Apple MacBook Air M2 vs M1 – Which Model Will Suit You?

Like the war of the worlds, Apple seems to have initiated one within their own clan of products with the release of the MacBook Air M2 laptop. Apple, as you know, is one of the top manufacturers of reliable, powerful, and phenomenal laptops.

Their products, on the whole, seem to be stupendous in features, and performance is above most of the ordinary models available on the market. This feature makes their products different from others.

That is why they are hard to replace from the number one spot in the laptop segment. It is something that they have been incredibly proud of over the years. Today, in this review, we are going to be discussing about the Apple MacBook Air M2 vs M1 laptops.

The MacBook Air may not be as powerful as the Pro model from Apple. However, it was able to stack up the numbers for the maker over the years. Though the Pro is much more expensive than the Air, programmers and gamers seem to have had a liking for the model.

Its ability to work for close to 12 years without a glitch is something to be commended. However, the MacBook Air model is just behind the Pro in terms of reliability, affordability, and durability.

It is lighter, smaller, and slimmer than the Pro model. Besides, it provides you with almost a similar performance to that of the Pro model. Users over the years have accepted it. College students and university folks prefer getting the MacBook Air during their college days.

The Air can last at least 10 years if used and handled with care. In 2020, Apple wanted to take things further and infused it with a new M1 chip that made it exceptional. The model came with a new design and extraordinary performance for under $1000.

The MacBook Air went on sale on July 8, and we suggest you spend some time getting a fantastic deal on the new MacBook Air M1 laptop. The new M2 model comes with exceptional features.

It also comes with a new design and specifications on it. Besides, it also costs more than the M1 model. That means you will have to pay more for the M2 model. We are talking around under $1200 compared to the $1000 for the M1 laptop.

It is much older, but it is able to provide you with incredible performance and fantastic battery life. It comes with a decent cost of $1000, which is not much in today’s market with the numerous models that are available for under $2000.

Some may feel that the M1 might be just the laptop for them. The best way to find that out would be to compare the features of the M2 vs M1 laptops. This post will reveal how powerful they are and whether the M2 is worth the price.

Let us, without wasting any time, read the review. We have mentioned the winner at the end of the post.

MacBook Air M2MacBook Air M1
MacBook Air M2MacBook Air M1
The model has a new design.

The unit is portable and relatively lightweight.

It provides you with a phenomenal performance.

It has a new audio unit in it as well.

The product has an opulent display.
The unit has a lightweight design to it.

The model is embedded with a powerful performance.

It has a decent audio system.

It comes with good storage space and battery life.

The product comes with terrific durability.
The laptop is slightly higher priced than the M1 laptop.Its features seem outdated in front of the new M2 laptop.
SpecificationsMacBook Air M2MacBook Air M1
NameMacBook Air 13.6″ Laptop – Apple M2 chip – 8GB Memory – 256GB SSDMacBook Air 13.3″ Laptop – Apple M1 chip – 8GB Memory – 256GB SSD
Screen Size13.6 inches13.3 inches
Screen Resolution2560 x 16642560 x 1600 (Retina)
Touch ScreenNoNo
Processor ModelApple M2Apple M1
Processor Model NumberApple M2Apple M1
Storage TypeSSDSSD
Total Storage Capacity256 gigabytes256 gigabytes
Solid State Drive Capacity256 gigabytes256 gigabytes
System Memory (RAM)8 gigabytes8 gigabytes
GraphicsApple M2 8-coreApple M1 8-core
Operating SystemmacOS Monterey 12macOS Big Sur 11.0
Battery TypeLithium-polymerLithium-polymer
Backlit KeyboardYesYes
Warranty1 year1 year

Apple MacBook Air M2 vs M1 – Design & Display

Apple MacBook Air M2

The Apple MacBook Air M2 laptop is undoubtedly a splendid looking model. It comes with an attractive design and is much lighter than most of the models that you have on the market, including its own elder brother, the MacBook Pro.

The M2 unit comes with a sleeker and slimmer design when compared to the M1 model. You can also notice that the display is simply terrifically done. You can now view images amazingly, and it gives you a new dimension in visual quality.

The M2 laptop weighs around 2.7 pounds. That is pretty lightweight, and you can place it inside your backpack and move around with ease. It is as light as a tablet, and you won’t feel as if you have a 13″ laptop inside your bag.

That is the kind of device that you would want to be carrying around in college or your university. The keyboard performance, along with the display, is fantastic. You can view images, photos, and movies with ease.

You will be glad to know that the M2 laptop comes with a new audio system. We will read more on that in the next segment. However, it is somewhat narrower, which makes it as slim as possible for you to use.

Sadly, there is no fan in the design of the model. That may seem weird because the laptop might heat up quickly. We did not experience anything despite using it for 8 hours continuously. However, it may vary depending on what tasks you accomplish from the unit.

You can note that the M2 model comes with an HDMI port and 2 Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports. These are also present in the new MacBook Pro models. However, you also have a MagSafe feature here that allows for charging without using the Thunderbolt port.

The Apple MacBook Air M1 laptop comes with an eloquent design & display on it. You can notice that it has a 13.3″ display, and the M2 has a 13.6″ display. Yes, the .3″ difference does provide you with some additional space.

We also thought that the new unit came with more shine and clarity. Of course, the M1 model is pretty good when it comes to the display. But these minor differences can be detected when you see the images.

The unit has a retina display, but the new model comes with a liquid retina display. There are more pixels per inch, and they support contract ratios and higher colors in billion. You would be amazed to know that the M2 display is much higher than the Pro display.

The M1 model comes with 2 Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports, 802.11ax, Touch ID, Bluetooth 5.0, and Wi-Fi 6. The last thing would be the colors to choose from. The new M2 unit comes with excellent starlight, midnight, space gray, and silver.

They are almost the same as what you get in the previous M1 model, which is acquired in gold, silver, and space gray. We don’t think these color options should make any major differences in users’ choices.

Our tester always thought that the gold color was outstanding, but not in a good way. We feel that he was right because they have stopped using the color in the new M2 model. The M1 unit also comes with a notch for the camera.

It is similar to what is found on the MacBook Pro model. Some of the bezels are quite slim and may not be able to fit inside the camera. Besides, you are not losing space on both sides. The M1 model weighs around 2.8 pounds.

That is similar to the new unit that we have discussed in this review. You can place the laptop in your bag and move around with ease. This is one of the main advantages of using the MacBook Air models.

You can carry them with you anywhere you want. Besides, they don’t break or get damaged that easily, even if they fall from a small height. We do not recommend that you try that. Overall, both the M2 & M1 models come with exceptional design & display features.

But we felt that the M2 model had the edge here because of its sublime design and display capabilities, though the M1 was very capable. It depends on your design & display needs, with both models coming with stunning image quality for you.

Apple MacBook Air M2 vs M1 – Performance

Apple MacBook Air M1

The Apple MacBook Air M2 laptop comes with a splendid performance. There was no doubt about that with the new M2 powerful chip inside. The M1 chip itself is almost on par with the Pro model; you can expect the M2 chip takes things a notch further.

The chip did impress most of us when we worked on it. You can feel the performance of the laptop moving way ahead of most other models. It is no surprise that the test scores on this model surpass most of the Windows models.

When you want to transcode a 4K video clip using the M2 laptop, the device took around less than 8 minutes. That is pretty solid for a device of its caliber. You would want to know that the M1 model needed more than 9 minutes.

Yes, just a difference of 1 minute, but that matters a lot. The M2 laptop comes with a new and powerful 10-core GPU. It is not the similar 8-core CPU that is found on the other model. But it sadly did not perform as we expected on games like the Tomb Raider.

Based on the results, the M2 is not very apt for top-end games. But if you are alright with that, then it is okay. But it comes with a significant battery life that can last more than others. The unit can work for close to 15 hours in one shot.

That is incredibly impressive to say. Yes, it is somewhat lagging behind the M1 model, but that is fine. It probably has got to do with the M2 processor that declines the battery power, and that is alright.

It comes with a new webcam that can provide you with stunning images. We are spell-bound with the visual clarity received from it. Another feature that is upgraded would be the audio system in the M2 unit.

They are eloquent and suitable for audiophiles. Like most MacBook models, they come with a lack of ports. You can find 2 Thunderbolt 3/USB 4 ports and a MagSafe power adapter. The M2 unit has the MagSafe charging for easy attachment to the cable.

The Apple MacBook Air M1 laptop comes with incredible performance. However, it is somewhat behind the M2 model. The M1 laptop has a 720p camera that is able to offer you with breathtaking image quality in it.

Unfortunately, it does not have MagSafe charging. All in all, the M1 model makes a splendid choice for most users. The chip that is present inside it is pretty functional and offers you with a stunning performance.

It is this one when you want to use a model for coding, video graphics, and gaming. Besides, it is priced under $1000, which makes it all the more lovable. Some of the additional features that are found on the M2 model are really not a must-have feature for you.

Though the M2 comes across as a great machine, you may not require some features in them. That is because it is going to cost you under $1200. That is $200 more than the previous laptop that you will want to consider.

But when you are alright spending the money and need a high-performance machine, then the M2 model might seem worthy. It is suitable for professional workers like coders, graphic designers, even gamers, and of course, students as well.

But you have to pay a little more than you anticipate, and where you are alright with the quote, then you might want to go ahead.

Apple MacBook Air M2 vs M1 – Price

The Apple MacBook Air M2 laptop is priced under $1200. Yes, it is priced a little higher than the M1 model. But it comes with eloquent features & specifications that make it a one-of-a-kind laptop sold in the market.

However, you can find it sold for a lesser rate during the Black Friday sale and Amazon Prime Day. You may want to use these occasions to get your M2 or M1 models if you are keen on upgrading your existing device.

Our tester feels the price increase is justified because of the new components and features. The design of the new M2 model seems opulent and comes with a light shape. Besides, the performance is sublime.

The Apple MacBook Air M1 laptop is priced under $1000. The M1 unit may have lost some of its sheen due to the new M2 model. It happens, but it is safe to say the M1 units are still being sold like hot cakes in most retailers due to the lower price.

Apple MacBook Air M2 vs M1 – Verdict

There you go; from the above post, it becomes quite apparent that the M2 laptop is somewhat better than the M1 unit in most ways when you look at the design, performance, and even the audio system installed.

Why would Apple want to commit hara-kiri with itself by doing this? That is for the maker to answer to the masses. We can only review the products and give our suggestions. The M1 model is cheaper than the M2 model.

It makes sense for those of you looking for a cheaper alternative to the M2 model. Of course, you will have to compensate for the performance of the M1 model. The M1 laptop has an 8-core CPU and 7-core GPU.

The M2 laptop comes with an 8-core CPU and an 8-core GPU. When you go through previous reviews before the M2 chip arrived on the scene, you will read noteworthy recommendations on the M1 laptop.

Unfortunately, it is not the same today. The M2 unit has a larger display, a better audio model, and a very opulent 1080p webcam. The maker has been able to be struck gold with this new machine.

The Apple MacBook Air M1, through a powerful device, is considered an entry-level product for them today. Unfortunately, the maker has not updated the design or the specifications. When you compare it to the M2, the performance was lacking in several aspects.

Moreover, the design and display capabilities of the Air M2 laptop were simply outstanding. But the battery working life and the overall abilities make it everyone’s choice. Those of you looking for a phenomenal product that can help you in your tasks might find this helpful.

Students and college-going scholars might find a valuable educational discount if they are considering getting one for themselves. The Apple MacBook Air M2 is a stunning laptop that comes embedded with everything that you could want.

The updated product is a powerhouse, almost on par with the MacBook Pro 2022 model. We were completely submerged in the display and the performance that it was able to provide us with.

There is a better display, a new audio system with four speakers, and it is somewhat lighter than the previous model—a true gem of a product that has a lot of potential for the years to come.

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