Google Pixel 4 vs Google Pixel 4A – Which Model is Better?

After several delays and anticipation, Google released the Google Pixel 4a smartphone in August 2020, possibly due to pandemic-related component availability issues.

The Pixel 4a was designed to compete with models like the OnePlus Nord and iPhone SE. However, there is also the iPhone SE 2022 model available now.

In this review, we will compare the features and capabilities of the Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4a smartphones. Is the Pixel 4 good enough, or does the Pixel 4a outshine it?

Google has a reputation for producing remarkable products, and their R&D capabilities are on par with brands like Apple and Samsung. Many consumers prefer Google products for their reliability.

The flagship Google Pixel 4a offers terrific features such as water resistance, dustproofing, faster CPU speed, higher megapixels in the primary camera, and wireless charging. However, it is priced around $900 with no current discounts available.

On the other hand, the Google Pixel 4 smartphone is an excellent choice with superb battery power that can last up to 24 hours, a higher resolution camera, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a fingerprint scanner.

While the Pixel 4 has some phenomenal features, the Pixel 4a provides stiff competition at almost half the price.

In this review, we will closely examine the design, features, setup, and performance of both models to determine their capabilities and whether the pricing is justified.

For now, we can say that the Pixel 4a offers comparable features to its flagship predecessor. Let’s continue reading to learn more about these superb models and find out the winner at the end of the review.

Google Pixel 4Google Pixel 4A
Google Pixel 4Google Pixel 4A
The model comes with an elegant design.

The unit has a Night Sight feature for brilliant photo capturing.

It comes with Quick Gestures for instant control of the device.

It enables you to work productively with the help of Google Assistant.

The product offers you opulent battery life.
The unit has a beautiful sleek design to it.

The model comes with a powerful performance.

It has the Titan M security chip that can protect sensitive data.

It has outstanding camera features that allow eloquent visuals.

The product comes with exceptional battery performance.
The smartphone is immensely expensive priced at $800.The smartphone does not come with a microSD slot.

Google Pixel 4 vs Google Pixel 4a: Design & Features

Google products are known for their attention to design, and the Google Pixel 4 smartphone is no exception. It features smooth curves and a well-proportioned size, with a 5.7-inch screen that our testers found comfortable to handle. Unlike larger models, it is easy to use, operate, and store in pockets. The Pixel 4 has a solid metal design, giving it a premium look, and it is water and dirt-resistant. Additionally, it supports wireless charging. One downside is that the model has a slightly larger forehead compared to other models on the market. It incorporates the Soli chip and sensors for face unlock, but it lacks a 3.5mm port. However, it does feature Active Edge, which allows users to access the Google Assistant. The Pixel 4 also boasts a 90Hz refresh rate for smooth image quality.

The Google Pixel 4a smartphone, on the other hand, has a polycarbonate body and a near bezel-less front design. It includes a fingerprint scanner for added security and has an appealing overall look. Unlike its predecessor, the Pixel 3a, it does not have Active Edge. However, users can still access Google Assistant manually. One notable feature of the Pixel 4a is the inclusion of a headphone jack, which is a unique selling point for this budget-friendly smartphone. Unfortunately, the Pixel 4a lacks dust and splash resistance to keep the pricing low. Nevertheless, the appearance of the model ultimately depends on personal preference.

While the Pixel 4 excels in terms of features, offering a range of functionalities not found in the Pixel 4a, the latter stands out as a budget-friendly option with an OLED and Full HD screen. The Pixel 4a’s display quality is impressive considering its price range. For those seeking a larger and more opulent screen, the Pixel 4 XL model’s 6.3-inch Quad HD display is worth considering.

Google Pixel 4 vs Google Pixel 4a: Setup & Performance

The Google Pixel 4 smartphone boasts impressive performance capabilities. Powered by the flagship Snapdragon 855 processor, it offers top-notch speed and performance. With 6GB of RAM and the Pixel UI, the overall software experience is smooth. The camera performance is noteworthy, with a 12.2MP primary unit and a secondary telephoto lens. The Pixel 4 excels in producing professional-quality photos with excellent dynamic range and vibrant colors, making it a great choice for photographers, regular users, and live streamers. The model initially came with Android 10 but has received updates and now runs on Android 12.

On the other hand, the Google Pixel 4a smartphone offers a good setup and performance, although its camera performance is not on par with the Pixel 4. It still captures decent visuals but falls short when compared to the stunning capabilities of the Pixel 4. However, the Pixel 4a shines in terms of battery performance, as it can easily last 2-3 days with its 24-hour battery life. It includes features like call screening, Google Assistant, HDR+ for enhanced photography, and the Titan M security chip for data protection.

Overall, the Pixel 4 is the flagship choice, delivering quicker processing, exceptional build quality, wireless charging, a higher refresh rate, Motion Sense, and Active Edge features. In contrast, the Pixel 4a features the average Snapdragon 730G processor but provides decent performance without lag for regular tasks. While the Pixel 4 offers sublime features that are mostly absent in the Pixel 4a, the ultimate choice of the winner will depend on various factors, including pricing.

Google Pixel 4 vs Google Pixel 4a: Price

The Google Pixel 4 is priced at under $800 for the 64GB storage variant, and the price increases for higher storage options. Our tester felt that the pricing could have been reduced slightly, considering it has remained the same for over two years. However, some service providers may offer minor discounts. One of the main advantages of the Pixel 4 is its integration with Google Assistant, allowing users to perform various tasks such as sending texts and sharing visuals. The quick gestures feature enables users to control their smartphone by hand movements, such as silencing calls and skipping songs. Additionally, Google Assistant can help filter spam calls before the phone rings, minimizing annoyance.

The Google Pixel 4a, priced under $350 for the 64GB storage variant, is compatible with various service providers including Google Fi, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and others. It offers a stunning camera that allows users to capture breathtaking images, with features like Portrait Mode, Live HDR+, and Night Sight. Sharing images directly from the viewfinder is also convenient. The Pixel 4a provides an impressive battery life of 24 hours, enabling usage for 2-3 days without needing to worry about charging, which is especially useful during outdoor activities like trekking or hiking.

In summary, the Pixel 4a is priced at almost half the price of the Pixel 4, yet it comes with remarkable features. However, the Pixel 4 is more readily available and can be purchased from various service providers such as Verizon, US Cellular, T-Mobile, Visible, Republic Wireless, and Best Buy.

Google Pixel 4 vs Google Pixel 4a: Verdict

In conclusion, both the Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4a smartphones offer unique specifications and are exceptional devices. However, there can only be one winner. The Google Pixel 4 emerges as a fantastic choice with its sleek design, exceptional features, decent battery life, and the convenience of Google Assistant for various tasks. If the price point of around $800 is acceptable to you, there’s no reason not to consider it.

On the other hand, the Google Pixel 4a shares a similar appearance with the Pixel 4 and offers the flexibility to change carriers and select data plans from various providers. It impresses with its image quality from the 12MP dual-pixel rear camera and delivers excellent battery performance lasting up to 24 hours. Moreover, it comes at a cheaper price point and offers a range of awesome features.

While the Pixel 4a may not have all the high-end features of the Pixel 4, it provides a powerful battery, impressive camera capabilities, and excellent software performance. Its affordability compared to the Pixel 4 makes it a compelling choice. Therefore, the winner of this comparison review between the Google Pixel 4 vs Google Pixel 4a is the Pixel 4a device.

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