How to Replace Oculus Quest 2 Controller Battery – Steps to Do It

When you own the Oculus Quest 2 controller, then we are sure that you must be a proud owner of it. The device was released in the market in October 2020, and we can say that it is a popular VR headset.

We feel that it is because it has everything in it. You can play all your favorite VR games without having to connect to a PC device or console for power. It also has the backing of META, earlier known as Facebook.

Lately, we have noticed that many users are searching for “how to replace Oculus Quest 2 controller battery.” If you are one among them, then the good news is that you can do it effortlessly, without much of a hassle.

This is like your normal electronic devices that can operate on alkaline batteries and run out of batteries without any notice. It also comes with an interesting feature on it, hand tracking. You may not be able to find this feature on most titles.

It makes the controllers very necessary. On that note, let us find out how we can charge the Oculus Quest 2 controllers. By the time you have completed reading this post, you will learn how to replace Oculus Quest 2 Controller battery.

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Can you charge Oculus Quest 2 Controllers?

How to Replace Oculus Quest 2 Controller Battery

We will begin with can you charge Oculus Quest 2 Controllers? Sadly, you can’t charge them. That is the primary issue here, and hence you will have to replace the Oculus Quest 2 Controller battery.

They don’t have any built-in batteries. But they do come with a battery compartment, where you can place a single AA alkaline battery. It could be a disposable or rechargeable one. This depends on your requirement.

Some users have said that the device does not have any openings. That is not true. If you look around it, you can find a small slot that is hidden due to the battery slider. You can find it in the form of an eject symbol on the grip of the controller.

Usually, the device comes with default AA alkaline disposable batteries, so you might not want to bother recharging it. But you can replace the batteries, when they run out of charge, leaving your device to render less.

Go ahead to find out how to change Oculus Quest 2 Controller batteries. You can also check out How to Adjust Oculus Quest 2 Lens.

What batteries does the Oculus Quest 2 Controller use?

The headset works on lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. You can use and recharge it on the USB-C cable when it runs off charge. But we strongly suggest that you make use of disposable batteries because they last longer.

The batteries come with power issues. This is when only the maker can replace them. The Oculus Quest 2 Controller can work on AA batteries. They are mainly used in everything including electronic gadgets.

Each of the controllers comes with a single AA battery. The headset requires plenty of battery charge to run, and you can find yourself without the charge sooner or later. It should work for a few months at least.

Sometimes, users tend to forget to switch off the headset after use, and the battery can drain quickly. That is why you may want to have additional batteries in stock. We suggest that you can go with the Duracell batteries as they last longer.

But to each his/her own, and any brand will work. But you can choose disposable ones or rechargeable ones either. The rechargeable batteries might seem tempting here, but you have to also get the charging station along with it.

However, disposable batteries are safer, better, and last longer. We have noticed that the rechargeable batteries don’t last long. So, it would be ideal if you get a few batteries for yourself, so that you don’t find yourself halfway when playing the Walking Dead.

How to change the Oculus Quest 2 controller battery?

How to Replace Oculus Quest 2 Controller Battery

Now, we come to the main part of our post. We will find out how to replace Oculus Quest 2 Controller batteries. You can either choose to replace it with AA alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries.

How to open the Oculus controller?

You need to open the battery slot in the headset. Like we said earlier, it is beneath the palm grip of the controllers. So, you should be able to find it easily. Besides, there is an eject icon, and sometimes the images can be new to some of you.

You can take your time to find it. There is nothing to get upset or annoyed with yourself. However, you can notice that there is a line on the controller that appears like a gap on it. Here the battery cover is present on the left side of the controller’s grip.

You may want to ensure that you remove the plastic cover carefully. Sometimes it might come out easily, but at times, it requires a lot of force to do so. Some users have mentioned that they used a lot of force, only to break the cover.

So, please be careful in doing so.

Below are some of the steps that you require to open the battery cover on your controller.

  • Step 1: Take the controller and then hold it in your hands. Then feel the release button.
  • Step 2: Use your thumb to press the release button gently.
  • Step 3: The plastic cover slides away providing you place for the single AA alkaline battery.

It is alright to make use of a kitchen knife or a flathead screwdriver to remove the battery compartment. You need to insert it inside the gap and then open the battery cover. Please don’t use a lot of force again to open the battery cover.

Steps to change your Oculus Controller batteries

Here are some of the steps that can help you replace the Oculus Quest 2 Controller battery.

  • Step 1: Find the eject symbol that is present on your controller. Then you have to slide the controller battery cover with your thumb.
  • Step 2: Remove the lid to place the battery inside the battery compartment.
  • Step 3: Now, take away the old batteries, and insert the new batteries. It could be disposable or rechargeable.
  • Step 4: You can slide back the battery cover completely.

Please do the above instructions to ensure that your batteries are safely inserted, and the battery cover is fully closed.

How to charge your Oculus Quest 2 controllers?

How to Replace Oculus Quest 2 Controller Battery

We have told you in the previous segment of this post that the Quest 2 controller does not come with built-in batteries. They work on single AA batteries, and you may not be able to charge them using the conventional method.

This is when you may make use of a charging dock to address this issue. Remember, that the controllers come with disposable alkaline AA batteries that have to be replaced. Moreover, getting rechargeable AA batteries is important.

We felt that the Anker charging dock would be the ideal charging dock. That is because it comes licensed and approved by META. You can charge your VR headset and controllers, without any worries.

It also comes with battery covers for wireless charging. You can dock the controllers and the batteries will get recharged. We noticed that the Anker charging station works well with the BeswinVR controller grips as they come with a magnetic charging port.

How to use the Anker charging dock to charge the Oculus Quest 2 controller?

How to Replace Oculus Quest 2 Controller Battery

Below are some steps that can help you to use Anker charging dock to charge the controller.

  • Step 1: Note where the eject icon is on the battery compartment cover.
  • Step 2: Take away the old batteries, and you have to replace them with the new rechargeable ones.
  • Step 3: Place the battery cover on the compartment properly.
  • Step 4: Place the VR headsets on the charging station.

When the batteries are charging properly, then you can notice that it comes with a green light. However, when you see an orange light, that means, your controllers are not charging. It usually occurs when your batteries are not compatible with the charging station.

Other causes of the charging problem include:

  • You have not plugged it in properly.
  • You have charged it using a charge of less than 15W.
  • The charging station has some dust particles. You have to clean it up.
  • Sometimes, the charging station may be extremely hot due to various reasons. You
  • have to allow it to cool down before using it again.

How to check the Oculus Quest 2 controller battery level?

Yes, it is possible for you to check the Oculus Quest 2 controller battery level. To do that, you need to do the following steps. It is quite easy, and you will be done in no time. This is how you can find out the controller battery level.

  • Step 1: You can find the menu button on the Quest 2 controller’s home screen.
  • Step 2: Then you need to go to the battery section.
  • Step 3: You need to verify the battery level of the controllers.
  • Step 4: You can find out the battery level on the menu bar, and on the left & right controllers, and on the VR headset as well.

Please note that it is quite difficult to find out the exact level of the battery charge on your device. When you are using rechargeable batteries, then you will want to replace them with new disposable ones. We may advise you to use disposable batteries once in a while.


We have ended our discussion on how to replace Oculus Quest 2 controller battery. We hope that you found this information useful. When you are not keen on purchasing disposable alkaline batteries, then you can make use of rechargeable batteries.

The rechargeable batteries are effective and can help you save money. But you will have to purchase a charging station to charge the rechargeable batteries when they lose their charge.

We have covered everything that you would need to know about your Oculus Quest 2 controller battery. You know now how to charge them by replacing the batteries.

Do you still have an issue replacing your controller’s battery? Ask your questions in the comment section.

How do I charge my Oculus Quest 2 controller without the dock?

You can’t charge your Oculus Quest 2 controller without using the dock. You have to either recharge the battery or charge the battery. There is no direct way in which, you can recharge the controllers, as they come powered with a single AA alkaline disposable battery.

How long do the Quest 2 controller batteries last?

This is an interesting question. The Quest 2 controller batteries last depending on your use. They are powered by a disposable single AA alkaline battery. However, it may go for a few months at least.

How long do Oculus Quest controllers last?

The Oculus Quest controllers can last for 8 hours however, it depends on the usage conditions, and the content that you are using it for. Usually, the apps that are more on video content, tend to drain the battery faster.

How do I check battery health on Quest 2?

You can check on the battery health on Quest 2 by knowing how much of it is still there. To do that, you have to check using the Oculus Home through VR. You can make use of the Oculus app settings.

Can I use regular AA batteries for Oculus Quest 2?

The Oculus Quest 2 device makes use of the standard AA alkaline batteries that are sold in the market. You do not want to make use of rechargeable batteries, because they tend to drain quicker than disposable ones.

Besides, each controller needs only a single battery. So, it makes sense to use a disposable alkaline battery that can last you a few months. But you can use disposable batteries if you want.

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