RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060 – Who Will Win the Battle of the 1080p GPUs?

The graphics processing unit or the graphics cards unit is a vital component for any PC device or laptop. Whether you are into traditional or gaming devices, they are a crucial product. That is why we will be comparing two excellent GPUs in today’s review.

Today, we will be reading about the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 GPU vs Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU. Nvidia has been in this business for several years now. They have been able to read the minds of the consumers and produce GPUs accordingly.

Hence, their products are rated exceptionally high in the market. If you don’t believe that, then you can verify their sales figures over the last few years. You may be mind-boggled by the sales throughout globally.

The RTX 3050 GPU comes with a pretty cheap price at under $250. That is quite suitable for a product that has desirable features on it. The graphics are taken to another level using this model.

It is something that was entirely unexpected from the manufacturer because of its production lineup. Most of the products are top-end and come priced around the $400 price bracket. But this one was a surprise for them.

This addition to the budget unit on the RTX 30 series ensures that the maker has something unique up its sleeve. Though it comes based on the low-end Ampere, the model is entirely based on the similar GA106 silicon that was produced on the RTX 3060 GPU model.

There is a reduction of the cores from 3584 to 2560, which is around 30% in this case. This is what happens when you want to go in for a budget model. But the maker has to cut the cost somewhere, is it not?

However, you will delight in the fact that the 48 ROPs remain. But the core boost frequency of the model is still the same, coming in at 1777 MHz. Sadly, the memory speed has also been reduced from 15Gbps to 14Gbps.

You can blend that with the 128-bit wide memory bus. There is a drop in the bandwidth as well. The RTX 3060 GPU, on the other hand, is a much more powerful, expensive, and eloquent model from the maker.

The situation we find ourselves in is the war in Europe, the pandemic still going on, and the cryptocurrency issues; you never know where things might actually take you. That is because delays in components will cause delays in the production & shipment.

Both the models support a similar technology and provide you with the same performance as well. They support the ray tracing and the upscaling through DLSS 2.0. They also target 1080p AAA gaming, with 60 frames per second.

However, only one card was able to win the round in our battle of the 1080p GPUs. You need to read the post to find that out. We have provided the winner at the end of the post.

RTX 3050RTX 3060
RTX 3050RTX 3060
The model has stunning design features in it.

The unit is phenomenal for 1080p gaming performance.

It comes with opulent ray tracing and DLSS.

It can work exceptionally in low temperatures.

The product is much cheaper than the RTX 3060.
The unit comes with a compact design.

The model has a low power consumption.

There is adequately sufficient 12GB VRAM.

It has a throttled mining for professional gamers.

It comes at a reasonable price for the features.
The GPU consumes more power when working under pressure.The GPU is, unfortunately, a huge letdown from the previous 3060 Ti performance.

RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060 Specifications

SpecificationsRTX 3050RTX 3060
Chipset ManufacturerNVIDIANVIDIA
GPU SeriesNVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 SeriesNVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series
GPUGeForce RTX 3050GeForce RTX 3060
Boost Clock1807 MHz1807 MHz
CUDA Cores25603584
InterfacePCI Express 4.0PCI Express 4.0
Effective Memory Clock14 Gbps15000 MHz
Memory Size8GB12GB
Memory Interface128-Bit192-Bit
Memory TypeGDDR6GDDR6
DirectXDirectX 12 UltimateDirectX 12 Ultimate
OpenGLOpenGL 4.6OpenGL 4.6
Multi-Monitor Support44
HDMI1 x HDMI 2.12 x HDMI 2.1
DisplayPort3 x DisplayPort 1.42 x DisplayPort 1.4a
Max Resolution7680 x 43207680 x 4320
CoolerDouble FansWINDFORCE 2X
Thermal Design Power130W
Recommended PSU Wattage550W550W
Power Connector8-Pin1 x 8-Pin
HDCP ReadyYes
Form Factor & Dimensions
Max GPU Length235 mm242 mm
Card Dimensions (L x H)9.25″ x 4.88″9.53″ x 4.88″
Slot WidthDual SlotDual Slot

RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060: Design & Features

The RTX 3050 GPU model comes with a good design & features present on it. Though when you see the documents, you can notice that there is slack in the performance between both the models.

That is quite glaringly obvious when you are using them. You can notice the difference quite evidently. The core count has more than 40% difference and carries all the way to the CUDA. You also have the Tensor cores and the ray tracing that are to be counted in there.

Though there is a slight decrease in the boost clock speed, that does not cause the performance to drip much. The model also comes with 8GB of GDDR6 memory. For gamers, that should be ideal for playing mid-range games.

However, when you want more, then you may want to look further. This is fantastic for the 1080p market, and there could be some scope in the near future for this model. It is not that bad so far.

Likewise, you also have the memory bus of the model. There is a smaller memory bus present in the unit. There is close to 35% lesser memory bandwidth than the other model discussed here.

You can notice the difference when you play games. There can be some initial hiccups when you load the game. Otherwise, it should be fine, but not that a great experience. These models are not mainly used for textures; they are used for the 1080p market.

They can manage to hold the ship steady for now. By having a low power consumption means the RTX 3050 model does not consume too much power. It can provide you with small electricity bills.

According to our tests, it took around 277W on most of the games. But of course, when you want to do well, then it might hit around the 300W figure, maybe. But when you want to play top-end games, then you need to be willing to push the power more.

Besides the low price, the unit can offer decent performance and low power consumption. The power consumption is around close to 90W in this model. You would be glad to know that it is one of the first RTX 30-series units that can work under 100W.

You can design budget PC devices, and it is this when you are looking for a model that helps you conserve power. The RTX 3060 GPU has a good design & features on it. The model is produced on the similar Ampere architecture that the former unit was designed.

You can note that the processing power on both models offers you stunning cores and decent performance. This one comes with 3840 graphics processing CUDA cores. It is way higher than what is present in the former unit discussed here.

The speed of the RTX 3060 unit is much faster at almost 1700 MHz. That is quite impressive for a model of this size. However, the former unit is quite close. But it is these slight differences that play a significant role later on.

A large number of cores provide you with exceptional performance. You can also find that they have additional features like 30 RT cores that provide you with the ray racing acceleration and the 120 Tensor cores for AI processing.

You would be happy to know that the RAM present on this model is pretty incredible at 6GB and is connected to the graphics processor. There is an intense transfer of data between the GPU and memory.

RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060: Setup & Performance

The RTX 3050 GPU model has a powerful setup & performance. Besides, you would want to know the GPU comes priced much lower than the RYX 3060 GPU model. But it is able to provide you with immense power for the class.

On the test results, we could find a difference of 23% between the two models. That is absolutely fine. A few of the games played on the GPUs do not come with a difference at all. A few of them include Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

However, when you play games like Fortnite, then you can notice a massive difference was around 67%. Some of the performance might change when the maps are added. That can explain the results offered to go by the results given on the RTX 3060.

There is some stuttering in some games that is because of the memory that is loaded in the GPU. However, the limited bandwidth does not matter. But the comparative performance provides you with things where it should.

Yes, but the RTX 3060 GPU is a way better model. When you see some of the top-end games like the Red Dead Redemption 2 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will delight in the fact that the model can provide you with 60 fps at 1080p.

This is the highest graphics preset. The RTX 3060 GPU model comes with extraordinary setup & performance. You would be immensely impressed with the sublime performance of the unit when playing games.

Yes, the former model is not a bad choice, but there is just a lack of performance when you want to push things ahead. But in some games, the RYX 3060 GPU model also falters only slightly like the top-end Cyberpunk 2077.

They want to focus more on the gaming aspect of things than the others. However, the content creation is also fantastic in the models. You can work on them both for design videos and graphics.

It would be a high upgrade when you want something like the RTX 3070 Ti. You will want to know that laptop makers might be divided into using the GPU models on their products. One manufacturer may have the RYX 3050 on its top-end model, while another manufacturer might want to have the RTX 3060 on a mid-range model.

You may also want to know that the RYX 3050 model is new than the RTX 3060 model. So, we do not have some of the actual data and comparisons. The RTX 3050, being the cheapest of the two models, comes with extraordinary performance.

It comes as no surprise that the GPU model is extensively used by top-end laptops like the Lenovo ThinkPad and Dell XPS 15. You can see the RTX 3060 used in some of the $1000 range gaming laptops.

All in all, the quicker versions of RTX 3050 models come with a high TGP. But you can find the GPU used on most of the budget model laptops. Besides, it can also be found on Dell and Acer’s mid-range models.

Somebody who owns a Samsung Odyssey also mentioned its use there. We may be able to point out the major flaws in both of them. The performance is almost the same technique. However, there is a wide gap in some of the aspects between the models.

That is fine because when you play the basic games or perform some mild tasks, then you do not notice any changes. However, when you move things up, that is when you can actually feel the differences between the two GPUs.

When you want features like ray tracing and the DLSS 2.0, it makes them significantly more powerful than the GeForce GTX 1660. The 1080p GPU model comes as a technically sound card even if it is not able to match with the powers of the RTX 3060 Ti.

RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060 Benchmarks

3D DX9 Graphics Benchmark (RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060)

3D DX9 Graphics Benchmark (RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060)

3D DX10 Graphics Benchmark (RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060)

3D DX10 Graphics Benchmark (RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060)

Average Score (EFps) (RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060)

Average Score (EFps) (RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060)

Overclocked Score (EFps) (RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060)

Overclocked Score (EFps) (RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060)

RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060: Price

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 GPU is priced under $250. The unit is priced reasonably. You may get it for a discount on some retailers if you look hard enough. But the price is quite affordable for students, programmers, and gamers.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU is priced under $500. It may be sold at a much lesser price when you keep your eyes open. Please note that just like most GPU models sold in 2022, they are pretty low on stock.

You either have to wait or be willing to shell out more, if at all, you may find them on retailers like eBay and Amazon. According to one user, he bought the RTX 3060 for close to $500 on eBay a few months ago.

Unfortunately, the RTX 3050 and the RTX 3060 GPUs are victims of the short supply due to the pandemic-related issues that are still eating into the market even today. An unwanted development, but that is how it is.

If the initial stock is over on the shelf, then you can find the RTX 3050 GPU model itself getting hiked to $400 at least. You may be considered lucky if you find it priced lower. Likewise, the RTX 3060 GPU model can be priced around $500 or more quotes.

It can be tough to say that, in some cases, you may have just missed the product by a fraction of a second. The latter model is extremely helpful for wannabe gamers, but it can depend on the price you eventually find the models to draw any firm conclusion.

RTX 3050 vs RTX 3060: Verdict

We have ended our comparison review between Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 GPU vs Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU. We hope that you enjoyed reading the above post and were able to make up your mind about the developments.

If you haven’t, then you read the post again. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 GPU is an exceptional alternative to the GTX 1650 model that is found on the market. This model offers you with an outstanding 1080p gaming performance.

Using ray tracing, you can perform several tasks that you may otherwise be able to do. However, the GPU is priced much more than the RTX 2060 GPU model, and that is something that the RTX 3050 model may not do well in.

The Nvidia GeForce, RTX 3060 GPU model, is priced around $330, and if the unit gets sold for that rate, then it is fine. Otherwise, you may have to pay more, close to somewhere $500. You are not getting ripped or anything like that.

The performance of the RTX 3060 is just too incredible just to let go off like that. This is an excellent product for professional gamers, and when you consider yourself as one, then go with it. These two GPUs come with their own specifications and capabilities.

However, the performance and the audience are entirely different from each other. The cheaper version of the RTX 3050 model may not come better than the expensive units. We strongly feel that the pricing is the main problem here.

When you are somebody who is more accustomed to the pricing of the product than the features, then the RTX 3050 model could be more appealing. For the moment, the RTX 3060 model sells for close to $500 or higher.

That is really expensive for a GPU. But it is best when you want something that can provide intense graphics for your work and game. The RTX 3050 GPU is close enough if the pricing really matters and if you can get the RTX 3060 for a reasonable price.

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