Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso RGB – Which Headset is Good?

You could not own the top-end models like the Bose or Sennheiser unless you got deep pockets. Few models from Logitech and HyperX Cloud are quite costly when you want several features infused in them.

You wished that there were some headset options where you do not have to spend so much on surround sound and Bluetooth. Well, today is your lucky day because we are going to be seeing one such model.

We are going to read about the Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso gaming headsets. Those of you who have already owned or used a Corsair Virtuoso model may already know about its performance.

The Redragon H320 RGB makes its entry here. Besides, it is the first phone from the brand to come with the RGB light. You will be delighted to know that the gaming headset is infused with stunning specifications.

Redragon is a subsidiary of HUO JI, a Chinese-based manufacturer specializing in the production of gaming peripherals. They include gaming headsets, keyboards, and mice as well. The audio quality is quite good, and so is the design of the gaming headset.

You will be delighted to know it has a USB and 3.5mm cable. You may not be impressed with that, but you will be blown away knowing that it cost only $50. Our tester did not feel any time that he was wearing a cheapy quality headset.

The sound quality was fantastic, and so was the surround sound infused in it. The virtual sound and the bass were terrific. It comes with excellent microphone recording capabilities. On the other hand, we have the Corsair Virtuoso gaming headset, a model from a reputed brand in America.

If you have worked on the Corsair keyboard, you would understand why we place so much faith. Unfortunately, from what we have read and written; they do not produce the best at times.

However, the model provides you with the ultimate in wireless connectivity, comfortable fitting, and exceptional audio quality in several frequencies. Luckily, the Virtuoso is a compatible model, and you can notice several professional gamers using it.

The unit is very comfortable to wear, you can wear it for several hours at a time, and the audio performance is outstanding. However, it is priced under $175, and that is entirely on the higher side.

Why don’t you read our comparison review to find out more about the gaming headsets? We have also given the winner at the end.

Redragon H320 RGBCorsair Virtuoso RGB
The headset is comfortable and comes with a fine texture.

The unit has RGB LED lights for an aggressive style.

It comes with a 7.1 surround sound.

It has software for customization.

The microphone has decent performance.
The product comes with an opulent design.

The unit has a comfortable fit.

It comes with exceptional audio quality.

It has a remarkable microphone performance.

The model is a brand for a value product.
Being a budget headset, it has only USB connectivity.For the price, it is not compatible with all devices.
NameH320 RGB LAMIA Wired 7.1 Gaming HeadsetVIRTUOSO RGB Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset
Sound ModeStereoStereo
Connection TypeWiredWired, Wireless
Built-In MicrophoneYesYes
Headphone FitOver-the-EarOver-the-Ear
Adjustable HeadbandNoNo
Warranty1 year2 years

Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso: Design & Comfort

Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso: Design & Comfort

The design & comfort of both the gaming headsets is stunning and suitable. We were pleasantly surprised to note that the Redragon H320 RGB unit was actually quite sublime. The fitting was comfortable, and our tester was able to wear it for several hours without hassle.

If you have read our reviews recently, you will also note that we are keen to look at the packaging provided by the manufacturer. After all, that is the first impression. Does the H320 RGB package impress us?

They have done a decent job for under $40 price. The headset stand, microphone, and 2 Redragon stickers are provided in the box. To be honest, that is plenty of stuff for that kind of money, which we do not usually get from others.

The design of the unit is very light. We could barely feel it placed on our hands. That is another sign that the makers have done an excellent job. Our tester found the fitting to be perfect. There were no issues with the movement either.

Even using above $100 headsets, we noticed that the headset moves around if you shake your head. That can be highly frustrating. It comes with a retractable band and earpads that are breathable too.

There is no issue with the pressure on your ears and sweat. It nicely absorbs all of them. However, we cannot say the same if you sweat a lot or reside in a tropical region. It weighs 360 grams that are not heavy.

Though it is not very light, it feels good on your head. Despite the RGB light, they come as a circle on the side of each of the earcups. They do not make the headset appear fancy in the low lighting providing you with a stunning effect.

Likewise, the Corsair Virtuoso gaming headset is exceptionally lightweight and comes with a rigid design. You cannot call it heavy or light because it comes with a top-notch comfortable design. The model comes with a large aluminum earcup that is nicely padded.

It also comes with foam earcups that can be detachable and come with a very flexible microphone. You can fold the earcups if you want, and it comes in a black or white chassis. Using the SE model, you can get the carrying case for $30 more.

You can find a charging port, detachable microphone, and 3.5-mm audio port on the left side. The microphone also comes with a mute button on it. You would be delighted to know that the LED present on the mouthpiece is red when muted and green when switched on.

Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso: Build Quality

Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso: Build Quality

The Redragon H320 RGB gaming headset is a robust model coming infused with several stunning features on it for $40. The earcups were quite large and fitted our tester’s head, which is quite big.

It appears quite rugged in design, enabling you to use it on a regular basis without much problem. The metal structure is quite good, and the plastic is rigid. The headband is exceptionally rubberized and comes textured nicely.

Our tester noticed that the earpads come with memory foam and synthetic leather. We know it may not be entirely comfortable, but it is rigid, making them durable. It provides you with the right kind of pressure on your head as well as your ears.

The build is sturdy and shows no sign of damage. It comes with 40mm drivers that can quickly go up to 20Hz to 20,000Hz. That is amazing considering the price point. The Corsair Virtuoso comes with rugged build quality and durability.

It is designed with the help of aluminum, providing ample flexibility. At the right earcup, you can find the volume wheel and the operation button. As we said, the comfort is spot on. Corsair is known for its great style and comfort factor.

They are well-padded, and the notches make a good fit on your head and ears as well. As they come with large earcups, they do not pressurize your ears or make you feel uncomfortable. Our tester was able to wear the unit for many hours without feeling uneasy.

All in all, both the headsets come with a stunning build quality that can last you several years. Though the H320 RGB comes designed from plastic, it is quite stable and rugged. Likewise, Corsair uses premium material on its models for robust design and durability.

Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso: Audio Performance

Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso: Audio Performance

The audio performance of the Redragon H320 RGB gaming headset is quite good, but you cannot expect anything outstanding from it. It comes with 40 mm speakers and a decent frequency response of 20Hz to 20000Hz.

You can blend with 32 Ω impedance. Using the 7.1 surround feature, you can ensure that the sound comes on better. It also enhances the sound direction. You can notice the sound performance in the audio, knowing from where it is coming to you.

This helps you to gain an immersive experience. You can win or lose in FPS games, depending on the kind of model you are using. For this price point, we were quite stunned. The music sound quality was above average.

We cannot really say that it was top-notch or out of the world. You can listen to groups like Metallica or light pop for the headset actually to hit the right notes. When you are not sure about the frequency, you can use the equalization adjustments in the software.

We also liked the fact that you can adjust the microphone too. There is the software used for that. Here, you can make use of the equalizer, change the surround 7.1 settings, and improve the microphone.

The Corsair Virtuoso gaming headset is another outstanding device in terms of sound. You can experience the exceptional audio performance from the surround sound 7.1 performance. They come with 50mm high-density neodymium speakers.

The frequency range is a notch higher than what you can find among most of the units. It comes at 20Hz – 40000Hz, which is almost double of most gaming headsets. You can connect on the unit wirelessly, use the ultra-low latency audio and 60 feet range of a signal.

Our tester was quite impressed, and the vocals are highlighted nicely. This aspect is something that most models struggle to do. We also liked using it for playing video games and found our sessions quite exciting.

They were pretty good in the treble aspect of things. Sadly, it does not handle the sound quality of things very well. The bass sounded quiet, and the vocals got overwhelmed. It does not become an issue, but when you pay close to $180 for a unit, it needs to show up.

Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso: Microphone Performance

Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso: Microphone Performance

As we mentioned in the design & comfort segment, the Redragon H320 RGB model comes with a fixed and swiveling microphone. You can adjust the angle that you want in relation to the angle of your mouth.

Our tester found it quite helpful when he was recording messages and chatting with other gamers. The quality of the audio on the microphone is average. We cannot call it stupendous or sublime.

The sensitivity and noise reduction were impeccable, preventing outside noise from entering inside. The tonality of the voice does not change, and you can also change the program if you want.

The left side of the headset comes with the volume wheel and a button for muting the microphone. Please do note that the microphone cannot be detached from the unit. It also comes with exceptional flexibility.

The Corsair Virtuoso gaming headset comes with an exceptional vocal clarity microphone. This is a 9.5-millimeter broadcast-grade and omnidirectional unit. Besides, it also comes with omnidirectional, high bandwidth, and sublime low-end response.

Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso: Compatibility

Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso: Compatibility

The Redragon H320 RGB unit has a 2meter handle and USB 2.0. Despite being under the $40 gaming headset, it is compatible with all devices and consoles. Our tester was genuinely stunned by that. You can seamlessly connect to your PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and your MacBook.

All you have to do is plug the USB cable inside the device or console, and you are good to go. The surround sound kicks in, offering you with eloquent audio quality. You will be glad to know that the unit has a quite sensitive microphone for all audio devices or consoles.

On the other hand, the Corsair Virtuoso unit is ideally designed for PC and PS4. If you own them, then you can try them on with the help of a USB cable. Once done, you can then use the Corsair Utility Engine (iCUE) software.

We worked on it with the Xbox One and were quite happy with the results. Thanks to the 3.5mm cord that comes fitted with it, you can attach it and listen or play.

Sadly, the unit won’t work on your smartphone or the Switch without the headphone jack. We found it a little weird in that. The sound quality is quite a baddy and comes with exceptional performance on video games for you to play and enjoy.

Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso: Price

Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso: Price

The Redragon H320 RGB is priced under $40, making it incredibly cheap and affordable. It comes with 7.1 surround sound for gaming, ergonomic design, versatile compatibility. You really don’t feel as if you are placing a budget headset on when using it.

The Corsair Virtuoso gaming headset is priced under $180. We know that it is not fair comparing a budget model with a medium-range gaming headset. But you would be delighted with the Corsair Virtuoso unit in your hands.

The model gives you incredible comfort, breathtaking audio quality, and incredible microphone performance.

Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso: Verdict

We have reached the end of our comparison review between the Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso gaming headsets. The Redragon H320 RGB is a great headset that comes under $50.

You can also find that the fitting is exceptionally comfortable, the surround sound is exceptional, and it is compatible. Our tester also found the sound quality acceptable for the price point.

Its microphone sounded as it should, and you won’t realize that you are using a budget unit. We don’t blame you if you are inclined to the Corsair model. However, when you search for a cheap headset that can call the shots, then the H320 RGB is a good option.

It is sleek in design, comes with immense functionality, and does not cost you much. The Corsair Virtuoso gaming headset is a powerful unit coming with unique features. You feel extremely comfortable wearing it thanks to its robust design, phenomenal sound quality, opulent microphone ability, and reasonable price.

We felt that it falls a little short of what could have otherwise been an excellent product. The reputation of the maker in producing magnificent electronic products remains untarnished. We are eager to see how they can take innovation qualities from here.

You may also consider the SE variant of the Corsair Virtuoso for $30 more. However, this unit comes with the same 50mm drivers, wired and wireless connectivity options, 7.1 surround sound, and RGB lighting.

Our winner in this comparison review between the Redragon H320 RGB vs Corsair Virtuoso gaming headset is the Corsair model. This was not an obvious choice. You would be astounded by the performance of the H320 RGB model, but the Corsair was too much for it.

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