Guide to Wireless Earbuds with a Cable – All You Want to Know

The wireless earbuds with a cable came as a boon or shot in the arm for the headphone manufacturers. Now, they did not have to worry about the extra costs incurred in the production of the earphones.

Besides, the wired earbuds provided users with opulent music and audio quality. It was due to the fact that the ear tips came with a good seal on the ear canal. In today’s post, we will try, and find out more about wireless earbuds that have a cable.

These models come with a comfortable feel to them, they sound great and are easy to place inside your pockets. These are some things that you can’t do with over-ear headphones. The wired headphones are sometimes seen as old.

They have been around for more than a century since the inception of headphones in the market. While that might be true to a certain extent, wired earbuds or earphones are preferred by more than 80% of the market users.

This is in comparison to wireless earbuds or headphones. So, there is an abundance of demand for wired earbuds or headphones. The reason for that is, you do not have to worry about losing your music halfway through your flight.

You can just plug in and listen to what you want to without being concerned about anything. These earbuds also come with a charger case. Let us read the post, to understand and learn more about wireless earbuds with a cable.

What are wireless earbuds with a cable?

What are wireless earbuds with a cable

The wireless earbuds with a cable are dedicated wireless headphones that are also called RF (radio frequency) headphones. They have a base station, which lets you to be able to connect directly to your TV using the 3.5 cable or optical cable.

The cable plugs into each earbud. These are attached to each other and you do not have to directly plug into your device. However, you can make use of Bluetooth technology to connect to the tether wirelessly to your device.

It is simple to use and maintain. Perhaps, this is one of the main reasons for their gaining popularity. You can now tune in to higher-quality music, use an external DAC, change Bluetooth audio codec, adjust EQ settings, and then clean the earbuds.

You can then go to a quiet room, change between ear tips, and then engage the ANC if you want to.

Why are they called wireless earbuds with a cable?

Why are they called wireless earbuds with a cable

The standard in-ear headphones are typically worn straight down with a cable that is left hanging at the front or the back. The earbuds can be worn snugly by using the earlobes when you insert their ear tips to create a proper seal in the ear canal.

Hence, the name. They are popularly used among audiophiles, young users, and regular browsers. They may not be ideal for regular travelers though because of the cables and the wiring that come tagged along.

This can cause some inconvenience. Most of the models produced today come with the 3.5mm plug, and the bigger 6.3mm is hard to find. Like we read in the above paragraphs, the wired models come with eloquent audio performance and are popular because of that feature.

The best way to wear the earbuds on your ears would be to make sure that the ear tips are properly fit. You need to also attach the wing tips rightly to the earbuds. You have to check the direction of the earbud and then put them on with the wing tip facing upwards.

What is the benefit of having it?

What is the benefit of having it

The main benefit of using wireless earbuds with a cable is that they can provide you with sublime audio performance. This is something that you may not get from wireless earbuds. They can handle more data than Bluetooth signals.

So, they avoid any risk of audio compression and offer a much clearer sound. Besides, these models are also cheaper than wireless models. The production process of wireless models is expensive.

You can wear them around your neck and move around without difficulty. You can get them with the ANC feature in them as well. That is why you will want to ensure that you choose a headphone that comes infused with 12-16 hours of battery life.

The unit also comes with a protective storage case. Please be warned that prolonged use of wireless earbuds with a cable may cause harm to your ears. This is applicable for bother wired and wireless earbuds, so it does not matter.

Who should buy them?

Who should buy them

If you are an office worker. When you are in the customer support department or need to regularly talk to your team, manager, or clients, then you find this model helpful. They are lightweight, easy to wear and offer optimum sound quality.

They do not require charging because they come wired. You just need to plug it in on the audio source and carry on. Sometimes the wireless models can cause some inconvenience in this regard as they need to be charged before usage.

When you are a musician or audiophile. Both musicians and audiophiles like to listen to opulent music. The audio should be given to them such that they need to hear it properly. They love to listen to each tune, beat, and rhythm.

When you are a gamer but can’t go beyond $200. The wireless earbuds with a cable are quite cheap. You can find decent models that are priced under $100. They are good enough and can provide you with stunning audio performance.

Besides, when you are a professional gamer, you can’t afford to experience any degree of latency. Even slight delays in the sound quality can cause your disqualification in the game or the race.

This is a common occurrence in Bluetooth headphones, but not in wired models. So, you may not experience this kind of issue on the wireless earbuds that come with a cable. That is why they are more reliable when it comes to latency issues.

Similar to the above point, when you are somebody who is on a budget. When you do not want to go in for an expensive model, then you are fine with something that is priced as low as $50. Likewise, when you like simple to models like this one where you need to plug and play.

What are the factors to consider before buying them?

factors to consider before buying them

Sound quality

You need to ensure that the wireless earbuds with a cable come with the right kind of sound performance. The model should be able to produce clear and balanced audio with good bass response.

The battery life and accessories

The battery life and accessories on the earbuds with a cable are crucial for proper functioning. Please see to it that the unit has a battery working life of at least 12 hours.

The accessories of the earbuds would be robust cables and designed ear tips. A good brand provides you with all the needed accessories in the package. The wireless earbuds with a cable can last for several years.

However, we have had complaints about the models stopping working. It happens due to a wire strain, faulty wiring by the maker, moisture damage, and other reasons. There can be some damage to the drivers, which produce the sound in the wireless earbuds.

Sometimes, they can happen due to an electrical short circuit that causes a disconnect between the drivers and the audio source.


The comfort of wireless earbuds is also important. The best way to make sure of that would be to wear ear tips that comfortably fit inside your ears. You can wear them for 2-3 hours without experiencing any fatigue.

Water resistance

Water resistance is a feature that is optional. When you are keen on having a model that you want to use outdoors, then you can use them. Moreover, when you want earbuds that come with an IPX rating, then go for them.

Select robust wires

The wires or cables present in the model are usually weak. So, you need to ensure that they come with sturdy wires. You do not want them to get damaged and then have to replace them.

Price & Warranty

Though the wireless earbuds with a cable are not expensive, you may want to choose models that come with a decent price and warranty, if possible. Most of the units are priced under $100.

That does not have to be expensive, but you may want to check if they come with a warranty with them. We suggest that you use popular brands like Samsung, Apple, Sennheiser, Bose, and Sony.

Pros and cons

Pros and cons

We have discussed some of the pros & cons below briefly.


  • They can last long: The wireless earbuds with a cable that is priced under $100 can last for 6-8 years. Of course, you may want to handle them gently and manage them carefully. Sadly, wireless headphones may not last you long because their battery life will continue to depreciate with time.
  • Better sound quality: The model offers you with intense audio quality. That is because wired headphone makers do not have to spend additional money on their wireless technology. These models make use of analog signals. It can handle more than digital signals like Bluetooth. It means the audio reaches you like it is supposed to. The audio compression part is skipped, and the audio is provided to you in its full resolution.
  • Unlimited playtime: As the wired earbuds come with passive speakers, they can effortlessly produce line-level audio signals. They do not require an external power source. The audio signals can produce sufficient power to run the earbuds. You do not require batteries. But ANC earbuds require a continued source of power. This is to be able to neutralize the ambient noise.
  • Easy to use: The wired earbuds are simple to use. You need to simply plug it into the audio source, and you are good to go. You do not have any risk of wireless interference and pairing issues. The wireless earbuds with a cable are more user-friendly than the wireless units.
  • Compatibility: The 3.5mm jack provided in the headphone package can be used for connecting to your audio devices. It could be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Today, some makers are using different kinds of jacks, and USB cables. There is no need to get a suitable adapter. The PC can have two separate headphone jacks for a microphone and audio.
  • Costs less and easy to repair: The wired earbuds with a cable come with less costs and repairs. The wireless technology is expensive to repair & fix. The frayed headphones or the damaged wires are simple to fix. The replacement parts for the wired headphones are easy to get and available. When choosing wired headphones, you would want to make sure that you select the right brand, quality, and additional features. You can find some wired models that are cheaper.


  • Restrict your movement: The main issue with wireless earbuds with a cable is that they can restrict movement. The model may not be suitable when you are working out or doing some physical activity. However, it is fine when you are sitting in front of your desk.


We have ended our discussion on the wireless earbuds with a cable. From the name itself, it is quite obvious that the device comes with a cable or is wired as we call it. There are some notable differences between the wired and wireless earbuds that come without the cable.

It is a matter of preference actually. While many users tend to think that wireless earbuds are cool, wired earbuds are even cooler because they provide you with stunning audio performance.

On that basis, we would like to highly recommend wired earbuds for office workers and audiophiles. So, if you come under this category, then you know what types of headphones to use.

It also provides you with an excellent seal around your ears, blocking the outside noise as well. Any model that is priced less than $200 is a good fit for your needs. These models are extremely durable and reliable and can last for 4-8 years.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to us in the comments section below. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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