Logitech MX Keys vs Logitech Craft (Comparison Review)

Keyboards form a special part of any PC setup. When you are not using a functional or reliable keyboard, then you cannot expect your productivity to improve and your experience to be enjoyable.

So, if you are planning to upgrade your current keyboard to something better, then today is your lucky day. We are going to be talking about two amazing models from a popular maker. These are wireless models, and you can rest assured of their performance.

We are talking about the Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard vs the Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard. The wireless models are gaining popularity all over the world.

They are easy to use, provide a simple way of setup, offer a flawless typing experience, and come with tons of features. Besides, you can make use of the software that is present in them to work with fun.

The maker is known for its reliable products. Moreover, they are also priced extremely affordable. Some of their favorite products are headsets, mice, speakers, and keyboards. These keyboards can be used even on tablets too.

When they have provided you with a top-notch model designed to improve productivity, then you might want to take a look at it. The Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard is a fantastic choice for ensuring that you are able to generate enhanced productivity.

After all, the main purpose of using a keyboard is to perform your work and play games better. That is because it allows you to pair with 3 devices together. It is possible because it is wireless in connectivity.

Additionally, you can also switch between the devices effortlessly. You do not have to repeat the process of pairing. It’s typing also is good and responsive. The model comes with switches that have a pre-travel distance.

Not to mention, the operating force is quite less. The keys are indented, which ensures you do not make typos often. The Logitech Craft wireless keyboard is a model that looks elegant. Besides, it can do that when you want a keyboard that can help you control multiple devices.

Though the keyboard is expensive, it comes with fabulous features too hard to ignore. Moreover, you would delight in the fact that the model has a unique feature in the form of a Crown dial.

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Let us read the post to understand them better fully. We have given the winner in the end.

The model has a comfortable design to work and game on.

The unit can be paired with 3 devices simultaneously.

It comes with an exceptional battery working life.

It has wired as well as wireless connectivity.

The product has spherically dished keys for flawless typing.
The unit comes with the Crown, a tactile aluminum dial to work with the app.

The model is crafted for precision.

It comes infused with a smart lighting feature.

It has intuitive controls that fit seamlessly into your work.

The product is compatible with all operating systems to work flawlessly.
The keyboard does not have any RGB lighting.The keyboard is going to set you back by $270.

Logitech MX Keys vs Logitech Craft: Keyboard Specifications

These two models are perhaps one of the best models to have ever been produced by Logitech. The sheer looks and the specifications are simply amazing. The Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard is nicely designed.

It is a full-size keyboard that has all the keys on it. You can also find that it comes with other specifications like the number pad, function keys, and so on. You can notice that it has a single metal plate on it.

That makes it durable. The unit is slim in design, but the brushed aluminum body enables you to type flawlessly. When you are somebody who likes to type on a low-profile designed model, then you may select the MX unit.

Not to mention, the ergonomics of the keyboard are fantastic. However, those using it for several hours might experience some discomfort. It comes with minimal borders that do not allow you to feel cramped when using the keyboard.

We felt that the build quality was top-notch because of the metal used and the plastic. The unit does come with some flex to it. Otherwise, it feels quite robust and offers you with plenty of grips.

The Logitech Craft wireless keyboard is similar to the MX Keys design. However, you can notice that it comes with a dial on the top. We will read about it at the end of this segment. We might want to mention here that the typing of the model feels exceptional.

It comes infused with programable buttons, and they have a few preset features. There are no incline settings found on the keyboard. That means the ergonomics are only average, but it comes with a low profile for a comfortable typing experience.

The unit is a full-sized keyboard that has a wireless design to it. You will not have any issues when you are typing with it. You can note that keycaps have circular grooves that are indented. This feature gives it a better typing experience.

As we said, the Craft has no incline setting to it, which can be a bit of shame for an under $270 unit. The low profile will not enhance the typing, but you can do a decent job with it. Not to mention, the rubber grips present below the model enable it from not sliding on the table.

The keyboard can be used on 3 devices. It can be done with the help of wireless connectivity through Bluetooth. A notable feature of the Craft model is the Crown dial located at the top left corner.

It does not feel cheaply designed or built. The dial is produced from metal. Besides giving the keyboard a stunning look & feel, it helps you perform a wide range of tasks. You can adjust the volume, scroll through the tabs, and you can set the different tools.

Basically, it helps you to work on software like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. Overall, the MX keys have a lot going for them. The model appears amazing and comes with extreme durability.

Besides, it has exceptional connectivity options, and you can connect to 3 devices effortlessly.

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Logitech MX Keys vs Logitech Craft: Typing Abilities

It goes without saying that the typing abilities of a keyboard are the most crucial for any model. The Logitech units here have phenomenal typing abilities. Let us read and find out more about them.

The Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard offers you with an opulent typing ability. The ergonomic features of the model are fantastic. It does not come with no incline settings, and you can’t adjust the keyboard’s angle.

That is a small drawback of an otherwise stunning keyboard. As we read above, the ergonomics of the keyboard are quite fantastic. The typing noise of the model is quiet and must not annoy anybody who is present around you.

You do not have to use a wrist rest because of the low profile. However, the keyboard comes with only a few programmable buttons. They can be assigned for a few features already preset, not macros.

The latency is quite high, so it is not ideal for playing games. It has a short pre-travel distance that is short, resulting in greater responsiveness. You can find a tactile bump that needs some force to register the click but feels good enough to type for lengthy periods.

It is easy to actuate, the keys are quite stable, and it offers tactile feedback. We noticed that the material used on the keyboard is not top-notch as found on most of the models. When you require a keyboard with tremendous typing capabilities, you can see the IBM Model M.

You can make use of the media buttons as the function keys. You can do that by simply pressing the Fn key. You can make use of the Logitech Options software for setting programmable buttons. Users can select various profiles to work on specific programs.

The Logitech Craft wireless keyboard has a large strike area. Moreover, the buttons present are spherical in shape. You can rest assured that your fingers will not make any typos. Besides, even large hands will find the typing experience extremely comfortable.

It enables the stability of the keys and decreases the noise as well. Additionally, you can find that the keyboard provides you with an optimized response. It makes use of the scissor switches that ensure it comes with a tactile bump.

You will find that circle grooves on the model enable you to keep your errors to a minimum. It makes use of the Logitech Options software to reprogram the function keys. Moreover, users can also customize the Crown key if they want.

The keyboard operates on both macOS and Windows. So, if you want to connect it with your Windows PC or MacBook, then that should not be a problem. You can also use the software and connect through the cloud settings.

You can charge the wireless keyboard using the USB-C cable. You can get it along with the product when you order it on Amazon. It is not that expensive to get. Our tester also preferred this keyboard because of the numerous shortcuts that it is able to provide you using the keys.

Not to mention, key bindings work flawlessly. All in all, when you put the specifications and the performance of the model together, you have a sublime model. The pricing can be a concern for some of you, especially students.

But we can assure you that it is worth it if you are a programmer or somebody who spends adequate time on your keyboard. Those of you who use the laptop but prefer using a wireless model will be happy with this unit.

Users have complimented the keyboard because of its chiclet experience, like the same found on the Magic keyboard. Though you can use the backlight keys, it may consume more battery. So, unless you need to use the backlighting feature, you may not want to.

If you do not use the backlight at all, then the battery can run for 5-6 days of 8-10 hours of usage. Isn’t that great? This is one of the best wireless keyboards we have reviewed in a very long time from Logitech, and we do highly recommend it to our readers.

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Logitech MX Keys vs Logitech Craft: Price

The Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is priced under $166. You can pair the model with 3 devices. Once it is done, you can switch to the device you want to work with.

The device is compatible with several operating systems, including Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, and iOS. You can recharge the keyboard with the USB-C for up to 10 days or use it for close to 5 months with the backlighting off.

The maker has provided you with a 1-year limited hardware warranty. The Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard is priced under $269. A unique feature in the Craft model is the Crown button present on the unit.

The input dial present is a tactile aluminum dial that easily adapts to the app that you want to use for your work. You can touch, tap, and turn to change the function you want to use. There is an optimized workflow present on the keyboard.

You can install profiles in the Logitech Options to work efficiently with several apps present on the keyboard. Some of the apps include Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Microsoft Office.

If you are a content creator or somebody whose work involves plenty of typing, then the keyboard has got you covered. You will notice that your fingers glide effortlessly on the keys without any discomfort.

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Logitech MX Keys vs Logitech Craft: Verdict

We have concluded the review between the Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard vs the Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard. We hope you were enlightened about the two models after reading the post.

Were you able to make up your mind? If not, then we suggest that you go through the review again. Something useful will turn up. The Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard is a phenomenal model to work and game with.

Besides, the typing experience is breathtaking. It comes embedded with scissors switches. Moreover, it has a short pre-travel distance and a low operating force. But you would want to know the latency is high and does not come with macro-programmable keys.

However, you can use the backlighting that enables you to play games in a dimly lit environment. It does not come with incline settings, and there is no wrist rest on it. But consumers can type on it comfortably.

The keys are quiet. You can find that they have a powerful actuation force. You can pair several devices using the keyboard. The Logitech Craft wireless keyboard is suitable for office and gaming purposes.

It does not come with any incline setting and offers you opulent ergonomics. Moreover, the unit has a low profile. A notable feature in the model is the Crown. The input dial enables you to work on several software and tools, increasing your efficiency.

The body of the model has a low profile. Besides, there is no incline setting. But your typing experience is sublime because of the spherical-shaped keys. They come with a large area. This immensely decreases your typing errors and has a short travel distance.

Our winner in the comparison review between the Logitech MX Keys model vs the Logitech Craft model is the Craft unit. The Craft wireless keyboard comes infused with too many features that are not found in the MX Keys.

Of course, you have to look at the pricing of the unit too. The dial technology is something that most users would prefer once they come to know its purpose of it. The typing quality is opulent.

However, the MX Keys enable you to connect with 3 devices, which costs less than the Craft unit. The Logitech Craft is an exceptional keyboard to own if cost is not an issue. But the MX Keys is a cheaper alternative and a strong contender among some of the top models sold today.

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