How to Adjust Oculus Quest 2 Lens

How to Adjust Oculus Quest 2 Lens – What to Know?

The Oculus Quest was a popular device. Why not? It came produced & designed by the most social media tool, Facebook (now, Meta). Now, we have the Oculus Quest 2, which has tremendous improvements compared to the previous model. You can adjust the physical position of the lenses that is …

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How to Connect Two Oontz Speakers – Things to Know

The OontZ speaker is a solid unit that comes with eloquent music capabilities. The device can provide you with immense bass and incredible tone. When you want to listen to opulent music, then it is important to have more than one speaker. This is when having a swimming pool party …

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NUC11PAHi7 - How to Install RAM

NUC11PAHi7 – How to Install RAM?

So, what is the NUC11PAHi7 in the first place? This is for those of you who are not familiar with the term mini-PC computer. That is right the NUC11PAHi7 is a mini-PC computer. We do have something known as the mini PC computer. What is the use of a mini-PC …

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