Logitech M590 vs Logitech MX Anywhere 2S (Comparison Review)

Are you searching for a quality gaming mouse because your existing mouse is not behaving properly? You are finding that it recognizes a single click as double. It is not moving accurately, and you notice that the precision is also being affected.

Whatever the reason for an upgrade, we may have the right solution for you in this post. Today, we are going to be looking at two amazing models that are sold in the market. They are the Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent vs the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse.

As you might know, Logitech is one of the forefronts in the electronic segment. They have been producing opulent products over the last decades. Some of their products are widely used among many users, both in America and the world.

The Logitech M590 wireless mouse is a good option for you when you want to silence. Though some makers claim their mice work silently, in most cases, they do not. You do not notice any noise when you click or work on it.

Those of you who appreciate silence will understand that fact because it enables you to remain productive in your work. Not to mention, you can complete your tasks on time. You do not notice any fatigue in your hands after using it for a prolonged period.

That is because of the contoured shape. Moreover, it comes with soft rubber grips. Besides, users have more control over the task at hand. You can also perform a wide range of activities using the mouse.

Is this mouse something worth considering? On the other hand, the Logitech Anywhere 2S wireless mouse is a portable model infused with remarkable features. We felt that it is similar to that of the Master 2S model.

It comes with a low-profile design. That means you can perform your work effortlessly. Besides, it is portable, and you can take it around with you. The mouse also comes with two reprogrammable side buttons.

The build quality of the model is robust and good. The unit is produced from plastic. You can see that it has two rubber grips on each side. It has a CPI range and clicks latency that can be ideal for mild gaming.

You may not want to consider using the model for competitive gaming. However, you can use it for your regular tasks. Some users complained about the size of the mouse because those having large hands might find it slightly difficult to grip it using the fingertip grip.

Are they worth your time and money? Let us read to find more on them. We have mentioned the winner at the end of the post.

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Logitech M590Logitech MX Anywhere 2S
The unit has an opulent design to it.

The model comes with a wireless pointing device connectivity technology.

It comes infused with optical movement detection.

It has a movement resolution of 1000DPI.

The mouse has 7 buttons present for you to work on.
The model has an exceptional build quality.

The unit comes with magnificent companion software.

It comes with wide and adjustable CPI settings.

It has adequate Bluetooth support for users.

The mouse comes with scroll wheel features.
The wireless mouse comes quite small in size.The wireless mouse has a few ergonomic features.

Logitech M590 vs Logitech MX Anywhere 2S: Design & Comfort

The design & comfort of any mouse is crucial. The Logitech M590 wireless mouse has a good design to it. The unit is small and sleek to hold and look at. The appearance is quite elegant and premium too.

We felt that the grip quality was slightly lagging but manageable. Probably that got to do with the shiny surface and texture of the mouse. Its built quality is fantastic and stupendous. You will be delighted to find a model with the same build quality for the price range.

It is not only robust, but when you hold it, you can notice how good and solid it feels. That is a good sign from a budget model. However, we noted that the plastic materials to produce it were not up to the mark.

It can be forgiven considering the price point. There are the usual buttons that you can notice on most units. You can use the software from Logitech and program the mouse to switch apps. There is an option for scrolling on the sides, zooming, and scrolling vertically & horizontally.

These features are extremely helpful when browsing text and images, copying photos and filtering them. We consider it useful for video editors, writers, readers, or regular users. The dimensions are pretty small, considering the size of it.

While small hands can get easily accustomed to it, larger hands might struggle a bit. So, if you have large hands, you know what to do. On the bright side, you can make use of the portability of the model.

Though somewhat cheap in appearance, the plastic material comes infused with rubber layers. It gives a good feeling when used for some time. The material absorbs sweat. The Logitech MX Anywhere 2S wireless mouse comes with decent looks.

Our tester thought that the model appeared similar to the earlier model. The differences in the newer unit are minimal. While that might not be impressive, it comes with exceptional features.

Besides, the mouse is portable, and you can move it around easily. Its geometric design helps you to find the exact grip for your use. It comes with a low profile. You can find a logo on the rear of the unit.

The side buttons are present on the left side. But we found that it is quite alright to hold irrespective of the fact that you are left or right-handed. That is a good thing to know because some models are not comfortable to hold depending on the hand you want to use.

Though the mouse is portable, you may not have space to keep the USB receiver. When you want to use a mouse with a storage compartment for its USB receiver, you may wish to verify the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse.

Our tester thought that the model was kind of heavy for the size. While that is good for precision, you cannot use weight optimization. Coming to the build quality, it is exceptionally done because of the materials used on it.

The side buttons are slow in responding, and you may not find them offering grip. Sometimes, the scroll wheel can be shaky. You may be tempted to look at the unit’s successor, which is the Logitech MX Anywhere 3 wireless mouse, as it has a stable build quality.

As it is small in design, the unit is only suitable for the fingertip grip. However, those of you having small hands can use the claw grip. Users will find the buttons are easy to access. Consumers who want to use a right-side unit can check the Logitech Marathon Mouse M705.

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Logitech M590 vs Logitech MX Anywhere 2S: Mouse performance

The Logitech M590 wireless mouse provides you with stunning mouse performance. The scroll wheel of any model is the most important feature in it. There is a button found on the top.

It is very quiet, and the maker claims that it comes with immense enhancement. Our tester found that claim to be true because it is very quiet. You can almost not hear it work. The buttons are quiet and accessible.

This model is heavily biased for the right-handed, and you can work efficiently using it. However, left-handed users might want to look elsewhere. With the help of Bluetooth and the USB, you can connect with 2 devices effortlessly.

Features are excellent on the mouse. You can find close to 5 buttons that can be customized for your preferences. There are the back buttons, middle, left, and right. The middle button that works flawlessly well with Logitech Options software is a notable feature.

You can perform a barrage of operations using it. Moreover, using the software, you can work on the MacBook as well. Isn’t it awesome? Now, you have several things to work upon. We also noted that the tracking found on the model is extremely smooth.

We may want to talk about the battery working life here. The battery can work for an amazing 24-months. We liked the connectivity option of the mouse. You can choose the second button that is present next to the scroll wheel and hold it down for a few seconds.

There is a light that flashes, meaning the connectivity is ready to be done on the other device. Those working with the wired unit may want to know that the USB wireless connects with the Bluetooth.

Needless to say, they are very convenient to use. The wireless models should be tried or used once to believe and understand this advantage truly. Moreover, they are lightweight and portable.

You can slip them inside your laptop backpack and go over to a friend’s place for a gaming session. You can also consider using it for your office work as they are inaudible. When looking for a budget model, the M590 is a good option.

Additionally, the mouse is silent and offers you with a good work experience. The model can connect with multiple devices and has powerful DPI technology in it, making it worth it. The Logitech MX Anywhere 2S wireless mouse offers a stupendous mouse performance.

Users can expect the wireless model to break barriers and uncharted boundaries for the price point. We can safely say that the unit is capable of doing that. A special mention of the scroll wheel here.

It is smooth and functional. Our tester thought it was one of the best so far, he has reviewed. Because you can now browse through the lengthy documents and the web pages without hassle.

Users can make use of the infinite scroll that makes your browsing experience simply frictionless. However, the receiver is small, and when you place it on your device, you might find it challenging to remove it.

We felt that the logo found on the much better than the ones found on most of the models from the maker. Users can now connect to as many devices as they want to. You can also download the software and make use of the tremendous features infused in it.

You can flawlessly change the text, images, and transfer other files from one device to another. Since it is a wireless device, you can connect it to other devices through Bluetooth or USB receiver.

Please note that the mouse was produced by those of you who have small to medium hands using the fingertip grip. Besides, you may not work with the cable plugged in though the model is not connected to the Bluetooth or the receiver.

Logitech M590 vs Logitech MX Anywhere 2S: Price

Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent is priced under $48. If you want a cheap model, this mouse is the ideal option. It offers you with effortless multi-computer workflow. Consumers can make use of the Logitech Flow and move the cursor between two PCs.

Besides, you can also copy/paste text and other data from a PC to the other as and when you want. The easy data transition from one PC to another is truly amazing. The mouse is silent, and you do not hear its clicks.

It is able to deliver you with an extremely awesome experience. Those seated around you are not going to be disturbed in any way. The unit comes with rubber feet that glide smoothly. Additionally, you are able to get high precise scrolling from the mouse.

Now, you can navigate through long documents effortlessly. It comes with 2 thumb buttons for better control. The unit is programmed to move forwards and backward accordingly. It also has excellent compatibility with Windows and macOS.

The battery life works for 2-years on a single AA battery. The Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse is priced under $90. There is a price difference of $42. Though the price variation is there, we do not feel most users would sway towards the cheaply priced device.

Professional gamers would love to use this model because it gives you the ability for cross-computer control. You can now effortlessly move across 3 PCs to copy/paste text and images. This aspect can be done with the help of Logitech Flow.

There is also the possibility of dual connectivity. You can work with Windows and macOS too. Now, it is second to none when it comes to scrolling. You can move around the documents and web pages intensely quickly. (Gaming Mouse Under $50)

Logitech M590 vs Logitech MX Anywhere 2S: Verdict

We have concluded the comparison review between the Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent vs the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse. We hope that you enjoyed reading the post and made up your mind.

If you have not, then why not go through the post again. Maybe you missed on something important. The Logitech M590 wireless mouse is a good choice for work and gaming. It can provide you with immense accuracy that is good enough for office work.

The mouse comes with a 1000 DPI sensor. Hence, you may not want to play rapid-paced games. Otherwise, it is worth using for office work as the moments are quite accurate. Not to mention, you can work with any device you want.

The clicking noise is nil. You can use it inside an office environment. Moreover, as it is wireless, it is portable. You can pop it inside your bag and move around anywhere you want to. Users have commended the model for the buttons for their tactile feel.

The Logitech MX Anywhere 25 wireless mouse is a nice option for anybody who can afford it. Yes, it is slightly expensive, under $100. But if you look at the features, they make it really worth it.

It may not be ideal for a fingertip grip. Not to mention, the ergonomics are not very bright too. You can remap all your buttons if you want to. The scroll wheel has outstanding features that enable you to work on lengthy documents and web pages effortlessly.

Users felt that it is slightly on the heavy side. Our tester did not think so, but it is noticeable. You may not enjoy gaming as you prefer. The polling rate cannot be adjusted because it has an extremely slow click latency.

The MX model is our winner in the comparison review between the Logitech MX M590 wireless mouse vs Logitech MX Anywhere 25 wireless mouse. The MX is an exceptional model when you are searching for a premium mouse that is also portable.

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