How To Clean Your Graphics Card – The Easy Way To Do It

Are you getting irritated by that noise on your PC? Is your PC device making a weird hissing noise? If then, you will want to know that it is time to clean your GPU model. Yes, that is right. That weird noise is the sound your PC machine makes when you need to open the PC case and check whether something is wrong or not.

Besides cleaning your CPU components, you may even want to replace obsolete parts. This is when you may want to ask yourself when the last time that you actually cleaned the PC case of your machine was.

Importance of cleaning the interiors of the PC case

Importance of cleaning the interiors of the PC case

The cleaning of your PC machine should not stop at only your monitor is clean and ensuring that your unit is free from the virus. You would want to ensure that you have a clean PC machine, both inside and outside, that helps in improving the performance of the device.

Many PC users do not seem to know the advantages of having a relatively clean PC device. There are several benefits to doing so. Because, when your PC has a lot of dirt & dust, then it is a bound malfunction.

That is why cleaning your PC unit regularly is a good habit. You would want to make sure that the integral components, like the CPU, GPU, and others, are clean. They can help you to work with the device for a prolonged period of time.

That is why we have compiled this post for you. Here you will learn the best practices, the tools that you would need to clean your PC, and the steps to clean your PC device effortlessly. Knowing that can help you invest your time properly.

It goes a long way in ensuring that your PC machine is safe and clean. Besides, when you clean your GPU model, you avoid unwanted expenses that may incur because of the expensive PC components.

Whether you are a professional coder or a gamer, who has already spent $2000 setting up your PC machine after reading all about the CPU components, then the last thing you want is a loss. You do understand what we mean by that here.

The Most Important Tools and Best Practices When Cleaning the Graphics Card

Importance of cleaning the interiors of the PC case

Some of the tools that will be required for your GPU model & PC components cleaning are as follows:

  • You will require a screwdriver because you have to remove the PC case and other components inside it.
  • You require canned compressed air to blow to dust off the PC case. You do not want to make use of water here. It is alright to use a damp cloth or Q-tips.
  • The Q-tips help you clean the edges efficiently. These areas might not be reached with the compressed air.
  • There is also isopropyl alcohol that removes the dirt & dust efficiently inside the PC case.
  • You can make use of a cleaning cloth that provides your PC case with an elegant touch to it.
  • The thermal paste offers cooling to the PC machine when it overheats or when you have made use of overclocking.
  • When you want to clean the PC GPU component, please make sure that you have removed the plug from the power source and switched it off as an extra safety measure.

What are the PC components cleaning guide?

What are the PC components cleaning guide?

We are not going to tell you on to clean your GPU model and leave the other components just like that. No, we want you to clean the insides of your entire PC case properly. Then only you can have efficient output from your PC device, is it not?

You certainly do not want to hear the weird noises still and have malfunctioned. The more you delay in the actions, the more damage is likely going to happen to your PC machine. Besides, you do not want to disconnect these components from your power supply as well.

Please note that the can with compressed air is most likely going to be your primary cleaning tool. Of course, you can also use the isopropyl alcohol along with the Q-tips to rub the insides. Moreover, you can clean the other areas with a clean, damp cloth.

However, you do not want to touch the power support and the hard drive unless you are a professional who has dealt with these components before and knows what you are doing. When you disassemble the PC case, then you may want to clean the components as well.

But the warranty will become void. So, have that in mind when you decide to go ahead with the major components. Cleaning the vital PC components may harm you too. You never know what is in store for you.

Here is a step-by-step guide if this is your first time cleaning the graphics card

step-by-step guide if this is your first time cleaning the graphics card

Step 1: Disassemble the GPU model

The first step before cleaning your GPU model would be to disassemble the GPU unit. It would help if you made it into small pieces for efficient cleaning.

  • To start, you should remove the screws that hold the reinforcement plate of the GPU model. Then gently remove it.
  • Now, remove the two smaller screws that are connecting the rear fan to the heat sink. You will want to do it gently.
  • Now, remain the four smaller screws that secure the spring-loaded heat sink mount. Please do it gently.
  • You may want to carefully place the screws in one place or from where you take them because you need to screw them back at the end of the cleaning process.
  • Gently dissemble the graphics card because they can be covered with thermal pads and interface materials. When the GPU model has thermal pads on all the sides, then pull it carefully, or you are going to damage it.
  • Once you have to dissemble it successfully, then you must utilize the steady pressure. It helps you to remove the heat sink and the fan cover efficiently.
  • You may want to detach the rear fan from the port. The port connects the fan to the printed circuit board.

Step 2: Clean and reassemble the GPU model

  • Now, you have dissembled your GPU model. This makes it easy for you to clean all the components.
  • You can place some thermal paste on the points of the GPU unit that was dissembled. You can use a little amount of the paste. There is no need to use more. This helps in the cooling down of the GPU component.
  • You can check the condition of the four springs that are attached to the metal clip connected to the heat sink. The metal clip might have become somewhat loose overuse.
    It may decrease the pressure of the GPU model and then cause other issues as well. The
  • GPU model may become hot when that is the case. You may want to bend the bracket using an upward direction to bend the springs and remove them.
  • When the springs and the brackets are removed from the PC case, then you will want to reseat the heat sink inside the GPU model. You may want to ensure it is appropriately connected to the GPU to get the best results.
  • You would want to ensure that the spring-loaded mount is screwed inside the PC case.

Step 3 – Screw the fan cover on the case.

Step 4 – Reassemble by screwing the card’s rear plate.

Step 5 – Test if the GPU is in good working condition.

  • You can switch the GPU model to your PC.
  • Now, you should attach the monitor to the video port on the GPU unit.
  • You may switch the PC and the monitor. When you get the signal, then you can know that the GPU model works efficiently.
  • You should check if the fan is working correctly. When it is spinning properly, then the fan is working rightly. But if it is not spinning, then take off the power, and then let it dry for some time and then test it again.
  • Replace all the screws from where you unscrewed them. Now, place the tools back into a toolbox. You can test and notice that your PC machine is working splendidly. It can work extremely efficiently and quietly, and there is more functionality.


How often should you clean your GPU?

Once in 6 months or a year should suffice. However, when you regularly use your PC machine, then you might consider cleaning it once in 3 months, just to be safe. Besides, when you see that the temperature keeps increasing quickly, then it is time to clean your GPU definitely.

Can you clean GPU with water?

No. You must not clean your GPU with water. That is because the GPU heatsink should not be cleaned when it is not dry. Your GPU model will most likely get spoiled and damaged permanently.

What will damage a GPU?

The GPU components are pretty sensitive, unlike what you think. Yes, they are electrical parts, but they need to be handled gently and with care. Sometimes, they can fail you because of faulty production, static overload, and the buildup of moisture on the GPU unit.

What GPU temp is normal?

The GPU model can work appropriately around 65 to 85degree Celsius. When it goes beyond 90degree Celsius, then it may tend to malfunction. When you want your GPU unit to work correctly, then you should ensure that it remains at an ideal working temperature.

How long does a GPU last?

The GPU unit can work for a minimum of 5 years if used well. If you are somebody who is a rigorous user, then it may last a few years only. It mainly depends on the kind of GPU model you have installed on your PC machine because a $500 unit should go for at least 8 years quickly.

Final thoughts on cleaning your GPU

From the above post, it is quite evident that cleaning your GPU model is not that difficult after all. You need to ensure that you follow the steps that we have provided to you in the above article.

Make sure to have the right tools and solutions. That is very important to get your task done effortlessly. Of course, when you are not sure about how to do things, then you can take professional help.

It is not that expensive either. Cleaning your GPU and PC components once in a while ensures that they function properly as they were meant to. If you found this post helpful, please feel free to share it with your colleagues and friends.

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