Sony PSP 3000 vs Sony Vita – What’s the Difference and Which One Better?

The mobile gaming market is gaining prominence thanks to the devices like the Play Station and Nintendo. Of course, you have a wide range of options that you can make use of if you want to. The sales may change depending on the nature of the added features and the pricing.

There is no dearth of gamers found globally. These only seem to increase with each passing year. Sony is one such manufacturer that decided to produce some incredible products for gamers.

This was probably during the 1990s itself. Sony managed to make a niche for itself in the market because of these devices. Every year from then on, we could see some kind of development happening around.

Besides, you can also find a barrage of games getting released in the market. Today we are going to be discussing about two phenomenal devices in the form of the Sony PSP 3000 vs Sony Vita models.

Both these handheld gaming consoles with a considerable set of features. The Sony PSP 3000 unit is an excellent handheld gaming device that comes infused with amazing features. You would be stunned to know that it was able to sell millions of units worldwide.

The sales, in fact, increased when the maker announced that they were going to make some significant hardware improvements. Though the PSP 2000 gaming console was a popular device, the new model came much better.

The Play Station is not a new device in the market. They have been with us since the start of 2005. It provides you with several capabilities of stunning gaming and other features. Besides, the user interface is second to none.

You can play a wide range of games using it with exceptional clarity. The Sony Vita Play Station model comes with a better display. This was something that was lacking in the PSP 3000. Besides, you can find a wide range of other features too.

That makes it a strong competitor with the Nintendo Switch. Having said that, the Play Station Portable was a magnificent device. You could play several console-style games in those amazing boxes from the stores.

However, should you spend $250 of your hard-earned money on a device that can merely help you play games and listen to music? Moreover, it was released in 2013 and had few updates only.

You can find better updates today. While that may be true to a certain extent, you may know that it is a worthwhile investment. Let us read to discover more about these two fantastic models. We have given the winner at the end of the review.

Sony PSP 3000Sony Vita
Sony PSP 3000Sony Vita
The model comes with a bright, opulent display.

The unit has an excellent user interface.

It comes with exceptional mobile gaming capabilities.

It is infused with a wide range of features.

The product is cheaply priced.
The unit comes with an eloquent screen.

The model comes with some firm controls.

It comes with an elegantly designed OS.

It has an extensive launch lineup.

The product is lightweight and portable.
The Play Station comes with a limited option of content.The Play Station has inconsistent apps.

Sony PSP 3000 vs Sony Vita: Design & Features

The Sony PSP 3000 Play Station model has an elegant design & features that comes quite uniquely produced. As many improvements have been made to the Play Station hardware, the manufacturer stands to gain from the prolonged development of the gaming features.

Additionally, users can now chat with their friends through Skype with an integral microphone. However, our tester did see that the scan lines are not the only problem here. The display’s eloquent color gamut is not as outstanding as it should be.

There are some slight cosmetic differences in this device. You can notice that the layout of the button found on the unit is similar to the PSP 2000 model. The controls can be found on the right, left, and even on the bottom side of it, with the top edge having two shoulder buttons.

It is also unnaturally augmented. Some users felt the PSP 2000 model was somewhat clear but relatively bland. The buttons are placed nicely on the PSP model. However, some gamers said they accidentally switched off the device during the game, as the power switch was where your hands rest.

The PSP 3000 is an enhanced version of the slim & lite model that was present in the market a few years ago. This unit comes with a brighter display, better features, and some additions in the form of a microphone.

It also comes with a matte-finish and anti-reflective display. However, you may find it challenging to use it under the sunlight. It also has an incredible color gamut, almost twice the earlier unit.

Besides, it is almost 4 times the contrast ratio. But when you switch on the device and then begin to scroll down on the menu, you can find several media and settings icons with the scanning lines.

It can affect your media watching and gaming ability. The Sony Vita Play Station model comes with an opulent design & features. It is much bigger and more significant than the PSP 3000 model. However, you cannot make it out when you see it first.

Besides, it comes slimmer than the PSP 3000. The controls found on the Vita model are similar to that of the PSP 3000 model, having the same D-pad and shape buttons. You can see that the speakers are lower, and the volume buttons are moved from the body of the device.

However, there is a second analog stick, a front camera with proper buttons on it, and the size of the display. It is larger than the PSP display and has an incredible resolution. It has powerful hardware in the form of the 5”, 960 x 544 Super AMOLED Plus display that is absorbed from Samsung.

We must say that the unit is simply fantastic in appearance and absolutely gorgeous. We also saw that it provides you with exceptional viewing shots for you to media and gaming. The display comes somewhat glossy, but you can view it outdoors without facing many issues like the PSP model.

You can find the game card slot and an accessory port on top of the Vita model. The Vita model has no UMD (Universal Media Disc) drive because it provides gamers with cartridges and digital downloads.

With the touchpad at the back of the Vita model, you can do as you please. Moreover, the camera found on the model is spectacular and provides you with pristine images. The finger area is fantastic and offers you an excellent place to grip.

Sony PSP 3000 vs Sony Vita: Setup & Performance

The Sony PSP 3000 Play Station model comes with a phenomenal setup & performance. Now, you will want to know that there is a reason why the Sony model has sold more than 50 million units since its release into the market.

We are talking about way back in 2005 itself. Today, you can also find that the model demand is high. People love the shape, design, gaming ability, and added features. It comes with a simple setup.

There is no need to struggle around as with a few flips on the buttons; you are done. The model offers you with light chassis, exceptional tweaks, and receiving output from the TV itself. The model comes with a light and slim case in it.

Moreover, the screen production is just about good. However, it is on par with the previous PSP 2000 Play Station model. Some users argue that the lighting on display is confusing, especially when you use it outside under the sunlight.

You can find that it has an improved AV output for the video and game playback for the television. There is also the built-in Skype that has an onboard microphone, which can retain all the media features of the previous models.

Isn’t that awesome? An excellent lineup of game titles provides you with phenomenal game titles, which are on par with the Nintendo games. However, you can notice some issues with the display.

It is the scan lines during the high-motion gaming and video sequence. Moreover, the UHD loading time is somewhat high than the Nintendo games. Besides, the display can catch your fingerprints pretty quickly.

It is not a bad device because it comes with several features that you can find most likely find on the Vita. However, there are some helpful features present on the device. It comes with a new matte finish, which is comfortable when used in your hands.

The grip provided on this device is good than most of the previous devices. When you are somebody who has sweaty hands, you may want to use the model. The model’s d-pad is quite sturdy and responsive.

The d-pad is mounted, and you may be unable to remove it. That means the device does not move around when you are playing with it. This used to happen with the earlier devices. It also comes with a built-in microphone that offers skype calling possible.

It comes with sturdy media and online performance. Though Nintendo is currently ranked higher than the Sony models, they are catching up quickly. You can find users globally owning both devices.

The Sony model, though, comes with fewer features, is easier to handle, and comes with a better user interface. Our tester thought that the Vita was the most desirable handheld gaming console.

It comes with excellent touch, and you can feel the buttons elegantly to perform all the tasks that you want from it. You can play any game that you wish to use the device. Besides, you can make use of the media functionalities present in the model.

You will want to know that the video playback looks impressive on display and that the content manager software offers you a proper synching. Though it is less successful than most of the other devices, it has nicely designed software and limited functionality.

You can expect a fantastic job when it matters. You can play several games using the Vita device. The main feature of the Vita device is the OLED display. Though the 1000 and 2000 devices have a fantastic display, the latter model shines well.

That is because it comes fitted with an LCD display. You have Bluetooth support as well. It comes in several colors as well. They are made in Japanese units, which should be an issue for gamers globally.

Like we said before, the setup is simple. Whichever way you go, it is one of the best handheld gaming devices you can find on the market today.

Sony PSP 3000 vs Sony Vita: Price

The Sony PSP 3000 Play Station is priced at less than $200. We don’t feel that it is quite expensive. Besides, you can get several used products from retailers, including Amazon. They come in excellent condition.

If you are somebody who likes to travel a lot, then the PSP 3000 can be helpful. You can download the movies and TV shows and then transfer them on a Memory Stick Duo. Now, you can use your device and watch them.

You can also listen to your favorite songs or music with the PSP. You can now easily access the internet from the hotspot using the built-in Wi-Fi. When you are connected, you can browse on the internet and download exclusive content for your PSP.

The Sony Vita Play Station is priced under $250. It provides you with an excellent value, and they can provide you with the price of a memory card. We did feel that the games offered were somewhat outdated and remain a concern.

However, many users have differed on that and claim that the games are in a different league. However, you may want to pay $50 for some of the games. But the model comes as a powerful console device, and the maker has given their best to design a dedicated gaming system.

Sony PSP 3000 vs Sony Vita: Verdict

There you go. We have reached the end of our comparison review between the Sony PSP 3000 Play Station and the Sony Vita Play Station. We hope that you liked what you read and were able to make your decision on the model that can meet your requirements.

The Sony PSP 3000 model has an elegant design, a new and improved d-pad, and an added microphone. Of course, these cannot do anything about the below-par display. These are very minor as the response from the users is good.

When you search for a decent product, we can recommend the PSP device for you ahead of the PSP 2000 model. The PSP 3000 unit comes with a robust set of features inside. It is steadily grinding out a niche for itself in the market.

The Sony Vita Play Station is a phenomenal device. This is when you might want to ask yourself, do you require the Vita? It depends on your gaming personality, as when you search for a top-end device that can play a large number of games, then this is it.

Yes, there are some amazing options in the market for you. However, the Play Station would suffice if you are a casual gamer who plays less frequently. But you might want to look elsewhere when you are a hardcore gamer.

Using it, you can make use of the outstanding features that are present in the device, making it one of the best devices of handheld consoles on the market. The Sony PSP 3000 unit is much narrower, shorter, and lighter.

Moreover, it comes infused with 3 more buttons on it. The Sony Vita model could be better as it has more games, quicker CPU speed, and more RAM memory. It also has more battery power, supports Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n), and has 1 more analog stick.

There is a massive 4x resolution for stunning image quality, and it comes with an integrated touchpad. Our winner in the comparison review between the Sony PSP 3000 model vs the Sony Vita unit would be the Sony Vita model.

The unit has some unbeatable features you will most likely not find in many handheld devices. The PSP 3000 model is also a fantastic option that enables you to store more content and download content.

You can call it the maker’s core attraction as it is a good handheld gaming console. Moreover, you can find it cheaply priced at most retailers. Having said that, the number of features and opulent display on the Vita make it clearly a better option than the PSP 3000 model.

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