Samsung Galaxy A42 5G vs Samsung Galaxy S10

If you are searching for a decent smartphone with powerful battery life, then we have got your back covered. Today, we will be reviewing about two phenomenal models from the maker, Samsung.

Samsung has been in this market for a very long time. The maker knows very well what they are doing. There is absolutely no denying in that. They have produced some outstanding models over the years.

In this post, we will be comparing the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G model vs the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone. These two are excellent units that are quite expensive. You would be surprised to know that they are priced between $400 to $800.

That is a lot of money. We hope that they are worth your money & time. The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G model belongs to a mid-range unit in the “A” series of smartphones. The maker produced it to strike a balance between the low-end and the top-end models that come there.

It helps to enhance the potential base of the customers. We may say the competition is very high here, and you can find a wide range of units from Google, Apple, and others within $400. We are delighted to note that the maker is improving its “A” series products every year.

The unit comes with an additional feature known as the millimeter-wave 5G. Can this be sufficient to cover some of the shortcomings that we noticed in the smartphone? We have to read to find that out.

The main issue here is that it comes with a below-par camera and low-resolution display, and the performance was somewhat lacking in many aspects. Even the phone faces competition from its own cousin, the Galaxy A32 5G.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S10 model is designed elegantly with several exciting features. Of course, it is costly at under $800. But it is beautifully designed, has proper camera functions, and sort of makes up for the shortcomings of the A42 5G model.

Additionally, it is a powerful model that comes with several competitors from its own lineup in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Samsung Galaxy S21. When you are content with the camera and specifications and the powerful camera, then it is okay.

It is a fantastic model that is being sold for amazing discounts now. When it was released into the market, Samsung worked out the timing pretty well because it did much better than the Apple iPhone XS, came with a 5.8″ display, and was expensive.

Let us now read the post and find out which model can be helpful for your needs. We have mentioned the winner at the end of the post.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G vs Samsung Galaxy S10: Design & Features

The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G smartphone comes with an opulent design & features on it. The model has a large screen that model units do not get. They stop at 6.2″ or 6.3″. But this one comes with a massive 6.6″ display that provides you with ample space and visibility.

You can notice the difference when you use a smartphone. The model weighs around less than 200grams at 193grams, which is relatively light. You can place it inside your pocket or backpack without worrying about it.

When you are keen on using a large model, this unit covers you. However, it is a handful. If you have small hands, then you may want to look elsewhere. The plastics on the model are smooth and slippery.

So, the chances of falling down from your hands are always there. You may want to use a rugged case for the model. The unit does not come with any IP rating on it. The resolution, sadly, it is pretty low for the price standards.

That took us by surprise. Though you can see the images and display them clearly, even outside in the sunlight, they could have done much better. The processor of the model is just about alright. You may not want to use it for top-end gaming purposes.

The model is what you get for the price point. A polycarbonate frame comes with a plastic rear panel and a Gorilla Glass 3 front panel. Its build quality is fantastic. Yes, it comes under $400, which makes it somewhat expensive.

The display could have done well using the Full HD+ resolution. It would have helped immensely with the display images. The ports and the controls are nicely positioned on the model.

You can find the volume and power buttons on the right side of the smartphone. This is typical of most of the Samsung models; they come with excellent travel and feel. You can notice a combo SIM/microSD card tray on the left side, and memory space is up to 1TB.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone is an exceptional unit that comes infused with stunning design & features. The model comes infused with a 6.1″ Infinity display that sets it apart. It has a sublime edge-to-edge appearance in it.

You can notice that the pixels are present on the curved edges at the sides. Besides, we also liked the vibrant and bright Super AMOLED display. At the back, you can notice the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

This is a notable feature present in the model. There is no fingerprint pad present on the rear any longer. It is now at the front of the model. Another new feature in this unit is the punch-hole display.

Of course, the display appeared on another model first, the Honor View 20. This helps the model achieve a 93.1% screen-to-body ratio at the front. For new users, it might seem unique, and you may need some time to get used to it.

The rear-facing triple-lens camera is top-notch feature-wise and in also the placement. Samsung’s camera lenses can help you take opulent images & pictures. You can now take the telephoto and new ultra-wide photos using this model.

Now, you can make use of its Wireless PowerShare feature to charge another device. Moreover, you can also charge the Galaxy Buds. The connectivity also is fantastic on the smartphone with the quicker Wi-Fi 6 and HDR10+, new firsts on the model.

Well, the model does come with a massive price point. It is almost double what you are going to spend on the Galaxy A42 5G model. For under $800, it is pretty expensive, and those of you who feel it is out of your budget can select the 5.8-inch S10e.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G vs Samsung Galaxy S10: Setup & Performance

The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G smartphone has a phenomenal setup & performance. But the performance on top-end games and tasks might disappoint you. Like we said above, the positions of the ports are good.

Besides, the speakers do a decent job for the price point. You do not have to increase the volume levels because they are fantastic. But when you hold the phone in your hand, it can cover the speaker easily.

That means you have to place the model on your table, desk, bed, or a smooth surface to be able to listen to the music. However, the super AMOLED display provides you with an eloquent HD+ resolution of 1,600 x 720 pixels.

It is weird from a maker like Samsung because most $400 models come with Full HD+ displays. There are also pixels that you can spot without straining your eyes. You can read the text, see the display correctly, and enjoy your movies, but it could have been much better.

The viewing angles offered by the model are reasonable. The fingerprint reader is an exceptional feature present on the model. It does take some time to get used to because it is on-screen. The model works for 2 days without needing a charge on it.

On the bright side, the updates provided on your android devices are countless. You do not have to worry about them. Samsung has partnered with Microsoft to provide you with continuous updates and security features.

So, it does not matter which model or version you own in any part of the world. You are bound by the maker to be given these updates. You can also choose to use OneDrive as your backup service.

Additionally, you can keep track of the updates using OneNote. Some of you can also choose to connect with Windows and keep track of the updates directly. This is a feature that differentiates iOS devices.

This model comes with 2 years of free OS upgrades. Not to mention, they will give you with 4 years of firmware features too. With other models, you may have to wait for the updates to show up.

The model is nicely done and has terrific performance that is ideal for everyday work. The Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone has a fantastic setup & performance. The model is pretty quick to work, unlike the low performance of the Galaxy A42 5G.

It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor that comes with a record-breaking multi-score speed. 8GB of RAM is a decent upgrade from last year’s model’s 4GB of RAM. The maker offers you with support for expandable storage.

You can find the Wi-Fi 6 connectivity supports the adequate transition between the Wi-Fi routers. Users will be glad to know that it comes quicker than 802.11ax. Sadly, you will not find the vapor chamber cooling feature in the model.

When you are a gamer, then it might not help; you will want to upgrade to a bigger model. It is incredible to note that the maker is somewhat slow in upgrading the models. The battery life of the under $800 model is lower than the A42 model.

At the most, it can work for 1 day, not more. However, you can use it longer when some reserved usage. The camera was good, and that is what made us happy when testing this model. The maker likes its users to take photos from all angles.

Its triple-lens camera has a 12MP regular lens. There is also a 12MP optically zoomed telephoto lens. You can find the new 16MP ultra-wide lens. You can get images with life in them, and the colors offered in them are stunning, to say the least.

It is safe to say that it has a second-to-none camera in the model. But the HDR feature can cause the background to highlight darker. When you are using it in low light, then it does a decent job and offers you with opulent pictures that are skin smooth.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G vs Samsung Galaxy S10: Price

The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G smartphone is priced under $400. We feel that the manufacturer has brilliantly priced the product between the Galaxy A32 5G under $280 and the Galaxy A52 5G under $500.

The lengthy battery life and the millimeter-wave (mmWave) 5G connectivity feature make up for the underwhelming cameras. Besides, the performance could have improved, and the same thing about the low-resolution display.

It could be a good model if you are looking for a unit that is priced at less than $400. This is on the level of the Google Pixel 5a, under $450. However, the model comes with other exciting capabilities we have read about in the review.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is priced under $750. Users will want to know that the S10 Plus is much better if you can afford it. However, you can also consider the Galaxy S9 if you want to work on a lower specification model.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G vs Samsung Galaxy S10: Verdict

This is it; we have come to the end of the comparison review between the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G smartphone vs the Samsung Galaxy S10 unit. We hope you enjoyed reading the post and were able to make up your decision.

The Samsung Galaxy A42 model provides you with adequate support and a quick connectivity choice with the help of the Verizon network. Besides, the model comes with an exceptional battery in it.

The model is able to provide you with a phenomenal speed and works for quite a while without the need to charge. However, you will have to operate the smartphone with a low-resolution display, poor camera, and dull performance.

Samsung could have still brought something special in it to make it worthy of a $400 product. There is stiff competition in the market for the price point. We felt that the Galaxy A42 smartphone struggles to find a space of its own in several aspects.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 model is a refreshing breath of breath for the 10th-anniversary phone. It is able to live up to the expectation of the “S” series model. The model comes with the exciting Infinity-O display that can take opulent photos.

We liked the in-screen fingerprint sensor, which should be helpful when going outside. There is also the Wireless Power Share feature that might be handy. Of course, you may want to consider the steep price point of it.

Other models like the Galaxy S10e and S10 Plus can shadow flank it from both sides of the coin. The Samsung Galaxy A42 model could be better as it has more battery power, more megapixels (primary camera), and bigger screen size.

Besides, you can have quicker downloads, 5G support, and faster uploads. You can also note that it has a faster GPU clock speed. The Samsung Galaxy S10 model is phenomenal as it has a powerful battery life, more megapixels (primary camera), a larger screen size, and more megapixels (front camera).

The model can provide you with faster downloads, it comes with a 5G support, and it also comes having a faster GPU clock speed. Our winner in this comparison review between the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G vs Samsung Galaxy S10 models is the S10 unit.

It comes infused with a barrage of features and specifications, making it a second-to-none model. On the other hand, the Galaxy A42 5G smartphone is a fabulous option in its own way. The battery life and decent specifications make it worth the money you are going to spend.


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