Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Stockwell II (Comparison Review)

If you are searching for a top-notch Bluetooth speaker, you are in luck because today, we are going to read about two awesome models. You may have heard about the name Marshall. This brand is a popular maker in the music market.

They have been manufacturing top-notch speakers, guitars, amps, and other products that are popularly used among artists. Musicians and upcoming artists swear by the brand because of their product’s audio performance and durability.

Can they do the same in the Bluetooth speaker market? You can find out by reading this review what we have compiled just for you. We are going to be reading about the Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Portable Speaker vs the Marshall Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

It is safe to say that you can expect a lot from them. We were highly impressed with their sound-producing capabilities and were blown away by them. They are second to none models. The best part about the units is that you can play any sort of genre you want on them.

It could range from rock & pop. You can find the modules present on the speakers. They can decide on the genre that you want to hear. Though Sony and Bose produce exceptional speakers’ products, these are durable.

In the sense, the built quality is something the makers don’t focus on. However, Marshall seems to have taken that flaw in other models and ensured that their products come with a sturdy design.

Besides, you can also find that the tweeters are placed nicely on the speakers. They are implemented well enough to produce the kind of sound you may not expect from a Bluetooth speaker.

Yes, they tend to cost a lot. We are talking about under $300. That is a lot of money for a Bluetooth speaker. But when you want to own the best for yourself, then you might want to be ready to spend that kind of money.

The Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker belongs to the Emberton series of models. This unit is a great model, and it is also designed quite well. It provides you with more than 20 hours of battery working on a single charge.

It comes in a medium size that fits quite well in your hands and is portable. The model is designed to be very tough and resilient. It also comes embedded with a solid metal grille and has IPX7 water-resistant features.

Likewise, Marshall Stockwell II is another phenomenal Bluetooth speaker from them. This model is a successor of the Kilburn II and the Tufton. These two models were quite large, and they wanted to go in with something smaller than them, with the Stockwell series.

Though it is priced almost close to $250, it is worth the money spent. It can easily take on other premium Bluetooth speakers like the B&O BeoPlay A1 unit and the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 model.

Let us read to know more about the models. We have also given the winner at the end.

Marshall EmbertonMarshall Stockwell II
Marshall EmbertonMarshall Stockwell II
The model has a sleek design and palm size.

The unit provides you with opulent sound quality.

It comes with Bluetooth 5 technology.

It is IPX7 certified and resistant to water.

There is a USB-C input for charging.
The unit is quite elegantly built and also very portable.

The model has a spectacular audio performance.

It comes with a good Bluetooth 5.0 technology that works exceptionally well.

It has knobs for adjusting the bass and treble.

The product has phenomenal battery life.
The battery life on the speaker is average.The bass found on the speaker sounds remote.

Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Stockwell II: Design & Features

The Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker comes with an elegant design. Our tester noticed that it comes having a white solid metal grille. You can also see the classic Marshall logo present on the model that is similar to the classic amplifiers.

They make the unit appear beautiful. At the top, you can find a golden-colored control knob. The knob is similar to those you would see during the olden days. A very classic but modern touch to the model.

Using the knob, you can perform a wide range of tasks like skip tracks, pause, and also control the volume. It gives an elegant appeal to the speaker. On the model’s left side, you can see the Bluetooth button.

It offers a connection for the new devices. On the right side of the unit, you can notice the LED bars telling you about the model’s charge. The build quality of the speaker is tremendous and comes opulently designed.

You would want to know that it weighs only 1.5 pounds. That means it is extremely portable, and you can take it with you wherever you are going. You may be delighted to know that the model comes waterproof.

You do not have to be concerned the next time you want to use it for a swimming pool party. That is why the unit is priced so high because it takes high-quality materials to produce them. The model comes with 20 hours of battery working life.

The Bluetooth connectivity was quite smooth and quick. Besides, if you are not using it for a few minutes, then it gets switched off automatically. This aspect of it helps it to save the battery.

If you want style, then it may not provide you with that. However, it is quite functional, and that was impressive. We admired the gold knob that is extremely useful and offers the model with elegance.

The Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth speaker is quite compact and elegantly designed. Immediately, you notice how nice and opulent it is. Besides, the speaker is slim and portable. There is a carrying strap that is taken from the guitars.

It provides the unit with a good look as well. There is a red color strap that is comfortable to hold and nicely designed. At the front of the speaker, you can find a solid metal mesh that comes with an eloquent pattern on it.

But it is produced from silicone, and you can carry it effortlessly in your hands. It gives the unit ample grip, and the end caps are reinforced. The knobs present on the speaker are durable and elegantly designed.

You do not feel that they are flimsy or breakable. That is a standard feature on most of Marshall products. Adjustments can be made on the fly as well for the bass and the treble. Users can also find the battery level indicator is present on the right side.

It offered you with a nice touch, and compared to other models; there are several knobs that you can use. Sadly, there is no feature to play, skip, pause, and go back. This aspect of it was slightly disappointing.

It comes with no drop or shock-resistant either. So, you may want to be careful when using it. However, it is travel friendly because you can take it along with you. The carry strap makes it comfortable to take it with you.

The model is water-resistant and rated IPX4. Users would have expected the speaker to come with a better rating. But that is alright. In case you did not know, the model is priced under $250.

For that kind of amount, you would expect these useful features on it. The unit can take a bit of water, but not too much. We are not sure about whether you want to have it near the swimming pool.

Likewise, when you spend so much money on a Bluetooth speaker, you might want to note for the USB-C feature. It comes with a 20-hour battery life similar to the Emberton model that we just read above.

Charing it for 20 minutes, you can get 5 hours of playback. That is pretty decent for a Bluetooth speaker that comes with so many features on it. The battery life is commendable and almost on par with those priced above $500, so you might want to consider this.

The model has a Bluetooth performance that works sublimely. The signal strength is fantastic, and you can use it efficiently even in rural areas without much of a hassle. It also depends on the kind of signal you have in there.

When you use the speaker inside your home or apartment, then the signal is good. You should not face any issues with it. The signals can penetrate inside the walls without much of hassle. Users can pair two devices simultaneously.

Unfortunately, it comes with no built-in microphone, which means you cannot attend calls. This might not be very pleasant for some users. They have infused the 360-degree audio feature to ensure that the model is in the front; you have the Alan Blumlein stereo sound at the rear.

Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Stockwell II: Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Bluetooth speakers is crucial. How do the Marshall speakers fare is for us to find out? The Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speakers are small and compact in size. However, the audio quality is rich, eloquent, and clear.

You can hear everything loudly. If you like to listen to the music’s bass, you would surely like what you are listening to. For the size, it does sound quite good. Users can listen to the vocals and the instrumentation, which are rich and clear.

The model makes use of the True Stereophonic, which is a multi-directional sound. You can hear 360degrees sound that is produced by separating the spatial content of stereo recordings. Though the speaker is quite small, the sound produced is truly awesome for its class.

Sadly, if you are watching a movie using the model, then the speaker’s bass sounds a bit high. Some users might not be keen to listen to this kind of bass. They may reduce the volume present there.

The Marshall Stockwell II comes with awesome sound quality. You can keep the speaker indoors or outdoors and experience a similar audio performance. However, we are not sure about large living rooms or open spaces.

You can have the volume at 70% for loud listening and lower for casual listening. The sound effects are exceptional, and all the notes sound pretty well. That is a good thing for you to experience immersive sound.

The speaker makes use of True Stereophonic. It is a multi-directional sound from Marshall and provides you with 360degrees sound. It comes with a multi-host functionality to connect easily. Users can also change the devices that they are listening to the music.

If there are two or more people in the same room, then they can take turns listening to what they want. A small but nifty little feature is provided on the speaker. The top panel provides you with several control knobs for bass, treble, and volume.

Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Stockwell II: Price

The Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Portable Speaker is priced under $170. Our tester felt that it is quite expensive for a speaker. However, it comes infused with stunning features that make it a standout model.

The main thing about the speaker is the portability and the sound quality, which is simply amazing. It is clear and loud, like you would prefer to have anywhere in your room, outside, or inside your vehicle.

It makes use of the True Stereophonic, which is a multi-directional sound. Users can now listen to music with an absolute 360° sound. The battery working life of the model is more than 20 hours. That is fantastic considering the kind of sound that is produced.

It is compact in size and comes quite rugged inbuilt. That means it can last for several years without getting damaged that easily. You can charge it for 20 minutes to give you close to 5 hours of music.

It weighs only 1.5 pounds, meaning that you can effortlessly carry it on your palms. Not to mention, it comes with an IPX7 rating enabling you to place it close to swimming pools and outdoor areas without any worry.

The Marshall Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker is priced under $220. There is a price difference of $50. It provides you with more than 20 hours of battery working capability on a single charge.

It is not very large, and you can carry it inside and outside your home with much effort. A notable feature of the Bluetooth speaker would be the guitar carry strap that makes it ideal for taking it around seamlessly.

Additionally, it uses the true Stereophonic, a multi-directional sound from the manufacturer. It provides you with absolute 360° sound for ideal audio. Besides, it is also embedded with a signal that works for more than 30 feet away from the speaker.

Marshall Emberton vs Marshall Stockwell II: Verdict

We have come to the conclusion of our comparison review between the Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Portable Speaker vs the Marshall Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker. We hope that you liked what you read and were able to make your decision.

If you haven’t, then we suggest that you read the review again. You can find something useful. The Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker makes a strong case for why you must choose this unit.

It is compact in design, has a stunning audio performance, and comes with the IPX7 water-resistant feature. Our tester found the design elegant and spectacular for a speaker. Additionally, it also comes infused with good battery life.

For the price, it is able to live up to the brand, and the build quality is sublime. Unfortunately, it has nothing else to blow you away. If you are willing to spend some more money, you can certainly find better models.

The Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth speaker is a good model that comes with powerful features. You can find the amazing design of a beautiful carry hold. The battery life is splendid, and you have the portability feature on it.

Sadly, the audio quality could have been improved, and those wanting to party with it might get disappointed. Not to mention, it comes with less space to have the model on your table. Though you can find other units for a cheaper rate, this one is the jack of all trades.

Our winner in this comparison review between the Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker vs Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth speaker is the Stockwell II model. It was a closely fought review, and it is only bound to happen when you compare two unparalleled products.

The Stockwell II comes with better features, and its durability is truly phenomenal. Besides, users have commended the design of the model. However, the Emberton model has decent features in it, and the design is compact, making it portable.

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