TypeWirelessWireless
Wireless ConnectivityNoneBluetooth, Radio Frequency (RF)
True WirelessYesNo
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Microphone FeaturesAdjustable
Headphone FitOn-EarOver-the-Ear
Adjustable HeadbandYesNo
Warranty2 Year1 year

Epos GSP 670 vs Arctis Pro Wireless: Design & Comfort

Epos GSP 670 vs Arctis Pro Wireless: Design & Comfort

The design & comfort of two top-end models ought to be sublime, to be honest. Let us check them out. The Epos GSP 670 gaming headset comes with a large design for a unit. When you look at the all-black design on it, you feel it is elegantly designed.

The earcups are attached to the headband. You can notice that the metal arms are quite flexible on the model. That is possible because of the hinges placed on it. Our tester thought that the earpads are nicely done in the oval to round shape.

They sort of fit just right on large ears comfortably. Besides, the memory foam placed inside them was quite soft and gentle on the ears. For a gaming headset, this factor was quite crucial. There is also faux leather present at the top having elastic suede material.

At the bottom of the headband, you can find the pad quite thick, also coming with a net on it. Users can see two plastic sliders on the top of the headband for the headset to be adjusted. You can then balance the unit sublimely on your head.

Few users felt that the GSP 670 unit is slightly heavy initially. But as they wear it for some time, they feel used to it. We agree on that. It is somewhat heavy initially, but as you get used to the weight on your weight, it subsides down.

However, the model is suitable for playing games and have chats with your clients and friends without feeling any discomfort. On the other hand, we have the Arctis Pro Wireless headset that is decently produced from aluminum and steel with a matte finish.

This again is an all-black design from SteelSeries. However, you can choose the color white if you prefer, but it can quickly get dirty. The design elements are stunning on this model. After all, it is a premium model priced above the $500 range.

That should not surprise us. The fixed hinges are nicely done, and the earcups come with the right amount of memory foam in them. We tested the unit with few drops from a small height, and they did exceptionally well.

This fact is one of the main benefits of owning a high-quality gaming headset. You do not have to worry about anything, right from the design to the compatibility. You will be glad to know that you can replace the earcups if you want.

You can find the batteries on the headset, with the right earcup coming with a detachable one. The microphone is quite flexible and does not break if not handled gently. This mic again was something that our tester was highly impressed with.

Users can also remove the left earcup if they want. This fact ensures that your headsets can be used for everyday purposes also. Overall, the Arctis Pro unit comes with a lightweight material produced from aluminum and steel, making it sturdy and comfortable as well.

Epos GSP 670 vs Arctis Pro Wireless: Build Quality

Epos GSP 670 vs Arctis Pro Wireless: Build Quality

The Epos GSP 670 gaming headset has a plastic design along with double-hinged headphones. That means the weight of the unit is going to be slightly less heavy. Its build quality is quite sturdy.

It comes just above the 500 grams mark. You can easily fit it on your head without much problem. Though it is produced from plastic material, the headset’s build quality is not rusty, as some users have said.

Epos models have always been known for their exceptional build, and we agree with them on that. The fabric and the edges made from leatherette come nicely done. The noise isolation found on the unit is sound.

Likewise, the build quality of the Arctis Pro Wireless headset is similar to the wired Arctis Pro model. The unit comes equipped with Bluetooth and a battery on it. The model does not come with any colored lighting.

As we read in the above segment, the plastic earcups come in black and are made from plastic. They are soft, and the material is quite breathable. You can use it for making calls, chatting with friends, listening to songs, and most important of all, watching movies.

A notable feature in the model is that the anodized metal headband uses a quarter-circle arm to fold the earcups. The suspension is also entirely adjustable, and you can do so. You can place it on your head for lengthy hours of time.

The left earcup consists of the controls and connectors. You can find a mute button for the microphone, a connector for the headset cable, and a volume wheel. It comes with a 3.5mm cable for others to hear the audio from the unit.

We liked that feature. Besides, there is also a micro-USB port for charging, retracted boom mic. On the right earcup, you have Bluetooth and power buttons. The indicator lights are present at the bottom.

At the back panel are the magnets that you can pull off easily. They do not have a significant purpose. Overall, the build quality of both headsets is excellent and comes with robust durability.

Epos GSP 670 vs Arctis Pro Wireless: Audio Performance

Epos GSP 670 vs Arctis Pro Wireless: Audio Performance

You will be amazed to know that the audio quality of the Epos GSP 670 unit is at the top of the segment. That itself is a shot in the arm for the model. Let us read and find out why it is so. Besides, coming with Bluetooth connectivity, you can use your unit on the consoles like the PS5 and PC.

Our tester liked the feature where you can adjust the chatting noise volume and the game audio separately. The sound performance in the unit is exceptional and feels exceptionally comfortable too.

The sound quality in a word can be described as high-pitched. It is suitable for playing action games with plenty of blasts and other forms of loud noises. We liked the music quality too because it is sublime.

The frequency response was outstanding for use on music having booming bass and music in rock form. Its noise isolation during gaming was stunning. We did not try the ANC here. There must not be any issues hearing an air conditioner running or somebody using the car horn.

We liked the gaming audio offered, that was not very high. This can be considered as an advantage. The gaming isolation was also exceptional. When you like games with mild to heavy sounds, you will surely enjoy using the headset.

Likewise, the Arctis Pro Wireless gaming headset comes with high-fidelity audio used for gaming purposes. You can find a dedicated transmitter that has its own screen. It is used to adjust the mixing, audio, and EQ settings without using your console or PC.

Since it is a wireless device, you do not have to charge it. Its transmitter works for 2.4g lossless, and also the latency wireless audio runs for 40 feet. The sound quality is exceptionally well in this unit.

We also felt that the noise cancellation was stupendous. Of course, the fitting matters. Luckily for our tester, it was able to fit in nicely. The same cannot be said about others. When you make use of the EQ on the wireless transmitter, you can quickly get the sound.

Epos GSP 670 vs Arctis Pro Wireless: Microphone Performance

Epos GSP 670 vs Arctis Pro Wireless: Microphone Performance

The Epos GSP 670 gaming headset provides a sublime microphone quality. You can find that microphone has a de-emphasis in the bass range. It means, if you have a deep voice, others may hear it quiet.

But the added emphasis on the high range will come with sibilant sounds (F, S, and SH sounds). It also comes with the proximity effect, and sounds are quite clear. They do not come with volume issues.

The Arctis Pro Wireless unit comes with a powerful microphone embedded with it. We liked voice clarity in it. The voice came with lots of detail and low-mid resonance. You will enjoy the experience on your PS4 or any device without hassle.

Epos GSP 670 vs Arctis Pro Wireless: Compatibility

Epos GSP 670 vs Arctis Pro Wireless: Compatibility

The Epos GSP 670 gaming headset comes with a Bluetooth connectivity option that provides you with low latency technology. Using it, you can listen to an opulent sound experience. Gamers can switch on the 7.1 surround sound for optimum sound quality.

Due to the Bluetooth connectivity, you can now use it from 10 meters, which may not be much, but quite decent. You can use it effectively in an apartment. It can become an issue in a large independent home.

The headset is compatible with several devices and gaming consoles like the PS4, smartphone, and PC. Please take note that you cannot use the unit with your Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, which can be a deal-breaker here.

You can use the boom arm as it is quite flexible and customized to the shape of your head. When you want to mute the audio, you need to lift the boom arm. Similarly, when you use the Arctis Pro Wireless unit, you can utilize the 2.4G wireless for audio performance.

Users can operate the unit on their smartphones effortlessly. The connections can be used either together or individually if you want. The model comes with high-resolution speakers that come using high-density magnets.

Magnets are capable of generating a frequency range from 10-40,000 Hz. You will also be delighted to find out that the wireless transmitter base station has a 2.4G connection. It gives low-latency wireless audio connectivity for 40 feet; it isn’t that awesome.

All in all, the compatibility of both gaming units is good. Unfortunately, you cannot use the GSP 670 model on your Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch, which was quite annoying to say. Gamers who are particular about the gaming consoles can prefer to choose the Arctis Pro.

Epos GSP 670 vs Arctis Pro Wireless: Price

Epos GSP 670 vs Arctis Pro Wireless: Price

The Epos GSP 670 wireless headset is priced under $320. Our tester felt that the pricing on this model was justified with the features provided in it. However, it lacks in the compatibility area. You cannot use it with the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The Arctis Pro wireless headset is priced under $550.

This unit is expensive and on par with most of the top-end models in the market. Our tester thought that for the features infused in it, the unit is quite highly quoted. But the microphone is considered as the best in the market today.

Epos GSP 670 vs Arctis Pro Wireless: Verdict

We have reached the end of our comparison review between the Epos GSP 670 vs Arctis Pro Wireless gaming headsets. Both are decent models and come with their own features. However, the Epos I Sennheiser GSP 670 has a lot going for it.

The model comes with a sublime audio quality; it is exceptionally comfortable for you to wear, durable, and comes with optimum connectivity options. There is nothing really that can point out on this fantastic unit.

Still, given the price range, it must work better than most of the models you can find in the market. The GSP 670 unit has notable features over other high-end models. If you find the price high, you may be delighted to know that it has come down to $250 now.

On the other hand, you have the Arctis Pro Wireless unit from SteelSeries that comes with several decent features embedded in it. The model comes with decent sound quality, top-notch comfort and building design, and a powerful microphone.

This unit is a top-of-the-line wireless gaming headset. When you search for a wireless gaming headset that you can control using a transmitter, then the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless headset is a desirable choice.

The model comes with a battery that can be removed if you want and helps justify the enormous price point of $550. You will be delighted to use the microphone in this headset as it is currently judged as the best in the market.

If you do not mind the price, then the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless gaming headset is the better buy.

Our winner in this review is the Epos I Sennheiser GSP 670 wireless gaming headset.

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