Intel Core i7-11800H vs Intel Core i9-11900H (Comparison Review)

When searching for a phenomenal laptop, you would want to make sure that it comes with a sublime processor. Today, we are going to be reviewing two top-notch laptop processors. They are ideal for use on a work or gaming laptop.

We are going to be reading about the Intel Core i7-11800H laptop processor vs the Intel Core i9-11900H laptop processor. These models were released into the market after 2021 and were produced by Intel.

They have better features in terms of the chassis and the configurations than the AMD models. This is in relation to the storage, GPU, and RAM. Over the years, AMD seems to be chasing Intel’s capability of producing classic products.

Sadly, AMD has been doing well, much to the disappointment of Intel. That can be bad news for Intel unless they pull up their sleeves and develop a contingency plan. AMD may run off with all the goods if they don’t soon.

That is when these two models, the Core i7-11800H and the Core i9-11900H, seem to have revived Intel. They come with incredible specifications and build quality. The Intel Core i7-11800H model comes having the 16GB of single-rank RAM.

It is present on dual-channel and SSD storage. It is pleasing to see that Intel has managed to bring out the best from its stable with this unit. This model is a massive overhaul from what we usually get to see.

The 8-core processors have been designed for enhancement in the performance of the models. That is good to see. Now, that brings the manufacturer’s 10nm SuperFin technology to a better class.

You can note that the base clock speed operates on the TDP setting. It comes at 2.3 GHz at 45 W. This single-core boost can work up to 4.6 GHz. However, all the cores can work at 4.2 GHz. The model provides you with 24 MB of Level 3 cache.

It is also able to support DDR4-3200 memory. The Intel Core i9-11900H model is a top-end octa-core SoC that is perfect for use on work and gaming laptops. The unit makes use of 8 Willow Cove processor cores.

You will want to know that the single-core boost speed can work at 4.9 GHz. Moreover, the cores of the unit can reach to 4.5 GHz. You will also want to note that the model provides you with a 24 MB level 3 cache and can support DDR4-3200 memory.

Let us read the complete review to understand both the processors better. We have mentioned the winner at the end of the post.

Intel Core i7-11800HIntel Core i9-11900H
Intel Core i7-11800HIntel Core i9-11900H
The model is designed well for use on laptops.

The unit is a high-performance laptop processor.

It comes with 8-processing cores.

It has a high maximal clock speed of 4.6GHz.

The processor has the turbo boost technology to offer up to 4600 MHz.
The unit is a top-of-the-line laptop processor.

The model comes with an 8-core CPU.

It has a top-notch clock speed of 4.9 GHz.

It can be utilized for video editing and high-end gaming.

The processor is suitable for laptops with powerful graphics cards.
The processor tends to overheat quickly.The processor is pricey.

Intel Core i7-11800H vs Intel Core i9-11900H: Design & Features

What impact does the design & features of the laptop processor have on the laptop? The design & features of the model play a significant role in the performance of the laptop. Of course, other components like the cooling technology, graphics, and the speed of the laptop matter.

The Intel Core i7-11800H laptop processor is an 8C/16T model with a lower base clock. You will want to know that the turbo boost immensely powers it. It can have a massive influence on the laptop.

Besides, the laptop’s power settings will also have a say on the features impacting the model’s performance. You will want to know that the power of the processor is impeccable and astounding.

This Intel model is designed using 10 nm lithography. They are slightly inferior to the AMD models that come with a similar build design. But they are acceptable. The design of this Core i7 is good.

You will delight in knowing that the new CPU cores can be found on most ultraportable laptops. Besides, they are embedded with the new Xe integrated graphics. You would be able to make use of 20 lanes of PCIe 4.0 connectivity & an integrated Thunderbolt 4.

It comes with 16 threads having 24 MB of L3 cache. There is the 2.3 GHz base clock that comes at 45W. You can find it has turbo frequencies ranging from 4.6 GHz up to 2 cores. It comes with having an eight-core processor, which happens to be a massive update on the model.

Sadly, if you noticed, the maximum clock speeds have come down. There were presently at 5.1 GHz on Core i7-10875H. They have come down to 4.6 GHz. This reduction helps in the increase to a higher IPC.

The Intel Core i9-11900H laptop processor provides you with a decent design and features. It comes with 8 cores. You will be happy to know that it comes with hyper-threading. The core count has been increased to 16 threads.
The model has 24MB of L3 cache. It works on 2.5 GHz by default. You can get it up to almost 4.9 GHz. That depends on the kind of workload that you have. You will be glad to know that the manufacturer has designed the model using the 10 nm production process.

As the multiplier is locked, it limits the overclocking abilities. As it comes with a TDP of 35Watts, the energy consumption in the model is relatively less. Besides, it can provide adequate support to DDR4 memory.

It can support a memory speed of 3200 MHz. Using overclocking, along with the suitable memory modules, it can move pretty higher. It uses a PCI-Express Gen 4 connection to communicate with other components and has a UHD Graphics 750 integrated graphics solution.

We are delighted to inform you that the hardware virtualization is intense. Probably, it is second to none compared to most units. Most virtual machines can make use of the host hardware. You can do so when you want to work on programs using Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX).

Intel Core i7-11800H vs Intel Core i9-11900H: Setup & Performance

The setup & performance of the laptop processor is also important aspect for users making their decision. The Intel Core i7-11800H laptop processor offers you with an intense setup & performance.

It is designed based on 16 GB of single-rank dual-channel memory. Besides, you can find that it comes with SSD storage and laptop dGPUs. They are produced on a similar chassis and have the same cooling system design infused on them.

The noise aspect of the laptop processor is good. However, if you compare it to the AMD models, you will find them quieter. This was something that took us by surprise. There isn’t much of a difference in the decibel level, but they are notable.

But the Core i7 model is faster in most of the benchmarks that you can perform or can research on compared to the similar AMD models. That was quite heartening to note. Intel has worked hard to develop models that can take on AMD models.

Besides, the Core i7 unit comes with a higher capacity and faster SSD. Gaming-wise, the Intel Core i7 unit did quite well. They work on a similar kind of RAM and the graphics present on them.

You can notice some differences in the system that manage the games. Besides, there is a slight shift in the power when they are present on the GPU and the CPU. This is done using Dynamic Boost 2.0.

You will want to know that the Intel models provide ample power to the CPU. Then they push the GPU too, which results in a lower GPU power. That might affect the performance of the processor sometimes.

This also causes the temperature to increase on the Intel model. This is something that the maker will have to give a serious thought about. That is because AMD models tend to cool down quickly.

Moreover, they don’t heat up soon either. So, you can find gaming laptops coming infused with AMD processors these days because of the instant heating issues faced by Intel processors. However, the Core i7 model that is discussed here did a decent job.

The heating was manageable most of the time. Things did not get out of hand or anything like that, which is good to know. The issue might lie in the fact that when there is a combination of the CPU and GPU, then there is a slight increase in the power.

For example, users of gaming laptops, particularly TUF laptops that run with this Core i7 model, were happy with the thermal functioning. They did not feel that the heat could ruin the games. Finally, the battery life of the model is good too.

You can make use of the processor for video streaming and regular tasks. It should be able to run well without causing any hiccups to the working. Sadly, the AMD models also tend to have the upper hand.

Our research found that most AMD models in the same price range came with close to 12 hours of working. That is lesser in the case of the Intel models, only at 10 hours. However, we feel that the Core i7-11880H has had massive improvements in the work area.

It is based on a single and multi-threaded performance. It is almost the same as the Ryzen 7 5800H. You will want to know that the Core i7 model is ideal for the most demanding tasks that are required from it.

We are delighted to say that the Core i7-11800H is a second to none model when it comes to performing video editing and hardcore gaming. The Intel Core i9-11990H laptop processor provides you with a good setup & performance.

The build quality of the processor is elegant such that you can install it on any laptop of your liking. It could also be a 5-year-old laptop. You can notice the difference in speeds immediately. Besides, the Core i9 does not have too many issues with the heating aspect, unlike the Core i7.

It looks like Intel have done some research work here. The Core i7 models tend to heat up quickly. Though their performance is good, the surge in power gets things heated up such that you have to let the laptop cool down for some time.

But none of that is required in this model. Things work just fine. We are stunned by the new architecture of the Intel Core i9 model. There is no doubt in our minds that it should be quicker than the earlier Intel Core i9 models.

We are talking about the Intel Core i9-10885H. It is produced on a single and multi-threaded performance. This model is the same as the Ryzen 9 5800H. But when you want to push it further, it is not surprising to note that the Core i9 does much better in very demanding tasks.

You will also want to know that the SoC has included an improved Xe graphics card. It is known as the UHD graphics having 32 EUs. You will want to see that the SoCs can add PCIe 4 support.

The TDP comes at 45W at a 2.5 GHz base speed. There is also a 35 W at the base clock speed. All in all, the performance of the Core i9 model was fantastic. It is way quicker than the Core i7 model that we say here.

Intel Core i7-11800H vs Intel Core i9-11900H: Price

The Intel Core i7-11800H desktop processor is priced under $396. The unit is nicely priced for the features and specifications that it comes in. This model belongs to the 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors, formerly named as Tiger Lake.

The vertical segment is mobile, and the processor number is i7-11800H. It comes with total cores of 8 and total threads of 16. All in all, it is a very functional desktop processor. You can find its powers useful for gaming & video editing purposes.

The Intel Core i9-11900H desktop processor is priced under $547. The model is ideally priced for the features and specifications. This model belongs to the 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i9 processors.

It was formerly called as Tiger Lake, and the vertical segment is mobile. The processor number is i9-11900H. It comes with a total core of 8 and has a total of 16 threads. Overall, both the models are priced well for the specifications that are embedded in them.

Intel Core i7-11800H vs Intel Core i9-11900H: Verdict

We have ended our comparison review between the Intel Core i7-11800H laptop processor vs Intel Core i9-11900H laptop processor. We hope that you liked the review and were able to make your decision on the processor of your choice.

If you haven’t made your choice, then you can always read the post again. Perhaps, you would have left something in hindsight. The Intel Core i7-11800H unit is a fantastic choice for your needs.

The unit offers 30% more performance than most 10th-gen processors having 8 cores. Besides, you can also find a jump of 50% increase in the performance. It is also better than the 6-core Core i7-10750H, that is a gain for this model.
The Intel Core i9-11900H model is an excellent option for you. It provides you with technology improvements, higher CPU clocks, and extra Cache memory. Besides, there is also the faster storage, Thunderbolt 4 & Quick Sync.

You can find the processor infused on most top-end laptops. The price point of both models will have a huge say in your decision. Though the AMD models come slightly cheaper than the Intel models, that does not have to be a massive advantage.

We are talking about two of the best models from the maker here. But if you lookout, you can find some discounts on the Intel models once in a while. The time is worth waiting if you are keen on using a powerful and phenomenal model like the Intel Core i9-11990H.

You cannot go wrong with either the Intel i7-11800H or the Intel i9-11900H models on your laptop. They provide you with similar specifications in terms of overall performance. However, the Core i9 offers you with a slight advantage over the other unit.

Our winner in this comparison review between the Intel Core i7-11800H model vs Intel Core i9-11900H model is the Core i9. You might want to consider the other factors that might influence the laptop’s performance, such as the build quality and graphics.

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