Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X – Which Headset is Better?

In today’s comparison review, we will be reading about the Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X. It becomes challenging in a way when you have to compare two models of the same brand. In this case, it becomes even more complicated, as they both are popular units from Logitech.

The Logitech G Pro is a good headset with all the features you can ask for. They are quite similar in style and design to Logitech’s revered model, the Logitech G433. It was a very famous model among professional gamers.

The G Pro comes with an enhanced design with some more features and style factors embedded in it. The unit also comes with exceptional audio performance and a magnificent microphone.

It has a comfortable fitting, and you can wear it for prolonged hours. The audio performance is quite stellar, and the microphone is one of the best at the moment from Logitech. It is also priced under $150, which is quite affordable.

Sadly, the unit just won’t be compatible with their stunning software, leaving much to be desired. This factor was a huge drawback, and we hope that it doesn’t ruin the model’s image. Besides, noise-canceling also is average.

It also comes in a single-color scheme. This feature does not have to be an issue when you are particular about using black color. On the other hand, the Logitech G Pro X gaming headset is a better-looking model than the G Pro.

The model offers you with magnificent fitting, and the earcups are quite spacious to fit in your ears without a problem. The audio quality in the G Pro X unit is what makes it stand out. You would be delighted to know that it is the first Logitech headset to come with the ability of compatibility with the software.

Additionally, it is also aggressively priced under $200, making it reasonably quoted. The SteelSeries Arctis 1 unit might seem an attractive alternative with 25 hours running and exceptional audio quality when you are in the market for similar units.

You also have the Razer BlackShark V2 that comes with similar features and exceptional noise isolation abilities. However, the software brings the opulent audio performance from the headset.

Logitech has been in this business for too long now and knows what they are making very well. They have been producing high-quality gaming headsets at a barrage of prices for you. The new unit may give gamers and users a new dimension in gaming and comes with plenty of promises.

Can these two excellent headsets be any good?

Logitech G ProLogitech G Pro X
The headset is comfortable to wear.

The unit is sturdy and durable.

It has an extensive soundstage.

It comes with an exceptional microphone.

The unit is priced affordably.
The model has a comfortable design.

The unit is a premium headset.

It comes with outstanding audio performance.

It comes with a spectacular microphone.

The price quoted is acceptable.
Its noise isolation needs to be improved.We noticed that it is challenging to get the right fit.
NameG PRO Wired Surround Sound Gaming HeadsetG PRO X Wireless DTS Headphone:X 2.0 Gaming Headset
Sound ModeSurroundDTS Headphone:X
Connection TypeWiredWireless
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Carrying CaseNoYes
Headphone FitOver-the-EarOver-the-Ear
Adjustable HeadbandYesYes
Compatible PlatformsNintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox OneWindows
Warranty2 years2 Years

Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X: Design & Comfort

Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X: Design & Comfort

The makers tend to produce models with their trademark designs and textures. The same can be said about the Logitech G Pro and the Logitech G Pro X models. If you look at the G433 model, you can notice characteristic features on par infused in these two units.

The Logitech G Pro comes with an elegant shape and design. It looks pretty nicely done for the price point. Our tester found some nice coating done on it, making it durable. We also noticed that it comes with premium default pads.

If you notice the packaging, they also offer you with another set of earcups, which is pretty good. Its design is quite casual, and you can use them outdoors too. True to the Logitech models, they come in a single color.

The moment our tester put it on his head, he seemed quite happy. The earcups fit his large ears quite comfortably. You can wear them for long hours without any complaint. It is also lightweight, and the earcups are made from good material.

When you genuinely want to experience premium comfort, then you may want to check out the expensive version, the Logitech G Pro X gaming headset. The moment you look at it, you can quickly notice the memory foam that is produced with leatherette and soft material.

You can also see that the headband comes with excellent padding on it. The unit also comes infused with advanced communications and exceptional flexibility, thanks to software compatibility. You can choose the noise-canceling soft, breathable velour and the leatherette for convenience.

Placing the headset, you can quickly get the sealing on it. That means the noise leakage is brought to a minimum. Likewise, it also comes with additional velour pads that ensure those wearing glasses will not have any issues.

When you open the package, you can notice that it comes with 2 detachable 3.5mm cords and different inline controls. You can make use of the inline controls for use on your PC and smartphone.
This can also be done with a small USB DAC attachment. You can notice that there is a detachable microphone, high-quality replacement earpads, along with the attached leatherette, and a protective carry bag.

All in all, the design & comfort of both the models were stunning. For under $200, the G Pro units came immensely comfortable and pleasant to wear. Gamers can wear them for prolonged hours without feeling discomfort.

Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X: Build Quality

Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X: Build Quality

The build quality of the Logitech G Pro gaming headset has a breathable design. We were delighted to see that the default pads come with a pleather coating that is not porous as what you can find on the G433.

As they provide you with a good seal, they block all the airflow in there. The unit also makes your ears quite warm during long sessions. Their build quality is much better than the G433 unit. Our tester thought that the coating between the earcups made all the difference.

It is designed with an aluminum fork. You can also notice the headband coming made from steel. The model is elegantly done, and the thick earcups and the metal frame can protect it during accidental falls. It comes with a lovely balance between tension and comfort.

The build quality of the Logitech G Pro X gaming headset is simply fabulous. They are nicely built and designed. You can notice that they are similar to the quality of the HyperX Cloud II. The Cloud II is one of the best build qualities in the market, and G Pro X is on par.

The model has a metal headband frame and hinges with it. You can see that the padding that is present is sublime. The microphone is detachable, and you can replace it if you want. We noticed that the unit is relatively stable and present on your head.

You can go some mild running, putting it on, or move around a bit. However, you may not vigorously shake your head as it can come off. The model is not portable. It is quite bulky in design, and you may not be able to swivel to take up a compact place.

Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X: Audio Performance

Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X: Audio Performance

The audio quality of any gaming headset is looked at closely. Can the Logitech G Pro and G Pro X satisfy the tests? Let us find out. The bass on the G Pro is stunning and crisp. It comes with fantastic sound quality as the LFE, or low-frequency extension, is at 10Hz.

The bass of the unit is extended and comes with the right element of punch in it. You cannot say the same for the mid-bass. The high bass was overemphasized by 2dB and 4dB. The Logitech G Pro unit comes with a good mid-range.

The Logitech G Pro X comes with eloquent sound quality. You can instantly notice the slight deemphasis in the bass. It immensely provides you with output sound that can run up to around 3kHz.

There is a relative dip, which you do not have to worry about. It does not come with natural resonances. The sounds when you listen to mild tracks are pretty there. The vocals and the bass sounded terrific in them.

From a gaming perspective, it hit the right balance. Since it does not come with ANC, you cannot find it blocking something loud than the noise of the air conditioner or the fridge nearby.

The G Pro X truly shined when it came to gaming. You can instantly make out the difference between the sub $100 and this unit that is priced at $200. The sound quality is simply outstanding.

You can make use of the software present in it, offering you intense boosting bass that gives it to low orbit. It is quite loud when shots and explosions happen in most of the FPS games that we played, without obscuring sounds that game developers actually want you to hear.

Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X: Microphone Performance

Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X: Microphone Performance

The microphone on both the G Pro and G Pro X headsets is astounding. The microphone on the Logitech G Pro is good. The person at the other end can hear your speech. Its audio performance is quite stunning and natural, and that is fine.

The recording is also tremendous, providing you with plenty of airiness in what has been spoken. Our tester noticed that during a noisy environment, the background noise was sublimely separated from the conversation.

That was a powerful feature to note in a sub $150 unit. The low-frequency extension is around 20Hz, and that means the sound quality is terrific. Likewise, the Logitech G Pro X gaming headset comes with a good microphone too.

It is the first headset from the Logitech brand to make use of the Blue Vo!ce software. Using that, you can set the microphone balance presets, use limiter, noise reduction, expander, de-esser, and high pass filter.

A lot of emphasis is given to the mid-range and bass range. You would be delighted to know that there is over-emphasis provided for it on the high range. If you have a deep voice, then the audio might sound distorted.

Our tester was not very pleased when the natural audio was disturbed in loud surroundings. It does come with a few issues, but the microphone quality and audio were acceptable. This can be a deal-breaker for some of you who are very specific about the microphone.

However, you can make use of the Blue Vo!ce app that enables you for customization capabilities. It was amazing to note how much the software can enhance things in there. Overall, both the microphones were stunning, but the G Pro was a notch ahead.

Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X: Compatibility

Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X: Compatibility

The Logitech G Pro gaming headset is a powerful unit that offers you with spectacular audio quality on your PC. It is a simple plug-and-play-on with the 1/8″ TRRS cable and the Y-adapter. These can be used on the PC.

You cannot make use of the advanced USB external DAC present on the Logitech G433. Using the audio cable, you can work on the PS4 or Xbox One controller. You cannot make them compatible with the Logitech Gaming Software and the companion app.

The compatibility of the Logitech G Pro X gaming headset is outstanding. You can use the Logitech G HUB software to save EQ settings on the onboard memory to use on tournament systems.

Users can work on several devices and consoles like the PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch, Given the software. However, the G Hub app works only on the PC. You do not have surround sound on your console.

Like we said in the above segment, you can make use of the Blue VO!CE technology. It comes having several features for adjusting your sound on various devices like your PC and gaming consoles.

Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X: Price

Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X: Price

We will now take a look at the pricing of the Logitech G series units. We understand that the maker can find it a bit challenging to price the gaming headsets of the same series. It can be quite tricky.

Let us find out which one is worth the money. The Logitech G Pro is priced under $150. As we read in the above paragraphs, the units are priced under $200, making them on the expensive side.

G Pro model is embedded with spectacular features. The Logitech G Pro X is priced under $200. It is slightly expensive, but it is well worth your cash when you consider the design and the customization capabilities.

Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X: Verdict

We hope you enjoyed reading the comparison review on Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X headsets. They both are remarkable in their own ways. We saw their remarkable features and the pricing too.

Which one is the better choice for you?

The Logitech G Pro headset is good for gaming purposes. It was able to provide you with a mediocre performance in the sound quality and design. However, the microphone bestowed on the unit was phenomenal.

For a $150 unit, it was mind-blowing. This is meant for users who are particular about microphone usage. The build quality and the music performance were pleasant but could have been improved.

Like the Logitech G433 model, you cannot customize it using the Logitech Gaming Software. Our tester also felt that they are not very stable on your head during physical movements and come with poor isolation.

We can say that the Logitech G Pro X gaming headset is one of the best units around in the market. However, it is quite resilient to the software but provides you with a phenomenal immersive experience.

That is what you want eventually. It is comfortable to wear, and the audio quality is quite exceptional. It also comes with several customization options for you to utilize.

Our winner in the Logitech G Pro vs G Pro X gaming headsets would be the G Pro X. It comes with stunning features and is more comfortable to wear on your head. Additionally, the unit is produced with durable materials and is compatible with the G HUB for better customization.

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