Logitech G560 vs Logitech Z625 (Comparison Review)

Are you a gamer or someone who is a passionate listener of music? Do you like to listen to every move your character in the game makes or what your favorite artists sing? That calls for a top-notch speaker system for yourself.

Is it not? You need a phenomenal speaker system that can bring out the best audio for your listening. It should be as if you are playing the game live. Besides, you might want the speaker to bring the artist performing right in front of you as a music lover.

Speaker systems are a crucial part for any gamer or music lover. Though most makers claim to produce the best speaker systems, only a handful can provide you with the best sound quality in the market.

Today, we have complied two awesome models that are extremely popular among gamers and users alike. They are the Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker System vs the Logitech Z625 Powerful THX® Certified 2.1 Speaker System.

Logitech is known for eloquent products. They are mostly affordable, reliable, and extremely durable. They have been in the industry for several decades now and know what they are doing.

Why the G560 and the Z625 speaker systems? What is so special about them? They are elegant in design and come with awesome RGB lighting. They are the new kids in the hood and bring some deep hues to your gaming setup.

Moreover, you cannot find actual facts and pertinent information about them. So, we have compiled this review for you, highlighting some of their main features and one or two drawbacks that they have.

This post will help you decide on the new speaker system for your home or office. The Logitech G560 speaker system is the first RGB lighting product to be released on the market. Now, isn’t that phenomenal?

Logitech seems to have taken the momentum off popular brands like Asus, Samsung, Bose, and others in this regard. This 2.1 speaker system is slightly priced higher than other models because of the wide range of features.

That should not deter you from considering it for your home PC setup. The Logitech Z625 speaker system is another exceptional choice for you. Whether you are a gamer or a music lover, it doesn’t matter because this model is extremely useful.

It comes with a single subwoofer and two satellite speakers. They sound opulently well and provide you with awesome gaming audio. Besides, they are suitable for listening to music as well.

The G560 system comes infused with the DTS: X virtual surround sound and has a lot going for it. However, the Z625 system is no sluggard either. It has efficient sound performance and, more importantly, comes with the THX feature on it.

Though both the speaker systems look quite similar in appearance and features, they have minor differences. We will be discussing about that in the comparison review. Please go through further and find out more about them; we have also given the winner at the end.

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LOGITECH G560Logitech Z625
The model comes with opulent sound quality.

The RGB lighting present on the unit is stunning.

It comes with robust software.

It offers with exceptional connectivity options.

The product has the DTS: X virtual surround sound.
The model has a phenomenal bass.

The unit provides listeners with deep lows.

It is quite audible for a gaming speaker.

It comes with optical input.

The system can connect multiple sources.
The speaker does not come with the AUX cable.The speaker does not come with a Bluetooth connection.

Logitech G560 vs Logitech Z625: Design & Features

Does the design of the speaker system actually have to matter? Well, it does, considering the fact that you would want it to blend with your gaming PC setup. Moreover, music lovers would wish to the system to produce opulent music for them.

The Logitech G560 speaker system comes with an eloquent design. We normally do not use this word in most reviews unless the product is really able to meet the eye. The shape, the tones used over it, and the overall structure are simply phenomenal.

The maker has ensured that the hardware elements go away once you switch on the RGB lighting mode. Under dark light settings, they look simply flawless. You would be stunned by the environment that they are able to create.

Talking about the nuances of proper RGB lighting. The subwoofers and the speakers can be elegantly covered with deep plastic colored in black, giving it a sublime appearance. You can note that the speakers are connected to the subwoofers with the help of the VGA cable.

It is 240 watts, and despite having it on at full volume, there wasn’t any noise distortion. Coming to the light effects, it is simply phenomenal. This aspect gives you with an immersive experience in gaming.

Though not a necessity, but it kind of elevates your gaming or music listening sessions. Not to mention, the sound quality in the speakers is astonishing. When you combine the audio performance with the lights, they produce a terrific gaming experience.

All in all, it is a particularly designed system that comes with RGB lighting. Who would have thought of that, apart from the maker? They are also able to produce awesome sound performances.

You have all got it on the G560 model. The Logitech Z625 speaker system means business with its smashing looks. The design seems to be somewhat bland but acceptable. Probably, because of the fact that the model does not come with RGB lighting on it.

The satellites present on the speaker have a single driver on them. It feels robust and also solid enough for the speaker. Our tester noted that the volume dial has a strong feel to it until the 30% volume region.

Then it sorts of moves all the way smoothly to 100%. We are not sure why. It is not a reason for worry. We liked the fact that the under region of the model is fitted with anti-slip rubber feet. You can be assured that they are heavy speaker systems.

It does not fall over that easily, unless you push them with a lot of force. You can place them on your table, desk, or just about anywhere. They are not that heavy either, considering the fact that the speaker system is quite large to hold.

The Z625 unit weighs 14.1 pounds, and the G560 model weighs 12.1 pounds. So, there is not much of a difference between the two systems. Since it is THX certified, they are meant to produce opulent sound quality.

While the right speaker is the control unit for you, the left speaker is just a speaker. On the right speaker, you can find the volume control knob and the power button on it. There is also a bass knob. You can effortlessly control the bass level.

Any music lover will know the importance of bass on the subwoofer. The bass offers you the right kind of music length to the tone of the songs you listen to. Besides, it also makes a massive difference to the gaming sounds.

Not to mention, the right speaker has a thin cable to it. You will be delighted to know that it is a flexible speaker system using which you can connect to 3 devices simultaneously. Isn’t that awesome?

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Logitech G560 vs Logitech Z625: Sound Quality

The sound quality obviously is one of the most significant aspects of any speaker system. Unless it is able to give you what you want, you are not going to be able to enjoy the gaming or music session.

The Logitech G560 speaker system comes with amazing sound quality. That is because of the surround sound present in it. The 240 watts of power is immensely justified in it because it is capable of producing sublime audio quality.

When you are not keen to use the surround sound, then so be it because it does not make a difference. However, you can implement the EQ settings that are present in the model. That can be done with the EG HUB software.

Logitech products have an enhancement feature in the form of the G HUB software. The software is easy to use and enables you to set audio according to your own preferences. This feature helps you refine the music quality, which works well.

The speaker has two-zone lighting that comes with 16.8 million colors. Again, using the software, you can choose the light settings too. There is breathing, fixed, color cycle, and others. Most users tend to use the selected option because it is convenient for them.

Not to mention, you may not want to use too much of RGB lighting as it can make the whole experience a bit damp. We suggest that you make use of mild RGB lighting. That would be the best option.

The setup of the G560 is simple. It is an essential part of any speaker system. You do not want to find yourself taking ages to install and set it up. Logitech has always ensured that its products are always simple to install, irrespective of its model.

The speaker is the main hub, and then you have two speakers to connect. You can do that with the help of a USB connection. You can connect on a PC or laptop and even a smartphone. You need to download the G HUB app on your smartphone simply.

Now, you can also use it on your smartphone. Interesting, is it not? The Logitech Z625 speaker system is an opulent choice for music lovers and gamers. It is a THX-certified speaker system, which means that it can produce some astounding music for you.

It is an updated version of the Logitech Z623, a sublime model. It is basically the same speaker. However, it comes with a very important feature in it, the optical input. It may not be the most important feature in the system, but it immensely enhances the sound quality.

But when you want to listen to music, then it might sound flat at times. What happens during the high-frequency audio depth. You may not be able to hear every detail in the music. However, they are most ideal for gaming purposes.

Having said that, finding a decent PC 2.1 speaker is like searching for a needle in a haystack. This model is ideal for watching action movies, playing high-action games, and listening to rock music.

You will be glad to know that the speakers can belt out close to 400 watts. Not to mention, each of the satellite speakers has 35 watts. Please do note that it is not a 400 watts speaker system.

It means that the speaker can provide you with 400 watts at the peak and 200 watts at the RMS. That figure is more than sufficient to knock you out. Besides, the THX feature in it makes the sound even louder.

As far as the sound performance of these two amazing products goes, in a word, great. You have to listen to them both actually to believe the sound that can be produced. It is close, but we felt that the Z625 model could produce par excellence audio quality.

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Logitech G560 vs Logitech Z625: Price

The Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker System is priced under $120. The system is priced quite affordable for the features that are embedded in it. If you are a fan of lighting, then you would like the fact that it comes with four front and rear lighting.

You can make use of the Logitech Family Software from a choice of 16.8 million colors. It works fantastically on Bluetooth-enabled devices and Windows PCs as well. Of course, that also includes smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The Sound Pressure Level (SPL Max) – 97decibel @426B is terrific. The Logitech Z625 Powerful THX® Certified 2.1 Speaker System is priced under $200. There is a price difference of close to $80.

We do not feel that this aspect should sway users towards the other product. The Z625 THX-Certified system provides you with an amazing audio experience. Besides, it is tuned exceptionally for delivering the precise audio tune to you.

It has a 200 Watts RMS/400 Watts Peak power that provides you with a clear sound. Moreover, the bass is phenomenal, and with the THX, you can just about listen to anything you want to. It is flexible and offers you with a host of features.

You can now set up on several devices together, using the optical, 3.5mm, and RCA. This provides you with an even more intense listening session. The system is ideal for gaming, listening to music, and organizing large parties with family and friends.

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Logitech G560 vs Logitech Z625: Verdict

We have concluded our comparison review between the Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker System vs the Logitech Z625 Powerful THX® Certified 2.1 Speaker System. We hope that you enjoyed what you read and were able to make a decision on the speaker system.

If you haven’t, we suggest that you go through the post again. You will find something useful. Based on the above review, we can say that the maker has designed an exceptional speaker in the form of the Logitech G560 model.

The DTS: X virtual surround sound makes the audio sound spectacular. Besides, we all liked the lighting on the speakers. It gave the system an astounding look. Unfortunately, the speaker’s price is quite steep, and they must support some of the lighting profiles of popular games.

The Logitech Z625 speaker system is an amazing model to own and use. Yes, it is priced around the $200 range. We know that it is quite expensive, but you won’t regret your decision because of the THX feature.

It provides you with a wide range of connectivity options. Besides, you can connect to your PC or television. This model is ideal for watching movies and playing games. More importantly, the audio performance of the speaker is simply flawless.

You may find it challenging to get a better sounding 2.1 system for the price point. One of the main drawbacks of the Logitech Z625 was that it does not come with a Bluetooth connection. So, to connect to other Bluetooth-compatible devices, you may have to look elsewhere.

Our winner in this comparison review between the Logitech G560 speaker system vs Logitech Z625 speaker system is the Z625 system. A G560 system is a good option for those wanting opulent sound performance.

Besides, you can use the G HUB software that is present on it. However, the Z625 system provides you with a barrage of features. Moreover, it sounds much better than the other model because of the THX feature.

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