Simple Methods on How to Lower Your GPU Temperature

The modern-day PCs are extremely powerful and tend to have more power consumption too. Its graphics card may seem to push the pixels on your monitor pretty well. However, that causes the GPU to become very hot.

Sometimes, your PC may malfunction and not work as it should. Perhaps, you may have noticed that happening. That is why you are here wanting to know how to lower your GPU temperature.

When you allow your GPU to become very hot, then you are letting them get very hot. Your PC is going to blow up soon. Why it can be dangerous to allow the PC to become hot, and what can you do about it? But before read ahead you should understand How Hot is Too Hot for a GPU?

Is 80degree hot for running a gaming PC? Well, according to NVIDIA and AMD, it is not. What does that mean to you? To be fair on their side, we have seen several GPUs being able to perform better at 90degree too.

So, it should not be much of a problem. But why do you want your PC to reach such a high level of temperature in the first place when you can control them right at the start itself. Our tester has worked on GPUs that are operating at 90degree Celcius, and they worked just fine.

However, they may work like before after a few months. That is the main issue with them. That is why you ensure that you keep track of their operating temperature. This way, you know that the GPUs work fine when they are supposed to.

The GPU needs to be able to have the right balance between the noise, temperature, and performance of the PC. When you press for more, then the GPU temperature tends to increase massively.

You can improve the speed of the fan, but the GPUs may become quite loud in the function. Though the manufacturers are doing their best to provide you with the ideal solution, there is some compromise somewhere.

Some users tend to like silence, some like performance, and some want to have efficiency. So, as you can see, makers cannot satisfy each of them. There has to be some cut-off somewhere that can lead to a lag in the performance.

To help you understand how to lower your GPU temperature, we have done our research. We have made a list of methods that you may find useful to lower the GPU temperature. However, please do go through them carefully, visit the video tutorials and then implement them.

Why does the GPU temperature rise in the first place?

Why does the GPU temperature rise

There are several reasons why your GPU temperature becomes high. Sometimes it can go around the 90degree or more, which can make things slightly difficult. Besides, when you keep working on it, then the chances of breaking it down more.

So, it is essential to know how you can reduce the temperature of the GPU for your own good. Besides, you may catch the cause in the first attempt itself. So, you need to know how they are caused and what you can do about them.

That is why we have given you with the methods and the possible causes for the GPU temperature going high. Then we also try to provide you with the crucial evidence so that it can be analyzed.

The ideal temperature for operation on the GPU is around 70-80degree. This is for the AMD models, and for the NVIDIA models, they hover around 80degree. You may have to use some tools to find out the optimal temperature of the GPU.

Physical methods to decrease your GPU temperature

Physical methods to decrease your GPU temperature

Now, we are talking about you having to remove the PC case and then check for the fault inside there. You have to open the case. If you are not sure how to do it, then please refer to some kind of video tutorial.

It is pretty simple, actually as you have to remove a set of screws at the rear of the PC case and keep them carefully. Then you can check the inside of the CPU. Though the first time might seem somewhat weird, it is well worth the try if you actually can get it done.

Get rid of the dust present inside

The first method would be to get rid of the dust that is present inside the PC case. You would be stunned to know that the main reason for your GPU heating is the dust that is present. Some PCs might be years old.

When that is the case, then you may want to clean the inside using a dry cloth. Please, do not moisten the cloth under any circumstances, as it will only cause permanent damage inside the PC case.

Moreover, when you have a lot of fans present inside the PC case, then they can cause it to become hotter quickly.

  • The first step here would be to open the PC case. You may want to do it carefully. It should not take more than a minute to do so.
  • Then you need to remove the GPU component carefully. Again, please view a tutorial video that can help you show how to do it. Though you don’t have to remove the GPU from the PC case, you may want to do it. That helps you to clean the components.
  • Now, you would want to remove the fans carefully. If there is a single fan, then you can do so without removing it. However, when there are several fans, then you would want to remove them and clean them gently.
  • Take a cotton swab that is dry & clean. Use it to run it gently through the fans and the GPU. You can also move it around the corners and the nooks slowly. Remember also to use a dry cloth once you are done with the cotton swab.
  • You do not have to remove every component that is present in the PC case. However, you can remove the GPU & the fans if you want. But please do clean the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and memory. Of course, other components present there that have some dirt on them can be cleaned carefully.
  • Now, place everything back together. When you are removing the fans and the GPU, you may want to see how they are fixed inside the PC case. Then you can remove them and place them back once you are done with the cleaning using a dry cloth.

See that the fans are working properly

It is imperative that the fans are working correctly. In most cases, users tend to overlook this aspect of things. When the fans are no running well due to dirt or other factors, then the cooling of the PC is naturally going to be affected badly.

When the fans are not spinning, then you might want to make sure that you get them fixed. This can help confirm your doubts. When you have switched on your PC, you will want to open the case and check for it.

Causes for the fans not working properly could be due to the following reasons:

  • If there is too much dirt in the GPU, then it may not work properly. You have to remove the dust from there.
  • Sometimes the power connectors could have been disconnected that are present there. When that is the case, then it may run because of their lack of power to them.
  • When the bearings are out of the commissions, then it may not work correctly as you expect it to. It is quite challenging to spot but can be relatively easy to fix. You can make use of machine oil.
  • When the fans are completely not working, then you might want to take professional help. However, you can replace the fans without having to replace the entire GPU or other components.

GPU fans not spinning? main causes and how to fix

GPU fans not spinning?

You can apply thermal paste properly

You may not be able to catch this issue. That is why you may not come across this step in most of the posts. It is hard to find because you have no way to find it out. However, when you remove the GPU from the PC case, then you can learn more about it.

When you have removed the GPU from the PC case, then you can apply thermal paste to it efficiently.

  • First, you need to remove the graphics card from the PC case. You will want to know that removing the GPU component provides you with more access to all the other components that you need to check.
  • Then it would help if you unscrewed the heatsink. When you turn the graphics card, then you can note a few tiny screws. The card may have a backplate, so you will want to note that as well. As you are finished there, you can make use of the other wires that are connecting the PCB and cooler.
  • You may want to unplug them also. Then use the residue of the paste on the chip and the heatsink. You can make use of a paper towel and cotton swab along with some alcohol that comes with a high percentage. You will want to remove the chip from the PCB and remove the small pieces using a cotton swab.
  • Now, you should apply the thermal paste. It would be best that you make use of the same method and nothing else.
  • You have to put all the components back where there were, which could be tedious if you do not remember where to put them. It helps in ensuring that the paste spreads evenly around the components. You need to place the screws in their place and the GPU in its place.

PC case airflow

Making sure that the PC airflow is maintained is something of a reason for the GPU getting hot. You will want to ensure that the PC case has proper ventilation in there. If it does, then you would not have any issues.

  • You need to plan the airflow of the PC case. You can do that by ensuring that the fans are positioned rightly inside the PC case. Sometimes the fans are not appropriately positioned. They should be placed such that the hot air is removed, and the cool air is brought inside.
  • Please check and see whether the cables are correctly attached in there. Sometimes when you have placed the cables improperly in there, it can cause the GPU to become hot.
  • You will want to concentrate on the hot spots present there. When you are seeing to decrease the GPU temperature, then it is vital that it is able to remove the hot air from the PC case adequately. The route must be clear for the air to go out nicely.

Gaming PCs

Sometimes the gaming PCs just don’t come with the required cooling technology. If you are somebody who constantly plays video games on a regular basis, then you would want to tone your gaming down.

That can help you reduce the GPU temperature. Some PCs or laptops don’t have the needed cooling system or fans in them that can handle the heat. For example, MSI and ASUS devices tend to heat up quickly.

However, other gaming models too can get hotter quickly. When that is the case, you can either make use of an external fan or a cooling solution. Our tester suggests that you can make use of the water cooling in this case, as it can work efficiently.

Using software to reduce GPU temperature

Sometimes it could also be due to the new software. Although this reason may be very rare, we made sure to mention it. If you have installed new software that occupies a lot of space or has heavy graphics, then it can cause the GPU to work harder.

When the GPU is made to work harder, it tends to increase the temperature. If that is the case, then you would want to remove or uninstall the software. Perhaps, you can check for some other alternatives for the software.

Rollback the GPU driver

This is another method most users tend to miss out on due to oversight. But it is alright. No harm is done. That is because it does not happen frequently. However, it does happen sometimes, which is why you would want to take the necessary precautions and address them.

It happens when the GPU maker wants to update the driver. If that happens, then the model has to work more than what it usually does. Besides, the fans may not keep up with the changes that have been done to the unit.

The model may work better and more efficiently, which is why some users may not mind it. However, the GPU temperature definitely rises. You can do a small rollback because it does the trick. But you may want to make the download after a while.

Underclock the GPU

This is another exciting method that most users tend to overlook often. So, if you have by mistake overclocked the GPU, then you are going to pay a heavy price for that. That is the reason why you may have to underclock your GPU.

Some GPUs may not be able to handle all the games that are placed on them. Though some of the models are the best in the market, they can falter sometimes. When it is so, then you need to do what is necessary for not only to protect your GPU but your PC as well.

The process of underclocking your GPU is simple. It is the reverse of overclocking the GPU, actually. Sometimes, you can decrease on the memory clock and on the core. This will help underclock the GPU effortlessly so that the GPU temperature comes down.

Why is it essential to be able to reduce the GPU temperature?

Why is it essential to be able to reduce the GPU temperature

It is important to reduce the GPU temperature so your PC works as it should. As we said in the earlier paragraphs of the post, when the PC becomes quite hot, it does not function properly and efficiently.

This is not suitable for those of you who are playing the games and top-end video games. The GPU might not be able to perform as it should. Luckily, the GPUs that are found in the market today come with features that make them shut down automatically when they are above the prescribed temperature.

That is a good thing because it causes irreparable damage to your PC device. We have mentioned to you that the GPU temperature should be adequately monitored as well. You will want to know that heat problem can affect any part of your PC.

What if everything fails?

Like most methods, they all may fail in your case. You should be prepared for that. There is nothing to get upset or annoyed about. Maybe, your GPU or components need to be replaced. This can happen even to the best brand PC model there is on the market.

You may not want to invest in the stock fan units that the technical hardware engineer usually suggests. You may wish to make use of a reputed maker like NZXT, Cooler Master, and Corsair. Moreover, you can make use of a GPU water block or the water-cooling system as they can immensely block out the GPU temperature.

They can be slightly expensive, but you will be glad to know that it is a once for all investment because they can last for years to come.


What is the best method to lower your GPU temperature?

All the above methods are good enough to be done by yourself. We cannot specifically point out the best method above because each of them is pretty simple to do yourself. However, you can decide for yourself based on them going through them a few times.

Once you feel that this particular method is meant for you, then you can go ahead and make use of it. You may want to see the tutorial first before indulging in the method. But if you find all of them challenging, you can take professional help.

Does under volting decrease performance?

Many users tend to feel that under volting decreases the performance of the GPU. We do not think so. That is because it can’t be done with overclocking. However, you should be able to make them work using the GPU at the stock clock speed.

As you lower the voltage, you can stabilize the GPU performance and also be able to generate less heat when consuming low power. You can also decrease the coil whine. But you can experience some crashes when you make the power relatively low.

What if nothing happened using the methods?

Like we said, you can either take professional help or get a new GPU. Sometimes, most of the methods may not work. That is quite normal. Even if you give it to the store, they first make use of these methods and then think of replacing the parts.

So, we recommend that you can try the methods, if you can, by yourself. When they are not working or helping the cause here, then you can take professional help. Some scammers tend to directly tell you to replace the parts and make you do unwanted expenses.


This is it. We hope that you enjoyed reading the post and learned about how to lower your GPU temperature. The above suggestions can help you with your GPU temperature. However, when you feel that it is running hot, then we would suggest you tweak the SLI or CrossFire setup.

But we do not recommend that you do multi-GPU solutions. Please do understand you’re your primary GPU comes with less airflow in it. That means it runs hotter, and when you are using the GPU, then it can design problems of its own.

If you are a professional gamer, then we would suggest that you choose games that come with the right kind of balance in the noise, performance, and most importantly, the temperature. When you are able to find the right settings, then you can make use of them.

That is why you would want to ensure that the GPU temperature is kept low at all times. That is the main thing to ensure your video card is able to run longer. It is a minor effort that you can make to keep your GPU last much longer and make use of the methods that are mentioned above.

But as always, you can do your own research and find out other method, if any, that actually works out for you. How did you control your GPU temperature? Which of the methods did you find helpful?

Please do write to us; we will be delighted to hear from you.


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