AMD Ryzen 7 5800H vs Intel Core i7-11800H (Comparison Review)

Today, we are going to be reviewing two phenomenal mobile processors. They are the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H vs Intel Core i7-11800H. AMD & Intel are two very competitive manufacturers who have been at loggerheads for quite some time now.

They have managed to subdue the processor market only to themselves. Other makers really don’t stand much of a chance to them. A few decades ago, Intel was running the show in this segment, but today, it is heartening to know that AMD has managed to turn the tables around.

That is thanks to the aggressive leadership and some fantastic products being sold in the market. Most AMD models are priced right and come with sensational features and breathtaking specifications.

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800H mobile processor is a stunning choice for those looking for a new unit. The model comes with an 8-core CCX. You can also note that it has double the L3 cache. There is also the Zen 3 architecture that many of us so badly want to see in the processor.

They have increased the IPC for the CPU cores. It is said that the manufacturer has improved the performance of the chip. This is even though the unit is making use of a similar kind of TSMC 7nm process node.

You can note that the unit’s exterior comes infused with the same feature set. Not to mention, it also has the same memory controller & PCIe support. It comes with the 8 core, 16 thread design having 16MB L3 cache.

The GPU of the unit is an unlocked Vega design. There are 8 compute units to clock 2.0 GHz. Compared to the previous AMD 4800H model, it has the same 8-core CPU design but with a massive increase in the clock speeds to around 300 MHz on the base clock.

You will want to note that it comes with an additional GPU compute component that is enabled and the 400 MHz increase to the frequency. You will note that several laptops make use of the processor having discrete graphics provided in it.

Similarly, the Intel Core i7-11800H mobile processor is an excellent model. It comes with close to 8 processing cores. There is a high maximal clock speed of 4.6GHz. The unit is highly recommended for video rendering and gaming purposes.

This 45Watts H-series processor is ideal for standard operations. Intel has done a splendid job with it. The unit is part of the Tiger Lake H45 family. We can say that it is suitable for performing very demanding tasks.

Let us read further to find out more about these mobile processors. We have also mentioned the winner at the end of the review.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800HIntel Core i7-11800H
AMD Ryzen 7 5800HIntel Core i7-11800H
The model comes with 8 CPU cores (16 threads).

The unit is based on the Zen 3 core architecture.

It offers you a low latency.

It has the 45W default TDP.

The product offers you a decent overall operating ability.
The unit is elegantly designed for usage in compact laptops.

The model comes with a high maximal clock speed of 4.6GHz.

It is helpful for hard-core gaming or video editing.

It tends to consume less power and run cooler.

The product is very affordable.
The processor is quite costly compared to other models.The processor may heat too quickly when pushed hard.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800H vs Intel Core i7-11800H: Design & Features

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800H mobile processor is a phenomenal gaming model. It is no surprise that most professional gamers prefer to use the unit on your system of choice. It works exceptionally well.

The unit is nicely designed and can blend with any laptop brand you would want to use. It is ideal for gaming because it is produced on the Zen 3 architecture. This architecture is second to none and the fastest core in the market as of now.

Sadly, the base clock speed rate is somewhat on the lower side. That is something that the maker will want to think about. The CPU cores get the instructions from the single computing task.

They work depending on the clock speed of the processor. The information is then stored on the RAM. When the model contains more cores, then it runs efficiently. The processors that come with 6 cores are ideal for working on games and regular projects.

AMD has managed to design processors that have the capacity to extract more from their models with the frequency MHz. The earlier model, the 4800H, did not have that kind of ability. A lower latency comes with the 8 cores and 32 MB of L3 cache.

There is minimal communication time with each of the components that are present in the unit. This immensely reduces the latency time between the tasks and is considered as the most ideal for performing gaming.

Next, we also have the TDP or the thermal design power. The thermal design power decides the cooling efficiency of the processor. It works as the primary indicator of the power consumption present in the model.

If there is more thermal design power, it offers you exceptional power consumption abilities. However, that also means it will not be ideal for gaming. Luckily, this unit does not come with high power consumption, having 45Watts.

The Intel Core i7-11800H mobile processor is a fantastic choice for gamers and regular users. The unit has an opulent design. It can be used in any of the laptop brands that you want. The features are good too.

It was released into the market in the year 2021 and is part of the Core i7 lineup. It makes use of the Tiger Lake-H architecture with BGA 1499. It comes with total cores of 8 and total threads of 16.

A max turbo frequency of close to 4.60 GHz is phenomenal. Besides, you can also find a cache of 24 MB Intel® Smart Cache. The bus speed is good at 8 GT/s & it comes with a configurable TDP-up Base Frequency of 2.30 GHz.

It also has a configurable TDP-up of 45 Watts that does not consume much power and a configurable TDP-down Base Frequency of 1.90 GHz that is good enough for gaming. You would want to know that the Intel Hyper-Threading is almost doubled at 16 threads.

It can take immense amounts of workload. The good news is that the processor comes based on the 10 nm production node. Moreover, the multiplier is locked on the processor, which slightly reduces the overclocking.

That is nothing to worry about but could have come a little better. The thermal design power is at 35Watts, which is incredibly lower. That means you can use it for gaming and performing other tasks.

Its memory speed is at 3200 MHz, and the overclocking enables you to work slightly higher when you need to. There is a PCI-Express Gen 4 connection for communication with other components on the model.

It comes embedded with the UHD Graphics 750 integrated graphics solution. The hardware virtualization found on the model incredibly enhances the processor’s performance. Besides, IOMMU virtualization is also supported.

This feature can help the virtual machines host the hardware as and when they want to. Overall, both the models come with a stunning design & feature list. They both are nicely balanced for now.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800H vs Intel Core i7-11800H: Setup & Performance

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800H mobile processor provides a fabulous setup & performance. The model is a fantastic product from the H series of the manufacturer. It has done reasonably well in the design segment; what about here.

You would be astounded to know that the model is a terrific choice among gamers because of its ability to move fast in tedious situations. Though the initial models had an issue with the single-thread performance, they have now rectified it with the Zen 3 architecture.

This has resulted in an enhancement of the performance in the vast majority of workloads. Though the numbers are respectable, there needs to be more done to gain better results. When you own a laptop that comes with this processor, you do not require an update.

However, when you have a 5-year-old system, then you might consider moving to the Ryzen 5000 series products. The multi-threading found on the model is a massive advantage for the performance aspect.

You can notice that it can provide you with an intense performance. When you compare it to the Core i7-1185G7, then the components must come in a different power class. As of now, the Core 1185G7 model is perhaps, the ideal single-threaded workload.

The unit does support the AM4 socket, and hence the AM4 CPU socket would be an ideal alternative. But it offers you with FP6 socket support. Besides, the FP6 CPU socket doesn’t compete with the other sockets for gaming capability.

Not to mention, the overclocking potential is limited. As you know, overclocking performance is one of the most vital features of any processor. But this one has decent overclocking, but not for high-end games.

Unfortunately, the mobile unit does not come with a thermal solution. Most of the other Ryzen processors come infused with a cooling system. That is why this model will generate more power when in use.

This issue can be rectified by using a cooling technology in your processor when you utilize it with your laptop. Overall, the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H mobile processor is a second to none model that is highly ideal for professional gamers but not right up to the mark.

The Intel Core i7-11800H mobile processor comes with a phenomenal setup & performance. This unit is a single-core boost speed that can work all the way to 5GHz. The cores that are present on the model can reach up to 4.5 GHz.

It provides you with a 24MB level 3 cache. You can also make use of the support for the DDR4-3200 memory. Because of the free multiplicator, you can note that the model can be overclocked easily.

Our tester worked on the Dell XPS 17 and found that the processor worked exceptionally well despite some lags. We were able to do our video editing tasks pretty effortlessly. Thanks to the GPU in the form of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060, it gives a good performance.

Moreover, the Samsung PCIe 4.0 1TB SSD provides adequate storage for your work. The other features on the laptop gave it tremendous performance using the processor. The laptop will cost you $2230 in the USA.

That is pretty expensive considering the fact that the processor alone will cost you close to $400. The CPU benchmarks done on both models are almost similar in results. Though they provide you with an accurate value on the model’s performance, they are considered the ideal method to understand which one is better than the other.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800H vs Intel Core i7-11800H: Price

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800H mobile processor is priced under $450. The processor is embedded in the HP OMEN 15 Gaming Laptop, which costs around $1300. We are seeing an expensive product that is found in most gaming laptops.

It is suitable for usage on most gaming laptops. You can see that it is used on several models found in the market. You can notice that it comes with an RTX 3060 having a power-consuming at 115Watts.

The Intel Core i7-11800H mobile processor is priced under $396. That cost almost $400. It comes featured with all the required components for a decent processor. All in all, both the AMD and Intel models are fantastic options.

However, the Intel Core i7 unit is much cheaper than the powerful AMD model when it comes to the price. When you are somebody who can afford it, then you might as well splurge on the AMD unit.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800H vs Intel Core i7-11800H: Verdict

We have ended our comparison review between AMD Ryzen 7 5800H mobile processor vs Intel Core i7-5800H mobile processor. We hope that you liked what you read in the above post.

Both the models are evenly balanced and come with impressive specifications that make them too hard to ignore. The AMD Ryzen 7 5800H unit is a good choice. You can consider using this model when you are on the lookout for a decently powered laptop.

It is pretty fast. You can notice that it is quicker than the Intel Core i9-10980HK and others. Consumers would want to know that the Intel-infused laptop is cheaper but less potent than the AMD.

You will want to know that the Ryzen model is a second to none model as of now in the market. However, you will want to know that Intel chip models come with quicker features infused in them.

The Intel Core i7-11800H model is an exceptional choice. Unlike most of the Intel models, this one does not come under-powered. The maker has done a fantastic job producing this model and embedded it with stunning features and components.

It is priced aggressively too. When you are looking for a laptop priced less than $1000 coming with the Intel Core CPU infused in it, you have a great chance to find that it has this mobile unit in it.

The AMD model could be better because it has a faster CPU speed, 1066MHz, higher ram speed, and smaller semiconductor size. Moreover, it also comes with more memory bandwidth and a 550MHz faster GPU turbo speed.

The Intel unit comes with more benefits than the AMD model. Some of them include a 6MB bigger L2 cache, 8MB bigger L3 cache, and a 256KB bigger L1 cache. It has a newer version of PCI Express (PCIe), 0.75MB/core, more L2 cache per core, and higher multi-core Geekbench 5 result.

Our winner in this comparison review between the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H vs Intel Core i7-11800H models is the i7-11800H unit. However, in terms of performance, both the AMD Ryzen 7 and Intel Core i7 processors were on par with each other.

But the Core i7 comes with some advantages that the AMD model lacks. The performance, the cooling, and the pricing. Though the AMD unit is an excellent choice for gaming laptops, the features present in the Core i7 play a crucial role in making it the better one for now.

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