Microsoft Arc vs Microsoft Arc Touch (Comparison Review)

In today’s review, we will be reading about two phenomenal models from the same maker. We are talking about the Microsoft Arc mouse vs the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. Microsoft does not need any introduction.

The organization has been around for a few decades now. Founded by Bill Gates in 1975 in New Mexico, United States, they had come a long way down when nobody believed in the magic of technology and the internet.

Bill Gates and Apple founder, Steve Jobs, believed in it and pushed their products toward the greater good of humanity. Microsoft products are popular globally and are widely considered among users.

They pool lots of money into their models’ research and development aspects. Though many users, including hardcore Apple product owners, have bashed them often, they have managed to come back stronger with sublime products.

The Microsoft Arc Mouse is one of them. Through this product, Microsoft has proved that they are capable of producing top-notch products for the market. The model is portable and lightweight.

It is ideal for small and medium-sized hands. You can use the claw or the palm grip that you would do on a traditional mouse. Its shape of it is quite unique and eloquent, making it tremendously comfortable.

Even if you lose the mouse receiver, there is Bluetooth support. Sadly, it is not very ideal for gaming. It cannot be considered a gaming mouse. Of course, you can play mild games using it, but fast-paced games are a strict no.

Besides, the unit comes with single programmable buttons and has high click latency. Additionally, it comes with limited software too. The ergonomics of the mouse are just fantastic. The unit replaces the earlier model, the Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse.

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is an exceptional choice. It is also known as the Touch model. You can find a small touchpad in the middle of the mouse. The design of the mouse is quite similar to that of the Arc mouse, having a scroll area in the middle of it.

Those of you who love to work with the Surface tablet would love to use the mouse. Secondly, when you need to connect to a Bluetooth device, you can effortlessly do it. You do not require a USB port.

Though they are designed the same, the features infused in them both are quite different. This review will help you understand and learn their differences easily. You will be able to choose the model that can help you out.

Why not read our detailed review for more details? We have also mentioned the winner at the end of the post.

MICROSOFT ARCMicrosoft Arc Touch
The model has a lightweight design to it.

The unit comes with exceptional portability.

It provides you with a magnificent performance.

It can connect wirelessly to your Surface device.

The product has 7 attractive colors to choose from.
The model is lightweight and compact to hold.

The unit comes with a flexible design for all kinds of users.

It has the touch-to-scroll feature that is really handy.

It comes infused with the BlueTrack technology.

The product has a 3-year limited hardware warranty.
The mouse comes with a limited number of buttons.The mouse does not come with horizontal scrolling.

Microsoft Arc vs Microsoft Surface Arc Touch: Design & Comfort

The design & comfort of any mouse, whether wired or wireless, is crucial for the user. Depending on their comfort level, users may change their minds. Let us read and find out how the mice fare in the design.

As the name implies, the Microsoft Arc is shaped like a small arc. Notably, it is sleek and compact in shape. It does not occupy a lot of space too. That is an important factor that most users tend to notice about a mouse.

Besides, it is a wireless model. Hence, comfort is the main priority here. The design is quite smooth and has a matte black texture. Our tester liked the fact that the mouse was immensely slim and sleek in design.

If you have read our reviews before, you might know that we usually do not use these words to describe a mouse. Compared to most other models, the maker has done an impeccable job. The breath of the model is similar to that of a laptop width.

This aspect of it makes it extremely portable. You can place them inside your laptop backpack and move them around freely in your university, office, or just about anywhere you want. You won’t know that the model is there inside your backpack.

You can make the mouse retain the original flat shape if you want to when traveling. We liked that feature on it. Currently, in the market, you have the Logitech Pebble M350 that is travel-friendly.

Some users thought that build quality was not up to the mark. Well, once you hold it in your hands, you can feel how firm it is. It is made from latex, and the material is pretty hard and durable.

It has a clipping mechanism to lock the model into a flat shape. Moreover, it comes with an ambidextrous design that ensures your palm doesn’t hurt after using it for a prolonged period of time.

The Microsoft Surface Arc Touch mouse does not have a similar design to the Arc model. We were initially susceptible to the fact that the designs of the models can be the same. But they were not to be.

That is a good thing because you do not want to be using a model that is almost similar in design to the previous model. Some makers tend to produce outstanding products but with similar designs.

Consumers may not be inclined to them if that is always the case. Anyways, coming to the design of the Arc Touch model, it has a noticeable touchpad at the center of the mouse. This, perhaps, is the main difference between the two models.

The arc shape is found in the other model that we are discussing in this review. The unit is quite light. You can place it inside any bag or handbag you want. You can find a magnetic spot at the bottom for connecting the USB dongle.

The working of the mouse is quite simple. It is similar to the Arc model. You need to power the unit with 2 AA batteries. You can place them inside the compartment that is located underneath it.

To switch it on, you need to bend it slightly to arc a bit for the middle part. Once that happens, the mouse is powered. You can also hold it comfortably in your hands. Yes, small hands might find it easier to hold using the claw and palm grip.

When you are done using the mouse, you need to fold it flat. It is switched off. Please note that it does not have a button in the middle for you to click. But it does have the left and right buttons on it.

All in all, Microsoft has done an outstanding job in the design aspect of things with their mice. We are yet to come across models that have a similar opulent design. They are on par with the top-end models in the market, and their comfort is personified.

Microsoft Arc vs Microsoft Surface Arc Touch: Mouse Performance

The mouse performance is another critical aspect of any model. Users would want to expect the mouse to exceed their expectations. We can safely say that the Microsoft mice were pretty solid in their performance.

The Microsoft Arc mouse provides you with a decent performance. We mentioned decent because the number of buttons is few. That means it is not as flexible as you would have liked it to be.

It is not a cause for worry. The mouse can recognize a few gestures like the 3-finger click that can be programmed. You can change the right and the left buttons if you want to. You can, however, make use of several programmable inputs with the help of the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse.

Yes, it does not come with the typical scroll wheel that so many of you might be used to. Some users are not keen on the scroll wheel. Besides, those of you having wrist issues or tennis elbow might find this model helpful.

You can also make use of horizontal and vertical scrolling. We cannot recommend the model for gaming. That is because the click latency is poor. You do not have the functionality of a scroll wheel, which forms an essential part of gaming.

Besides, the mouse is compatible with the latest PCs and laptops that operate with Windows. It also has limited options. Few functions do not work as you would like them to on macOS. That includes the 3-finger click that is not supported.

We liked the instant power option that is not currently available on any models. We can see it coming in further models beyond 2022. You can also connect other devices using Bluetooth connectivity, and it works with 2 AA batteries.

The Microsoft Surface Arc Touch mouse comes with a very flexible design to it. That is what most users like about the mouse. You can just about work as you want with it. As we already have read above, the mice come with the power on and off options.

To switch it off, you need to flatten it. If you want to switch it on, you need to curve it simply. You can notice a green light that indicates the battery is working. You can now work using it. If you have not touched it for a few minutes, all you need to do is click or tap on it.

The model begins to work. The flawless method is highly incredible and exceptional to say. The eloquent mode of the operation has to be tried to be believed. When you want to navigate the pages quickly, you can use your finger and move up or down.

You can scroll with your finger and then tap to stop it scrolling. This feature needs some getting used to. A notable feature in the mouse would be the BlueTrack technology. This technology enables you to use precise movements and accurate stances with it.

The accuracy of this mouse was unbelievable on any surface. You can leave the transceiver on the mouse. It is not a problem. You can then pair it with the Surface device or any Windows operating product.

The Bluetooth pairing is another smooth feature. It does not take more than 5 seconds to pair a Windows operating device. It could be a PC or a laptop. However, if you own or plan to get the Surface device, this mouse will come in handy.

You can also make use of the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition Settings app. It provides you with more flexibility using the mouse. All in all, the model has a curve that is flat and comfortable to use.

Microsoft Arc vs Microsoft Surface Arc Touch: Price

The Microsoft Arc mouse is priced under $80. But they are providing you with a decent discount and have priced it at $64. If you are keen to own or want to upgrade your existing model, you might want to place your order.

The mouse comes embedded with spectacular features that you may not find on most models in the same price range. Yes, it is slightly pricey, but you get it when you want to own a product from Microsoft.

But they are durable and extremely reliable. The Arc mouse provides you with amazing interactions. You can now scroll both vertically and horizontally. This helps you use precise tracking with the optimized left and right click.

It is one of the most elegantly crafted models that you can place inside your palm. It would help if you did it to believe. You can purchase the mouse in several vibrant colors that it is available from. More importantly, you can wirelessly to the Surface device using Bluetooth connectivity.

The Microsoft Surface Arc Touch is priced under $60. From a design point of view, it is quite similar to the Arc model. However, we felt that the touchpad located at the mouse’s center gives it more functionality and better looks.

You have to flatten the mouse to switch off the model. It would help if you curved the mouse to use it again. It is quite simple and easy to do. Though, it may take some getting used to. This model provides you with a 2-way touch scrolling for opulent navigation.

Using the BlueTrack technology found on the mouse, you can use it on any surface you want. They have provided you with a Mini transceiver (USB), which can be used on both hands. Overall, a stunning model. (Gaming Mouse Under $50)

Microsoft Arc vs Microsoft Surface Arc Touch: Verdict

We have ended our review on the Microsoft Arc mouse vs Microsoft Surface Arc Touch mouse. We hope you enjoyed reading the post that we have compiled for you. We have covered all the pointers; there is no to help you make your decision easier.

You can go through the post again if you feel you could not make up your mind. The Microsoft Arc Mouse is a splendid model for office and entertainment purposes. It comes infused with remarkable qualities that make it a second-to-none model in the market today.

This model provides you with superb ergonomics that support your hand movements. However, it can be slightly smaller for those having large hands. That should not be an issue. The build quality is phenomenal, and it can last you several years with ease.

It has fantastic portability, and as it is a wireless mouse, you can place it inside your laptop backpack. Sadly, our tester does not recommend it for fast-paced gaming. That is because the click latency is quite high, and you cannot wire the model for getting low latency either.

Besides, if you have large hands, you might not find it very comfortable using them for a lengthy time. The Microsoft Surface Arc Touch Mouse is a good option to own when you are operating the Surface tablet.

Having said that, it also works well with most devices that can connect on Bluetooth. However, the working experience on the Surface was exemplary. Many users have commended the mouse on its performance.

We also felt that the touch strip is slightly better than the wheel. But this can be an acquired preference. Some of the unique features offered on the model are touch to scroll, BlueTrack technology, and a 3-year limited hardware warranty.

Choosing between the two models can be quite challenging. That is because they come with a similar design and are infused with top-notch features. Though the Arc mouse is expensive, it comes with more features.

Our winner in this comparison review between the Microsoft Arc mouse vs Microsoft Surface Arc Touch Mouse is the Surface Arc Touch model. The lack of functionalities on the Arc mouse was a giveaway for it.

The Surface Arc Touch is an ergonomic model that comes with the possibility of working vertically and horizontally. It is sleek, portable, and compact in design. You can effortlessly connect it using Bluetooth connectivity on any Windows operating device.

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