Microsoft Xbox Series S vs Sony PlayStation 5 (Comparison Review)

The gaming console market is not where any manufacturer would like to find themselves. That is because the products manufactured there are getting sold like hotcakes. In fact, according to market data, popular models like the Xbox and the PS4 units are very hard to find.

Die-hard gamers don’t mind getting second-hand items for themselves. Yes, it is that bad right now. Today, we will be reviewing two phenomenal gaming consoles that are sold in the market. They are Microsoft Xbox Series S gaming console vs Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console.

If you have used the predecessors, you might want to know that you are in for a ride. Microsoft released the Xbox Series S unit in 2020, and it is the successor to the Xbox One S console. You would be astounded to find out that they could sell close to 50 million models in the same year.

It is a disc-free model that now allows you to play according to the latest trend. Besides, they come with top-end games that provide you with an intense gaming session. You can also make use of their plans that are often not spoken about outside.

Using these plans, you can get the model for a cheaper rate. For the moment, it comes priced under $500, which is quite alright. When you search for a console that offers you gaming for 1080p up to 120Hz, it is conducive.

The Sony PlayStation 5 model is a fantastic choice for a gaming console. The unit is the fifth update from its stable of Sony. It is their first SSD model, too, and we are too excited to lay our hands on the unit and try it out.

You can bet that the performance is going to exceed our expectations far. It comes embedded with a fully refined gamepad having the latest DualSense controller. The USP of the console has always been the games.

If you are a die-hard fan of the Sony console and want to enjoy seamless gaming, then it is worth a try. Otherwise, you may want to wait for the model to come with a hefty discount. That is because we are talking about an under $1000 model.

Is getting the PS5 model worth the money right now? Likewise, what about the Xbox Series S model. Is it worth what is spoken to us in most reviews? Can they both fit the bill? We will learn more about these models through this post.

In this comparison review, we will try and phase out their design, features, setup, and performance. Moreover, we will also look at their pros & cons to help us make our decision. We have mentioned the winner at the end of the post.

Microsoft Xbox Series SSony PlayStation 5
Microsoft Xbox Series SSony PlayStation 5
The model is designed opulently.

The unit can be placed anywhere you want to.

It comes disc-free.

It has exceptional performance with the Xbox Velocity Architecture.

The gaming console provides you with thousands of digital games.
The unit comes with an elegant design.

The model blends with your room décor magnificently.

It has a fluid high frame rate gameplay.

It comes with an eloquent 3D AudioTech.

The gaming console has stunning 4K TV.
The console is slightly expensive for its features.The console is pricey, but that is what you have to pay for using top-notch specifications.

Microsoft Xbox Series S vs Sony PlayStation 5: Design & Features

The design & features of a gaming console are very crucial components. Do the Xbox and PD5 qualify in this segment? Let us read and find out. The Microsoft Xbox Series S gaming console has an elegant design to it.

Though it is shaped like a rectangular, the unit has a compact design with the black & white colors infused on it. That means you can place it anywhere you want. We felt that it was taller than the Xbox One console.

Apart from that, it is the smallest console to have been designed for the market as of now. Moreover, it is slimmer too. Unlike other devices, this one does not stick out of your entertainment panel or shelf in your living room or basement.

It operates using two cables, namely, the HDMI cable & the power cable. At the front of the console, you can find the USB Type-A port. There are also 2 USB Type-A ports, a storage expansion slot, and a gigabit ethernet.

Our tester found that you can easily access these ports though they are not visible at the front. The unit provides you with a framerate of up to 120 fps. That is pretty decent. Besides, you can make use of the 1440p resolution that comes embedded with the 4K upscaling.

It comes with a remarkable storage space of 512GB NVMe SSD. The gaming console can provide stable support for the advancements found in the PS5 and Series X models. Some of them include exceptional load times, 120 fps, and ray tracing.

When you are in search of a model that is quite small but decently powerful, then the Xbox Series S might be of interest. The Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console comes with an opulent design.

Unlike most gaming consoles out there, Sony has got this absolutely spot-on. You cannot ask for more. The manufacturer is known for its opulent designs and build quality. The same can be said about this unit.

It looks nicely done, stylish, and pretty eloquent to the eyes. However, if you are somebody who does not prefer using a large console, you may not like its size. As of now, it is the largest console to have been produced.

It may not fit inside most entertainment shelves at homes. The model comes primarily with a symmetrical design. A black box is present between two white sheets. At the front of the model, you can find the USB-C port that helps operate the controllers.

Besides, you can note that it comes having a Type-A USB port, an eject button, and a power button. At the rear of the console, you can see that it has 2 Type-A USB ports, an ethernet port, an HDMI port, and space for a power cord.

It is fine when you do not mind getting the games digitally. However, you have to pay an additional amount for that. It comes with a framerate of up to 120fps and a resolution of up to 8K.

Moreover, you will want to note that it is quite tall. You will want to make sure that it fits your entertainment panel, otherwise, you may have to leave it elsewhere. All in all, the design & features present in both the models are pretty appealing.

You can make use of them as you want. However, we did feel that the PS5 comes with a slight advantage over tall build quality and opulent looks. Moreover, its features were more attractive than the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft Xbox Series S vs Sony PlayStation 5: Setup & Performance

The setup & performance of the gaming consoles is also two important factors that will have a buying impact. Let us read further to know more about these models. The Microsoft Xbox Series S gaming console has a powerful setup & performance.

You can rest assured that the unit works pretty fast for the price point. Please consider this point. Though it may not be as quick as the PS5 model, it is good enough. Microsoft, for some reason, has not added new games to their list.

However, they provide you with the eloquent Xbox Game Pass service. This comes with several hundred games that allow you to download and play them naturally. It comes with backward compatibility, which means you can play games from earlier models.

We can say that the maker has made a massive leap from the previous model, the Xbox One S. However, in this unit, the maker has reduced some of the elements present. There is the 10GB GDDR6 RAM, 3.6GHz eight-core CPU, and a GPU.

But you get a slimmer and better model that is cheap too. It cuts down on the space and the power that is consumed. Games that are ideal for the Xbox X model will run likewise. You cannot expect them to work the same on this console.

The performance of the controller was good. It wasn’t great, but it does what it is supposed to do for you. Users can fix it up in no time and be on it effortlessly. This is possible with the help o the Xbox app that comes along with the console.

The model is a hard recommendation for those who already own the Xbox One. You may want to wait for a further release from the manufacturer. As we know well, Microsoft tends to release products when consumers least expect them to do.

The Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console has a phenomenal setup & performance. It goes without saying that this model is the fastest in the market, currently. It is thanks because of the SSD. Sony has made a massive improvement in this regard, and it was only a matter of time.

Games load up instantly, and some take less than 10 seconds. That is pretty quick for a console. Not to mention, you can choose from its epic library that comes hosting thousands of games. The setup of the PS5 is quite simple.

You need to make use of the HDMI cord and the power cable. The maker offers you them along with the product. You can make use of the ethernet cable as well. These can be used to connect the model to the Wi-Fi.

You will notice that the console has a massive 800MB update when you use it for the first time. Apart from that, there was nothing worth mentioning here about the model’s setup. The DualSense comes with opulent control.

Though the PS4 model has an exceptional controller, this one takes first place. The control, feel, style, and upgrade are commendable. Besides, it is comfortable to hold, whether you have small or large hands.

You can be up and running under 30 minutes. That is acceptable from a professional gamer’s point of view. Not to mention, the console was quiet throughout the gaming session. It is evident that the maker has taken steps in this regard.

Microsoft Xbox Series S vs Sony PlayStation 5: Price

The Microsoft Xbox Series S gaming console is priced under $500. You will be glad to know that you can get the model cheaper if you want to. You can do that with the Xbox All Access plan. You would find the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for 2 years helpful.

The model provides you with a disc-free gaming console. According to the maker, it is the smallest model ever produced in the market. Besides, the Xbox Velocity Architecture provides you with phenomenal speed thanks to the custom SSD and integrated software.

You can play several thousand games with the Xbox using optimized titles. The Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console is priced under $900. There is a huge price difference of $400. If you are on a budget or looking for a reliable and durable gaming console, you know what to do.

Having said that, the PS5 comes with tremendous potential and attractive features. They are simply too hard to ignore. If you have used the PS4, you would be stunned by the performance of the PS5.

There is a vast difference in terms of specifications in this model. You have a disc-free gaming experience along with an integrated I/O. Besides, it also comes with an ultra-high-speed SSD that can help you enhance your gaming sessions using quick load times for installed PS5 games.

You can utilize close to 120 fps with 120Hz output. Overall, the pricing of both models is justified. Microsoft & Sony have done an exceptional job aggressively pricing their models in today’s current market scenario.

Microsoft Xbox Series S vs Sony PlayStation 5: Verdict

We have ended our comparison review between the Microsoft Xbox Series S gaming console vs Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console. We hope you enjoyed reading the above post and were able to make a decision on your model.

Both are evenly balanced thanks to the fact that they come with exceptional features and incredible specifications in them. However, there can be only one winner. The Microsoft Xbox Series S model is a good choice for those of you with a tight budget.

When you are ready to sacrifice some bits and pieces here and there, then it is alright. However, you can almost get the same playing experience as the Xbox Series S., But the storage space can be an issue if you are a professional gamer.

You may have to get yourself with an internal expansion option. The Sony PlayStation 5 model has superb playing game options and an opulent visual performance. It is simply unbeatable at the moment.

The Xbox Series 5 model could be the better unit because it comes with 14 more games, 4 more controllers supported, and 40.5mm thinner. Besides, it is also 109mm narrower, 115mm shorter, and is 2.8kg lighter.

Moreover, it also supports a quick resume. The PlayStation 5 model could be the better one because it has a 6.3 TFLOPS higher floating-point performance, 6GB more RAM memory, and comes with a 224GB/s higher memory bandwidth.

It also has a faster GPU clock speed, the hard drive is replaceable, and has 16 more compute units. Besides, you can also find that it has 32 more render output units (ROPs). Our winner in this comparison review between the Microsoft Xbox Series S vs Sony PlayStation 5 models is the PS5 unit.

To be honest with you, it was not easy to decide. Yes, the PS5 unit is mighty, no doubt. It comes with an eloquent visual clarity, and there is plenty of games for you to play. But it is way too expensive, coming priced at almost double the quote of the Xbox Series S.

You may want to keep an eye on the deals offered on the PS5 models. On the other hand, the Xbox Series S is useful for hobbyists. Thanks to the Microsoft plans provided with the model; it can work out way cheaper.

The PS5 model has a better appeal in terms of looks and the features that are embedded in it. As of now, getting your hands on both models can be a tough one as the demand for disc-free models is immense.

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